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Improving the quality of pupils' preparation for the Practical Matriculation Examination through tutoring
Horáčková, Květa ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Šťastný, Vít (referee)
The diploma thesis "Improving students' readiness for the Practical Matriculation Examination through tutoring at a selected secondary vocational school" focuses on improving the success rate of students at the Secondary Hotel School in Teplice, through voluntary studying. The goal of the thesis is to describe what methods and forms of teaching exist, to describe the success rate of two groups of students in the Practical Matriculation Examination (one group used the offer of voluntary studying, the other did not) and to verify the benefits of studying seen by the students themselves. In order to fulfill this goal, in the theoretical part they focus mainly on questions of general didactics, specifically didactic principles, organizational forms of teaching, teaching methods and didactic tools. Then informal, formal and unformal education, especially tutoring. Given the objective, the empirical part will be planned as an action research design. First, the tutoring itself is described, the nature of the practical matriculation exam at a selected secondary hotel school, and then two groups of students are characterized - one of them used the tutoring and one did not. The results of the work compare the score of students in the Practical Matriculation Examination for both groups of students involved in...
Home education from the perspective of primary school teachers and principals
Koňařík, Martin ; Machovcová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Šťastný, Vít (referee)
Thesis abstract Home education from the point of view of primary school teachers and principals Created by: Martin Koňařík, July 9, 2023 The diploma thesis explores homeschooling (known as individual education according to Czech laws). The theoretical part defines the basic concepts, describes the elements of this educational reality and the mutual relations between them. It briefly deals with the development of home education and the way of its legislative anchoring in the Czech Republic. It mentions the reasons why parents choose this alternative and describes what educational styles they use when teaching their children. Attention is focused mainly on index schools, in which homeschoolers must be enrolled by law. These schools work with pupils in individual education in different ways, have different requirements for them, differ from each other in the number of pupils, years of experience with them and the level of their support. This can consist of frequent online contact, regular consultations, sending educational materials or only a compulsory examination once every six months. The practical part describes the preparation, progress and results of an extensive questionnaire survey among principals and teachers of schools that are dedicated to pupils in individual education. The research reveals, among...
Impact of distance teaching in Covid19 on parental motivation in decision making and choosing private tutoring
Fleischhackerová, Lucie ; Šťastný, Vít (advisor) ; Walterová, Eliška (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of the impact of measures in the COVID-19 on parental motivations when making decisions and choosing private tutoring for pupils of primary and secondary education in larger cities in the Czech Republic. The aim of the diploma thesis is to map the reasons for choosing private tutoring for pupils and the way in which the pandemic affected them. This is so-called shadow education, which includes various forms of private tutoring. The work uses qualitative research in the form of in-depth interviews. An individual interview with parents of pupils (n = 10) who use or are about to use private tutoring is chosen for data collection. Parents of primary and secondary education pupils were approached for the research. Parents play a vital role in private tutoring, as they are the ones who arrange and finance it for their children, and therefore create demand, so it is important to pay attention to their role in private tutoring especially how it has changed during the pandemic. The choice of the work topic and research problem is based on the topicality of the issue of private tutoring as a shadow education, and above all on the absence of information about parental motivations when making decisions and choosing private tutoring, especially during and after the...
Implications of the Double Reduction Policy in China for the providers of shadow education
Yu, Zhu ; Šťastný, Vít (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
The study purpose of the thesis is to explore the implications of the Double Reduction (2021) policy in China for the providers of Shadow Education. The thesis is categorized into two parts, the theoretical part, and the empirical part. The theoretical part discussed the definition of shadow education through the definitions and features. And then provides the current shadow education research status in China, which lacks policy-related research and the shadow education sector perspective research. The empirical part used the secondary data analysis method and interviews. Firstly, the thesis displayed Chinese shadow education features, the small- size class type was popular, and the shadow education in rural and urban has differences. Secondly, the shadow education driving forces were discussed, the competition makes parents purchase shadow education. Thirdly, the Chinese shadow education policies were reviewed, there were four stages, supportive policy; regulating policy; Laisses- Faire policy; prohibitive policy. And then explored the Double Reduction policy and how it is regulated, implemented. In this chapter found that there are some flaws in the policy and it has not been fully implemented. KEYWORDS Double Reduction Policy; Educational Policy Implications; Shadow Education Development in...
