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Case study of ortho-prosthetic care of a patient with a diagnosis of transtibial amputation
Kováčová, Veronika ; Neuwirthová, Svatava (advisor) ; Černý, Pavel (referee)
vi Abstract Title: Case study of ortho-prosthetic care of a patient with the diagnosis of transtibial amputation Objectives: The main goal of this bachelor's thesis is to process a case report of a patient with a detailed description of the production and application of a prosthetic device. Another goal is to process basic theoretical knowledge about anatomy, amputations and prosthetics of the lower limbs with a focus on transtibial prostheses. Methods: The bachelor's thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part summarizes basic knowledge regarding anatomy, amputations and transtibial prosthetics of the lower limbs. The practical part contains a case study of a diabetic patient with the diagnosis of lower leg amputation, which consists of a description of their medical history, measurement taking and the process of manufacturing a prosthetic device. Results: The case report was prepared as part of my professional training at Protetika s.r.o. The result of the work is the creation of a new prosthetic device that will help the patient in his daily life and improve it. Keywords: amputation, prosthesis, transtibial, case report
Process towards women's ordination - Comparison of attitudes and development of CCE and CB
Bort, Jiří ; Vaňáč, Martin (advisor) ; Černý, Pavel (referee)
The work deals with the development of the relationship to the women's ordained ministry of women on the example of two churches. In the case of the Czech Brethren Evangelical Church, it describes process of searching, which ended after three decades with the approval of the women's ordinance. In the case of the Church of the Brethren, it deals with the existing statements on the women's ordained ministry and also with the attitude of the preachers of this church to the mentioned ministry.
Case Study of Orthotic-Prostetics Treatment of a Patient with the Diagnosis of transfemoral amputation
Švaříčková, Tamara ; Neuwirthová, Svatava (advisor) ; Černý, Pavel (referee)
Title: Case study of orthotic - prosthetic care for a patient with a diagnosis of transfemoral amputation Aims: The aim of this paper is a case study of a patient with a diagnosis of transfemoral amputation. The main objective is to prepare a comprehensive overview related to the issue of lower limb amputations and, based on the examination and clinical interviews, to produce a device that best suits the patient's needs. The process of prosthetic care from the examination of the patient to the fitting of the new prosthesis is described. Methods: This thesis has theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part, professional framework of the problem is presented based on a literature research and my experience in practice. It focuses on the anatomy and function of the lower limb, gait cycle, amputation procedure and prosthetic care of the stump. Also, it provides an overview of prosthetic components that could be chosen when indicating a femoral prosthesis. In the practical part, the course of four patient visits is described, from the collection of the measurement materials, through the manufacturing of the stump socket, testing and adjustments, to the handover of the device. The practical part is documented verbally and photographically as it took place during my professional practice....
Effect application of spinal braces for final treatment effect
Žižková, Kateřina ; Černý, Pavel (advisor) ; Mikšíčková, Petra (referee)
Title: Effect application of spinal braces for final treatment effect Objectives: The aim of this work is to present basic information about spinal brace therapy to correct congenital or acquired deformities of the spine and to evaluate the experience of conservative therapy. Method: I used the method of qualitative data collection from literature, published expert articles and journals. The information was reviewed in consultation with the supervisor Ing. Pavel Černý. Result: Brace therapy is a demonstrably effective treatment method. Results depends on the degree of curvature, on correction by the brace and the amount of time wearing a corset. For the patient it is more acceptable to apply the corset in a night-time regime on smaller curves (up to about 20 degrees Cobb). The patient is then not hampered in daily activities and also prevents the progression of the curves. Keywords: application, Cobb angle, corset, spinal brace, conservative brace therapy, spine, spinal deformities , mode
Examination of gait in patients whit idiopathic scoliosis. Objectification using treadmill
Švábková, Anna ; Lepšíková, Magdaléna (advisor) ; Černý, Pavel (referee)
This master thesis concerns gait in patients with idiopathic scoliosis. Idiopathic scoliosis constitutes about 80 % of all scoliosis cases and its adolescent type is the most common form of spine deformity in the child population. The theoretical part outlines existing knowledge on this medical condition and its treatment, focusing on conservative therapy by corrective spinal orthoses. It further describes the physiological stereotype of gait and differences observed in patients with idiopathic scoliosis. It also discusses the effect exerted on bipedal locomotion by corrective spinal orthoses. The aim of the practical part is to examine whether there is a relationship between the severity of the main spinal curvature in subjects with scoliosis and the degree of asymmetry between their lower limbs for selected parameters of gait. Since this part concerns gait both without and with bracing, it can also analyse the impact of corrective spinal orthoses on the degree of the given asymmetries. The selected parameters of gait are ascertained by the method of dynamic plantography using a Zebris FDM- T System device. The research sample consists of 14 subjects (12 girls and 2 boys) between the age of 9 and 17 years with idiopathic scoliosis who receive conservative treatment including bracing. The results...
The frequency and possible solutions of amputations of lower limb
Janoušek, Jakub ; Černý, Pavel (advisor) ; Půlpán, Rudolf (referee)
Title: The frequency and possible solutions of amputations of lower limb. Goals:To give an overview of causes and types of amputations. To evaluate the number of performed amputations that are based on data from. To demonstrate and evaluate possible solutions of prosthetic equipment for patients with different causes of amputations of lower limbs. Methods: The basis of a theoretical part is a literature review. The data are processed into graphs in a practical part. Case reports are created according to an expert consultation with a prosthodontist. Results: An increase of amputations of lower limb is obvious from the graphs, especialy in case of the patiens sufering from diabetes mellitus. On the other hand, the number of patients with amputations as a result of a traumatic event is decreasing. Key words:prosthetic device, prosthesis, amputations, trauma, cause of amputation Powered by TCPDF (
The history of development of lower limb prostheses with focus on sport
Hájek, Matyáš ; Hruša, Jan (advisor) ; Černý, Pavel (referee)
Title: The history of development of lower limb prostheses with focus on sport Objectives: The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to summarize the information about the history of development of lower limb prosthesis, in general way and also with the focus on selected sports. Methods: This thesis is mainly a literature review. For this very topic, there was used a method of collecting data out of scientific articles and literature and other publications concentrating on this topic. Results: The result of this thesis is a literature review, which can be used as a source of information, about the development of lower limb prosthesis with the focus on sport and for a general use. This task is made especially for the ones, who are interested in the history of lower limb prostheses connected with sport. Keywords: history, prosthesis, lower limb, handicap, sport
Effect of braces on the stereotype of the walk in patients with disorders of the peripheral nervous system
Dvořák, Miloslav ; Šolc, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Černý, Pavel (referee)
Title: Effect of braces on the stereotype of the walk in patients with disorders of the peripheral nervous system. Objective: The main objective of this work is to assess the improvement in walking patients with neurological disorders after application of braces that improve the stability and function of the weakened limbs. Method: The work is processed mainly in the form of research. The work focuses on the theoretical part, which is written according to the used literature. In the theoretical part is the great attention paid to the individual stages of the walk, the anatomical structure of the lower limbs and neurological disorders of the peripheral nerovového system. The practical part focuses on the status of patients after neurological damage and assessment of patients without the brace and walk with the orthosis and also the overall improvement in their walking exercise essential needed for daily needs. Results: The results will improve, concerning individual patients after walking braces. Keywords: neurological disorders, stands phase, controls swing phase, orthotics

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