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Attending physicians awareness of the possibilities of orthotic - protectic treatment of diabetic foot syndrome
Potěšil, Jan ; Černý, Pavel (advisor) ; Pavlů, Dagmar (referee)
Title: Attending physicians' awareness of the possibilities of orthotic-prosthetic treatment of diabetic foot syndrome Objectives: Objective of the thesis was to find out the current level of knowledge about orthotic-prosthetic therapy of diabetic foot syndrome among doctors, their attitude, and common practice in this field. Methods: The research was based on KAP (knowledge, attitude and practice) type of descriptive study. Questionnaire survey was used to collect data. It was necessary to create a new questionnaire in accordance with WHO guidelines. It was anonymous and shared through electronic form. The survey lasted two months and it was completed by 79 specialists in various fields of medicine. Eleven of them had to be excluded from the research. Data analysis was made in Microsoft Excel 365. Results: Diabetic foot syndrome is a serious complication of diabetes, which threatens more and more people every year. According to the results of the study, doctors are aware of that and understand the importance of orthotic-prosthetic therapy in management of the syndrome. On the other hand, they think this kind of therapy is underused. Their knowledge in this field is average, especially about orthosis use. The good news is that they want to learn more about this kind of therapy. Doctors don't use...
Czech Leuenberg Synod
Zapletal, Aleš ; Vaňáč, Martin (advisor) ; Černý, Pavel (referee)
Czech Leuenberg Synod The thesis deals with the Czech Leuenberg Synod, an ecumenical assembly of denominations that signed the Leuenberg Agreement (Church of the Brethren in the Czech Republic, Czechoslovak Hussite Church, Church of Czech Brethren, Methodist Church, Silesian Church of the Augsburg Confession). The Synod was formed in 2000. The meetings of the Synod take place every other year and each denomination is represented by four delegates. The first chapter introduces the historical and theological importance of the Leuenberg Agreement as the basic document of the Synod. The second chapter deals with the first meeting in 2000, its statutes and the documents approved on this meeting. The third chapter describes the following meetings and focuses on the topic of each meeting, important documents and/or decisions of the Synod. This chapter includes also the names of the Synod presidents and vice-presidents. The fourth chapter is a reflection of the twenty years of the existence of the Synod and it introduces several suggestions for the future work. The thesis is based upon theological and historical-theological literature, church press, documents of the Czech Leuenberg Synod and consultations with the current or former representatives of the Synod. Key words (in alphabetical order): Church of...
Case study of ortho-prothetic care of a patient with a diagnosis of transtibial amputation
Antosova, Ekaterina ; Neuwirthová, Svatava (advisor) ; Černý, Pavel (referee)
Title: Case study of ortho-prothetic care of a patient with a diagnosis of trantibial amputation. Objectives: The main aim of this work is to describe amputation and possibilities of solu- tion. Further summarize how the theoretical as well as practical knowledge from the point of view of the production of aids and a case study of a patient with amputation. Methods: The thesis consists of several parts - the general part and the special part. General part includes theoretical knowledge related to amputation. Special part relates to a case study of a patient diagnosed with transtibial amputation and contains a theme of utility production. Results: The bachelor thesis was processed in the period of several weeks in the techni- cal background non-state institution Ortotechnika s.r.o. The prosthesis produced contributed to the restoration patient into everyday life. Keywords: amputation, case study, prosthesis.
Web Browser for IP Cameras
Černý, Pavel ; Veigend, Petr (referee) ; Zbořil, František (advisor)
The aim of the work described in this thesis was to enable live video streaming from IP cameras to selected users, using simply a modern web browser with no need to install special client-side software. The solution was found by utilizing programs FFmpeg (for communication with camera and video conversion to WebM format), Stream-m (for distribution of the data received from FFmpeg to clients), and a newly-created web application built on the Spring framework, which was used to control the aforementioned programs, and also allows camera management and user authorization. The resulting system reduces the effort required for client nodes deployment and maintenance. Thanks to the image size downscaling, the system brings about a considerable reduction of data flow in the network caused by camera output, and minimizes the load on client computers.
