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Single span slab bridge
Roučka, Adam ; Koláček, Jan (referee) ; Nečas, Radim (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is the design of a single span post-tensioned slab bridge. From three variants, a variant of the slab bridge structure with lateral ramps was selected. The aim of the thesis is the design and assessment of the superstructure according to the limit states.
Design of a slab bridge
Stehlík, Ondrej ; Tomečka, Petr (referee) ; Nečas, Radim (advisor)
That aim of this bachelor's thesis is to present a design of a single-span slab bridge. The main framework is constituted of a post-tensioned concrete slab. The bridge carries a road of category S7.5 over the river between two intersections. Overall, three variants have been created. From these variations, a design using a slab with a flat underside was chosen. Construction analysis was performed in Scia Engineer 21.1. The design and review were performed manually.
Single span pedestrian bridge
Rataj, Tomáš ; Nečas, Radim (referee) ; Koláček, Jan (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the design of a single-span footbridge. Within the thesis, two variants were proposed and compared, and a simply supported pre-stressed structure was selected. This particular variant was further analyzed and evaluated for ultimate limit state and serviceability limit state. The calculations were performed using the SCIA Engineer and MS Excel software, supplemented with manual calculations. The calculation procedure followed applicable standards and regulations.
Design of a prestressed beam bridge
Řehulka, Richard ; Panáček, Josef (referee) ; Nečas, Radim (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to design prestressed beam bridge across river. Bridge is a statically indeterminate structure fixed on one side and on the other side is roller support. Vertical alignment consists of parabolic arc. Height of construction is enlarged from mid of the span to the fixed side. The construction was designed and assessed to the serviceability limit state and ultimate limit state. Scia engineer was used for modelling. Calculation was mainly done in Microsoft Excel and checked by hand and in Scia engineer. Subject of this thesis was also creating a drawings, visualization, and static calculation, which could be found in attachment.
Static solution of a floating concrete pier
Dorňák, Josef ; Nečas, Radim (referee) ; Zich, Miloš (advisor)
The bachelor´s thesis deals with the design of a floating concrete pier to be used for landing of helicopters of the Medical Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. The basic for the thesis was a study of the structure with plan dimensions, location on the river and a longitudinal section of the structure with elevation marks. The aim of the thesis is to desing a cross-reinforced slab and walls. In total, the structure consists of 8 identical components. To calculate the internal forces, a 3D model supported by an elastic substrate of calculated stiffness was created the Scia Engineer 22.0. Based on the outputs from the program, the flexural reinforcement was designed. Using non-linear calculation, the structure was assessed for serviceability limit state and the results were compared with the manual calculation of crack width. Handling and anchoring handles were also designed. At the end of the thesis, the connecting element was assessed and its reinforcement was proposed. The theoretical part, static calculation and drawing documentation are part of the thesis.
Footbridge across the river Opava
Kolář, David ; Romportl, Tomáš (referee) ; Nečas, Radim (advisor)
The master´s thesis topic is design of a footbridge across Opava river. Out of two different designs, a self – anchored suspension footbridge was chosen and necessary documentations wer produced. The primary focus of the thesis is on static design solution with an output of several drawings. The model created in ANSYS includes different load cases together with construction stages. To support the results, checks and hand calculations via MS Excel were completed, as well as static analysis of transverse behaviour of the deck using SCIA Engineer software. Analysis and calculations are compliant to up-to-date coades and respect the funfamentals of analysis due to limit states.
Bridge across expressway D35
Pohlídal, Jan ; Novák, Richard (referee) ; Nečas, Radim (advisor)
The theme of this master thesis is to design a road bridge across expressway D35. The bridge is designed as a triple-span strut frame construction. The construction is unique because of its variable cross-section of the bridge, which is supported by a inclined supports. The load effects were calculated using software Scia Engineer as the time analysis of the structure was solved using the TDA module. Calculations by hand were carried out using MS Excel. Drawing documentation and visualization of the structure are also included.
Bridge over the Valová river
Vytásek, Ondřej ; Nečas, Radim (referee) ; Panáček, Josef (advisor)
The aim of this work was to design a new bridge structure with one span. Several studies were carried out, from which I selected one, namely a monolithic single-beam variant made of prestressed concrete, which will replace the existing already unsatisfactory bridge. The bridge has a span of 28.94 m and a width of 9.6 m. Part of the work is a static calculation, drawings of reinforcement, shape and layout of the bridge.
Design of a one-span prestressed bridge over a local brook
Tomášková, Eliška ; Panáček, Josef (referee) ; Nečas, Radim (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor’s thesis is a design and evaluation of a one-span prestressed concrete road bridge. Out of two options, a slab bridge is selected for further assessment. This thesis aims to design and evaluate the construction on the basis of ULS and SLS criteria.
Design of a one-span slab bridge
Sobková, Sára ; Tomečka, Petr (referee) ; Nečas, Radim (advisor)
Subject of bachelor thesis is reconstruction of railway bridge on the route from Český Těšín to Ostrava-Svinov in km 6,482. The structure is located in the extraregion. There are two rail routes on the bridge and local road under the bridge. One-span slab reinforced consrete bridge is designed and placed on the rail as a replacement for bearings. the length of the bridge is 6 m. The sffects ot the load are calculated in the programe AxisVM and static calculation are made in the program Mathcad. Bending and shear steel is designed. Serviceability limit state is verified. Also the resistance of steel concrete to cyclic loading is calculated. Steel of the abuntment is designed to reduce the appearence of cracks above the working joint due to ahrinkage. Dynamic coefficient is verified.

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