Fire attack and its importance in an emergency
Šťastný, Vít ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Title: Fire attack and its significance in an emergency Objectives: The main goal of this bachelor's thesis is to summarize information about fire attack, to describe history and work of Kamenna Lhota voluntary fire figther corp and to analyze the common features of firesport and emergency. Methods: Studying and developing research of available sources. Use of own experience from firesport and description of experience gained from membership in volunteer fire fighter corp. Results: The result of the bachelor thesis is a description of fire attack, a description of the equipment needed for fire attack, a summary of information about SDH Kamenná Lhota and an explanation of the meaning of fire attack during an emergency. Keywords: firesport, emergency, volunteer fire fighter corp
Private or public? The comparison of secondary schools based on data analysis
Varga, Vít ; Šťastný, Vít (advisor) ; Krámský, David (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to compare public and private high school system with respect to selected data. Firstly, conceptions of quality in education, the inspection of the quality based on the Czech School Inspectorate (ČŠI), international tests or the quality school criteria given by the ČŠI will be characterized in the theoretical part. The high school system in Czechia with respect to the establisher, the historical development, the offer of disciplines, the relationship with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT) and financing will be described. It will be characterized the private school system at an international level to compare studies comparing public and private schools. The chapter about equal educational opportunities in conditions of Czech schools will be added too. Educational conditions and results in the selected period (2017-2019) will be analyzed in the analytical part. For the purposes of the analysis, the quality school criteria will be used. The data of the Center for Finding Results in Education (CZVV) will be analyzed too with respect to results of the school-leaving exam and shares of failed students from all high schools and then separately from grammar schools and vocational schools. It will be processed the data from MŠMT in a similar way where...
Readiness of graduates of educational courses for the main leader of recovery events for children and youth to perform the function
Krejčí, Zuzana ; Šťastný, Vít (advisor) ; Urbanová, Eva (referee)
The main goal of the thesis is to find out the subjective perception of the quality of the main leader's educational course and its practical benefits for graduates and to analyze the theoretical content/content part of the course itself. Based on these findings, the work formulates proposals for possible changes to qualification standard issued by the National Qualifications Framework with effect from December 2015, which is the basis for accreditation of the course and its design. The theoretical part of the final work discusses the importance of professionalization in adult education, its impact on the quality of education and the importance of the profession. Nor does it omit the legislative requirements governing further adult education. It also includes a detailed description of the qualification standard of the main leader in the Czech Republic and its comparison with possible foreign concepts, examples of other selected professional qualifications in the field of non-formal and leisure education of children and youth. It also acquaints the reader with the fixed criteria for organizing the recovery events themselves or with the requirements for the personality of the main leader, both formally and informally. The empirical part is based on the method of a questionnaire survey, the key...
Comparisonof commercial and unpaid tutoring by volunteers
Vrtišková, Eliška ; Šťastný, Vít (advisor) ; Laufková, Veronika (referee)
The main goal of the bachelor thesis is to compare unpaid tutoring by volunteers with commercial tutoring. The compared area is the child's motivation for tutoring from the perspective of the parent, tutor and the tutored child. The theoretical part brings closer the phenomenon of private and volunteer tutoring, presents the concept of motivation in selected theses and summarizes the basic knowledge in the field of motivation. The practical part is focused on the comparison of both types of tutoring in a selected area. The comparative part is preceded by a description of individual trios based on the analysis of data from the obtained one-on-one interviews. Twelve respondents participated in the research (four trios-two trios for each type of tutoring), with whom semi-structured interviews were held. The instrumental motivation or the preference of the tutor over the teacher proved to be a common feature of commercial and volunteer tutoring. The different feature of commercial and volunteer tutoring is the way of motivation by tutor or a reason to get a tutor. KEYWORDS Commercial tutoring, volunteer tutoring, tutor, motivation
Private supplementary tutoring phenomen as a shadow education system in the Czech Republic
Šťastný, Vít
The dissertation thesis deals with the shadow education phenomenon, which has yet not been explored in the Czech context. In the international literature, the term shadow education entails various forms and types of paid private supplementary tutoring. The dissertation provides a diagnostic-analytical inquiry on taking paid private tutoring lessons and preparatory courses for university entrance examinations by students of upper-secondary schools in programmes concluded with maturita examination in Prague and Moravian-Silesian Region. Its objectives are: 1) to describe the chosen types of private supplementary tutoring at upper secondary level of education concluded with maturita examination (scale, subjects, intensity, organisational forms, providers etc.), 2) to analyse the contextual factors underlying the demand for these types of private supplementary tutoring. The research employed multi-phase mixed-method research design with priority given to quantitative data. Three research methods were used: 1) quantitative content analysis of the internet mediated notice board for private tutoring lessons, 2) the quantitative questionnaire survey research of randomly chosen students studying in academic and technical track upper-secondary schools in Prague and Moravian-Silesian Region (n=1265), 3)...

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