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Josef Brentner: Offertoria solenniora,Prague 1717, a collection of spiritual compositions, edition, studies
This thesis is focusing on a work of 18th century Bohemian composer J. J. I. Brentner, one of whose sustentative compilation, Offettoria Solenniora, is further analysed and complete rewrite, from the solo parts arranged into the one unified score, enclosed.
The quality of life of children with cerebral palsy from the perspective of parents
The bachelor thesis examines lives of parents bringing up children with cerebral palsy. It describes their significant events and how these moments influenced their quality of life. The theory part demonstrates problems of cerebral palsy and describes difficulties parents experienced while bringing up children with cerebral palsy. It salso descries their quality of life. The practical part includes 5 family life stories and their methodical processes, analysis and interpretations. The stories are put together with narrative analysis.
Rolle of the teacher in German all-day school
Čapková, Jana ; Walterová, Eliška (advisor) ; Urbánek, Petr (referee) ; Hendl, Jan (referee)
PAVLÍKOVÁ, J. The Rolle of the teachen in German all-day school. Praha: Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague, 2011. 198 pp. Doctoral Thesis. The doctoral thesis examines the role of the teacher in German all-day school, as a specific educational institution with many representative features. The theoretical part describes the context of the role of the teacher in the German all-day school. It is defined all-day school in Germany and described its characteristics. The doctoral thesis briefly outlines the history of all-day school in Germany as well as current history in each of the German lands. The theoretical part further defines social role, role of teachers and summarizes current knowledge on the profession of teacher in the German all-day school. The empirical part tackles the qusetion of the role of the teacher in the German all-day school, its characteristics and the context in which it takes place. The research is carried out qualitative strategies, using grounded theory. A concrete result of the research is grounded substantive theory of the role of teachers in the German all-day school. It is also compared with existing theories of the role of teachers. Keywords: role of teachers, German all-day school, grounded theory.
Expression of selected proteins in sperm in men with normal and pathological spermiograms using monoclonal antibodies
Pěknicová, Jana ; Čapková, Jana ; Dorosh, Andriy ; Margaryan, Hasmik ; Kubátová, Alena ; Děd, Lukáš
Recent studies show that infertility in human populations it affects an estimated 15% of couples of reproductive age. Male infertility is the primary cause for 60% of these cases. For these reasons, we analyzed the acrosomal and sperm surface proteins in men with normal and pathological spermiograms. We found that intra-acrosome proteins: TERA (Transitional endoplasmic reticulum ATPase), GAPDHS (Sperm Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase), and PRKAR2A (C-AMP-dependent protein kinase II, PRKAR2A), which can be identified using our monoclonal antibodies, are different express in healthy men and men with astenozoospermia (with reduced sperm motility), and with a significantly reduced expression in the astenozoospermia. These proteins are involved in energy metabolism and apoptosis of the cells, and some of them in the sperm-egg interaction; therefore, they have an important role in reproduction. On the other hand, there were no statistically significant differences in the expression of surface proteins (Appolipoprotein J (Clusterin) and Semenogelin). Our findings show that astenozoospermia as a complex disorder of the semen is often combined with other pathological conditions that are not diagnosed by the semen analysis. Therefore monoclonal antibodies are so suitable instrument for the detection of proteins associated with the pathology of the sperm in the semen with low sperm motility. In general, monoclonal antibodies against the sperm proteins are an appropriate tool to detect sperm quality in reproductive medicine.
Possible role of spermatogenic protein glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDHS) in mammalian sperm
Margaryan, Hasmik ; Dorosh, Andriy ; Čapková, Jana ; Postlerová, Pavla ; Philimonenko, Anatoly ; Hozák, Pavel ; Pěknicová, Jana
Sperm proteins are important for the structure and function of these specific, highly differentiated cells. Certain of these proteins play a role in sperm-egg recognition during primary or secondary binding at zona pellucida glycoprotein matrix. The aim of this study was to characterize the acrosomal sperm protein recognized by a monoclonal antibody (MoAb) Hs-8, prepared in our laboratory by immunization of BALB/c mice with human ejaculated sperm, and to test the possible role of this protein in gamete interaction. MoAb Hs-8 specifically labelled a 45 kDa protein from the sperm extract in the immunoblotting test. Sequence analysis identified this Hs-8 protein as GAPDHS. In order to perform a control tests, a commercial mouse anti-GAPDHS MoAb was applied. Both antibodies showed similar staining patterns using immunofluorescence labelling, transmission electron microscopy and immunoblot analysis. Moreover, both Hs-8 and commercial anti-GAPDHS antibodies blocked the secondary sperm-zona pellucida binding. Generally, GAPDHS was considered mainly as sperm-specific glycolytic enzyme involved in energy production during spermatogenesis and sperm motility and its role in the sperm head was unknown. In this study, we confirmed the potential additional role of GAPDHS as a binding protein that is involved in the sperm-zona pellucida interaction.