Craniofacial epithesis
Starčevská, Lenka ; Černý, Pavel (advisor) ; Pavlů, Dagmar (referee)
Title: Craniofacial epitheses Objectives: The purpose of the work is to make a comprehensive overview of information about craniofacial epitheses including indications, history, materials, description of manufacturing and new technologies used in epithetics, using a systematic search of available sources. Methods: The work uses the method of systematic search of published sources in available databases. Professional articles articles mainly from foreign production were used. Results: The result of the work describes indications for epitheses, such as tumors, traumatic changes and congenital anomalies. It also describes the history of craniofacial epitheses, materials used for manufacturing and retention systems. It contains a description of conventional manufacturing and also focuses on the improving digital technologies applied to manufacturing. The work can be useful for students of orthotics-prosthetics, for dental technician students and also workers meeting this issue. Keywords: craniofacial epitheses, anaplastology, facial defects, silicone prostheses, cad-cam, materials, retention of epitheses
Overpass bridge across the highway
Černý, Pavel ; Šopík,, Leonard (referee) ; Nečas, Radim (advisor)
The topic of this thesis is detailed design of the supporting structure of a bridge. Three variants are designed. The structure is designed as a single beam bridge of 6 spans. The calculation of load efects make in software MidasCivil 2019 and Scia Engineer 18.1. The subject of the expertise of the structure is service limit state and ultimate limit state. For evaluation of cross sections is used MS Excel. Both design and relevant drawing documentation of the bridge deck and substructure. The design and assessment are according to the europien standards.
Possible orthotic solutions of Pes equinovarus congenitus
Michalová, Petra ; Černý, Pavel (advisor) ; Šolc, Zdeněk (referee)
Author: Petra Michalová Title: Possible orthotic solutions of Pes equinovarus congenitus Objective: The aim of this thesis is to point out and summarize the available options for solving the issue of Pes equinovarus congenitus. This thesis should also out provide vital information regarding the functional principles and technical composition of equipment and assess the influence of individual types of correction braces and create a basic overview of the relevant subject. The work is focused on the influence of knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO) and ankle- foot orthosis (AFO) orthoses in one-sided congenital malformation of Pes equinovarus congenitus demonstrated on one case report. Methods: A proband at the age of about 1 with diagnosis of unilateral congenital malformation of the right lower limb (pes equinovarus congenitus) was involved. The proband was measured accordingly to provide specific data for the production of orthoses and then the subsequent production of three variants of orthosis suitable in the specific case of the solved proband took place. Results: The KAFO brace was proved to be the most efficient choice in this particular case. Keywords: pes equinovarus congenitus, congenital defect, lower limb deformity, orthotics, orthosis, KAFO, AFO
The influence of some types of casual shoes and orthopedic shoes on position of lower limbs in children
Lajmarová, Kristýna ; Černý, Pavel (advisor) ; Šolc, Zdeněk (referee)
Title: The influence of some types of casual shoes and orthopedic shoes on position of lower limbs in children Objectives: This thesis aims at obtaining theoretical information related to the influence of construction elements of some types of casual shoes and orthopedic shoes on position of lower limbs in children. Methods: In the thesis, the method of systematic library research was chosen. The information was gathered from available resources of Czech as well as foreign literature, specialist textbooks, magazines, online magazines and other online sources, specialist brochures and materials available in professional workplaces. The knowledge stems from the fields of functional and children's anatomy, kinesiology, orthopedics, orthotics - prosthetics, and physiotherapy. Results: The result of the thesis is a summary of information concerning mainly the external influences off some types casual shoes and ortopedic shoes affecting the construction of lower limbs in children. The work and its content may be beneficial for students of orthotics and prosthetics, podology, calceotics, and children's podiatry. Keywords: calceotics, orthopedic shoes, foot, shoes for children, position of lower limbs in children
Organ works of Olivier Messiaen and inspiration for organ improvisation
Kordas, Martin ; TŮMA, Jaroslav (advisor) ; ČERNÝ, Pavel (referee)
Thesis‘ aim is to analyze selected organ pieces of Olivier Messiaen with respect to compositional elements which can be used during organ improvisation. Thesis focuses on pieces of composer‘s early period. In the introduction is outlined composer‘s biography and his extraordinary relationship to organ and basic elements of his musical speech are described. Actual analysis of individual pieces focuses on harmonical, rhytmical and melodical components of pieces, as well as their musical forms. Subsequently, evaluation of suitability of particular piece for improvisation is made, proposals for practising improvisation are presented and possibilities for modification of pieces are listed. Apart from theoretical analysis thesis focuses on description of practical ways how can be the knowledge discovered during analysis applied in praxis.
Development of highly resistant composite using secondary raw materials and cast basalt
Černý, Pavel ; Jakubík, Aleš (referee) ; Drochytka, Rostislav (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with development of high resistant composite, which brings its properties closer to the melted basalt products. This fact will allow substitution of basalt elements in hostile chemical environment by newly developed material and completes its product line. High resistant composite also consists of secondary raw material in highest possible amount. Material that is being evolved carries high strength, abrasion resistance and is also resistable in hostile chemical environment.

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