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Numerical simulation of the ceramic core manufacturing in the investment casting process
Kinc, Marek ; Kováč, Marek (referee) ; Tomek, Ladislav (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is validation of numerical simulation of the ceramic core manufacturing in the investment casting proces. The first part submit the theoretical description of the manufacturing of the ceramic cores and a description of the basic principles of numerical simulations. The second part compares the video recording of filling the wax-ceramic mixture to the die-casting mold and simulation of the same process created in a simulation software Cadmould 3D-F.
Water soluble cores for aluminum alloys and their influence on the surface quality of castings
Blažík, Petr ; Tomek, Ladislav (referee) ; Kaňa, Václav (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to examine a possible influence of the water soluble cores on the microstructure of commonly used aluminum alloys AlSi7Mg and AlSi10Mg in the lost wax technology. This thesis only deals with the changes of the eutecticum on the contact surface between the metal and the core and its surroundings where interactions can appear between the core based on the alkali salts NaCl and KCl and the alloy modified by sodium or strontium. The experimental part investigates the influence of the alkali salts on the modification additives and the modification of the structure itself.
Interaction between liquid metal and foundry mixture
Tomek, Ladislav ; Muselík, Pavel (referee) ; Rusín, Karel (advisor)
Subject of the diploma thesis was to resolve influence of grey cast iron on penetration into cement sand. Methodology of trial was designed and its attestation was implemented in experimental and running conditions. On boundary-line cement sand and pouring metal was certified generation of complex allied substances. Created mathematical model of mechanical penetration proved influence of temperature and chemical composition of grey cast iron on range of penetration.
Modern trends of using ceramic cores for aerospace and IGT sector
Karafa, Pavel ; Láník, Boris (referee) ; Tomek, Ladislav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the manufacturing process and applications of ceramic cores for use in investment casting foundries. These ceramic cores find use extensively in the aerospace and energy industries for the production of turbine blades, or sometimes to create cavities in castings, which can’t be created by other methods. A separate task of ceramic cores described in the work is to create cooling cavities inside the body of the blade to improve the working process of the turbine. Work on the introduction briefly describes the casting using the lost wax method, which the turbine blades are produced, then the materials, separate process for producing ceramic cores, removing them from casting and default application of kernels.
Modern trends of using ceramic cores for aerospace and IGT sector
Urbanovský, Jan ; Láník, Boris (referee) ; Tomek, Ladislav (advisor)
The work deals with ceramic cores production proces for investment casting. Those cores are using in aerospace and IGT sectors not just in gas turbine blades production. Their specific application is in forming cooling cavities important for safe and reliable turbine. The work is going through the all steps in production, from choosing the correct material, to removing core from cavities.
Surface casting defects
Rašek, Ondřej ; Pernica, Vítězslav (referee) ; Tomek, Ladislav (advisor)
Surface defects in casting include after decades of research on current problems of metal cast. They mean significant losses for foundries. Thesis includes a review of kinds of defects, their origins and their examinations, the effects on the mechanical properties and their machinability.
Filtration of foundry alloys
Šíma, Jakub ; Láník, Boris (referee) ; Tomek, Ladislav (advisor)
Presented bachelor work deals with filtering of casting alloys. This issue is described with focus on the importance of filtration, the requirements placed on filters, a description of the filtering mechanisms, the influence of using filters on the melt flow, types of filters and options include filters in the gating system of casting. The second part contains case studies of the use of ceramic foam filters in foundry and analysis of samples taken from a particular casting.

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