Fluorescent analysis of the differential protein expression in normozoospermic and asthenozoospermic sperm samples
Děd, Lukáš ; Čapková, Jana ; Kubátová, Alena ; Teplá, O. ; Pěknicová, Jana
Asthenozoospermia is one of the main seminal pathologies underlying male infertility. Previous proteomic studies have demonstrated the significant differences in the protein profiles between normozoospermic and asthenozoospermic sperm samples. Since these studies were primarily focused on the identification of differentially expressed proteins by mass spectrometry, we aimed to evaluate the ability of our diagnostic antibodies to detect the differential expression of selected protein markers by fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry techniques. Therefore, we analyzed sperm samples from 30 men with normal and 30 men with astheno spermiograms, average by the panel of our diagnostic anti-human sperm (Hs) antibodies. Fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry analysis revealed quantitative differences in the protein abundances between normo and astheno sperm samples, namely, in GAPDHs, evaluated with Hs-8 MoAb, VCP, evaluated with Hs-14 MoAb, and ATP synthase, evaluated with MoAb Hs-36. From the methodological point of view, we observed very high correlation between the data obtained by fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry techniques and therefore both methods are useful for evaluation of protein differences associated with asthenozoospermia. From the clinical point of view, we observed the strong association of the low sperm motility in the sample with the expression of proteins, playing an important role in sperm energy metabolism (expected), but also with the expression of all tested intra-acrosomal proteins. These findings further demonstrate asthenozoospermia as a complex semen disorder frequently associated with other semen pathologies, which are not diagnosed by basic semen analysis, and the possibility to use monoclonal antibodies as a tool for diagnosis of protein associated sperm pathologies in the semen with the low sperm motility.
Flow cytometry (FCM) sperm assessment In normozoospermic and asthenozoospermic men using monoclonal antibodies against sperm proteins
Čapková, Jana ; Kubátová, Alena ; Děd, Lukáš ; Teplá, O. ; Pěknicová, Jana
Recent studies have shown that infertility affects an estimated 15% of all couples. Male infertility is the primary or contributing cause in 60% of these cases. Consequently, application of methods of assisted reproduction is increasing. These methods would benefit from extended evaluation of the sperm quality. For this purpose, we analyzed sperm proteins in men with normal spermiograms and with asthenozoospermia. Ejaculates of both groups were tested with a set of well-characterized monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) to human sperm. No statistically significant differences were found between normospermics and asthenospermics in the expression of sperm surface proteins clusterin, evaluated by Hs-3 MoAb, and semenogelin, evaluated by Hs-9 MoAb. On the other hand, flow cytometry revealed quantitative differences between normozoospermic and asthenozoospermic men in GAPDHS (glyceraldehyde phosphate dehydrogenase human sperm-specific glycolytic enzyme), evaluated by Hs-8 MoAb, VCP (valosin-containing protein), detected with Hs-14 MoAb, and PRKAR2A (cAMP-dependent protein kinase type II – alpha regulatory subunit) detected by MoAb Hs-36. Asthenozoospermic men displayed significantly reduced expression of intra-acrosomal proteins with a likely decrease in sperm quality, and thus a negative impact on successful reproduction.
Relaxation and Meditation with Music
The thesis introduces an importance of a mental hygiene and its chosen methods - relaxation and meditation with music. The theoretical part is focused on a description of the basic relaxation and meditation techniques and curative effects of music. It deals with a music therapy, its meaning, types, methods and history in terms of the importance of music healing relaxation effects on the mental, physical as well as spiritual health. The practical part includes a usage of these methods in practice with five different age therapeutic groups; it observes and evaluates changes of the psychological and physical conditions after performed therapies. In order to create a receptive program for an individual and group education a questionnaire survey was conducted on an effect of the performed therapy. The survey showed that the relaxation and meditation with music is an effective psychotherapeutic mean to induce a mental balance of a man.
Monoclonal antibodies recognizing proteins of human seminal plasma
Čapková, Jana ; Elzeinová, Fatima ; Margaryan, Hasmik ; Koubek, Pavel ; Pěknicová, Jana
We have generated a set of monoclonal antibodies to human spermatozoa (Hs- serie, Prague) and characterized them using immunofluorescence, Western bloting and MALDI analysis. In our panel of Hs- antibodies several antibodies specifically reacted with human seminal plasma proteins. These antibodies might be useful for study sperm capacitation and sperm quality assessment.
Analýza samčí sterility způsobené T(16,17)43H chromosomální translokací
Čapková, Jana ; Homolka, David ; Ivánek, Robert ; Jansa, Petr ; Forejt, Jiří
Heterozygosity for certain mouse and human chromosomal rearrangements is characterized by male-limited sterility. Our model of a male-sterile chromosomal rearrangement represents mouse T(16;17)43H (T43) chromosomal translocation. The effect of the T43H translocation on spermatogenesis was studied. We analyzed meiosis in B10.T43/+ heterozygous male mice and we have obtained direct evidence on the transcriptional silencing of unsynapsed autosomal chromatin of the translocation quadrivalent and the subsequent failure of the X chromosome transcriptional inactivation at the mid-late pachytene of spermatogenesis.

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