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Bildung - History and Perspectives
Šíma, Jakub ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Sycha, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with topic of Bildung as tradition of ideas, it's predecessors and followers. In first part thesis provide terminological background to correctly grasp the wide of term Bildung. This is because the term is handed differently by different thinkers. The second part concentrates on genesis and evolution of tradition of Bildung. This part starts with J. A. Comenius and his humanist opinions about nature of world, continues with I. Kant and his ethical and pedagogical ideas to W. von Humboldt and J. H. Newman. These two thinkers are presented as two main figures of Bildung tradition in nineteenth century. Third part is concerned about shifts and changes that terms knowledge and education underwent in twentieth century. The third part deals with theories of T. W. Adorno and K. P. Liessmann which are built around topic of crisis of knowledge in contemporary world.
Filtration of foundry alloys
Šíma, Jakub ; Láník, Boris (referee) ; Tomek, Ladislav (advisor)
Presented bachelor work deals with filtering of casting alloys. This issue is described with focus on the importance of filtration, the requirements placed on filters, a description of the filtering mechanisms, the influence of using filters on the melt flow, types of filters and options include filters in the gating system of casting. The second part contains case studies of the use of ceramic foam filters in foundry and analysis of samples taken from a particular casting.

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