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Effectiveness and safety of biological therapy in inflammatory rheumatic diseases
Nekvindová, Lucie ; Závada, Jakub (advisor) ; Hendl, Jan (referee) ; Hrnčíř, Zbyněk (referee)
This thesis focuses on evaluating the effectiveness and safety of biological/targeted treatment in chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases based on data from the ATTRA registry. The introductory chapters of the thesis give an overview of three rheumatic diseases - rheumatoid arthritis (RA), psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA), characterising clinical manifestation, diagnosis, therapeutical options and current treatment guidelines. The work also contains a brief summary of information about planning, creating and maintaining a clinical registry and characterises specifics related to the analysis of registry data. The practical part of the thesis was aimed at two research questions. Recently, a treat-to-target (T2T) strategy was established for RA, PsA and axSpA. Studies from daily clinical practice concerning the advantage of following T2T over usual care are still lacking. Thus, the first goal of the thesis was to evaluate whether following a treat to target strategy after not reaching low disease activity within the first six months leads to a higher chance of meeting the treatment target at the twelve-month visit. Our second goal in the thesis was to evaluate the association between therapeutic response (achieving remission and drug retention) and patients'...
The Potential of Latent Class Analysis: the Czech Television Audience Case Study
Pospíšilová, Petra ; Soukup, Petr (advisor) ; Hendl, Jan (referee)
The thesis "The Potential of Latent Class Analysis: the Czech Television Audience Case Study" deals with latent class analysis and it's potential as a segmentation method. Three different approaches are examined - latent class analysis for joint data from six research waves, simultaneous latent class analysis for each wave separately and latent class analysis for joint data transferred into dichotomous form. The results of all three methods are compared through secondary analysis of data from case study focused on audience's perception of the Czech Television; their strong and weak points are described and the most suitable solution is chosen. Based on these findings, four identified segments of the audience are then interpreted from the point of their characteristic features and sociodemographic parameters. This paper is supported by works of classic authors in the area of latent class analysis; the thesis refers to their findings that also served as basis for composition of the research hypotheses.
Determinants of Environmental Concern
Vrbíková, Lucie ; Soukup, Petr (advisor) ; Hendl, Jan (referee)
The thesis "Determinants of environmental concern" is a quantitative analysis that deals with determinants of environmental concern, the scale of new ecological paradigm, environmental behavior and ecological activism. It uses data from an international survey "International Social Survey Project Environment III" from year 2010. Strong predictors came out from the analysis, mainly cultural differences of the respondents and education. The inhabitants of Western Europe and English speaking countries have the strongest environmental concern, in contrast, in post communist countries of Eastern Europe is this concern the smallest. Post materialists and inhabitants of the richer countries have stronger environmental concern and they believe more in science and progress solving ecological problems. The perception of consequences of ecological problems on everyday life is also a strong determinant from which suffers mostly localities out of Europe. The recycling waste is most often carried away in Western Europe and English speaking countries. A strong correlation is between finished education and environmental concern as well as ecological activism, there is a weaker connection to saving natural resources.
Mixed mode data collection: PAPI and CAPI comparison
Pilecká, Jarmila ; Buchtík, Martin (advisor) ; Hendl, Jan (referee)
Usage of mixed mode is popular among researchers mainly because of its flexibility and possibility of lowered costs, time and response bias. Therefore engagement in analysis of potential differences and problems is necessary mainly in mapping effects of these combinations. My diploma thesis focuses on possibilities of equivalence of mixed mode PAPI and CAPI collection of data. I use Multi-Group Confirmatory Factor Analysis (MG CFA) for analysing the equivalence of measurement. This is quite unusual method for analysing a mixed-mode and few researchers used it till now. Most of the studies focused on differences in answers of respondents caused by mode effect or cognitive process of answering the questions. Key words: Mixed mode design, equivalence, confirmatory factor analysis, CAPI and PAPI, mode effect
Evaluation of paragliding theory test items for pilot license applicants
Šťastná, Johana ; Honsová, Šárka (advisor) ; Hendl, Jan (referee)
EVALUATION OF PARAGLIDING THEORY TEST ITEMS FOR PILOT LICENSE APPLICANTS Objectives: The aim of this work is to evaluate and optimize a set of paragliding the theoretical items appropriate for testing pilot license applicants of LAA ČR. Methods: This aim is realized by means of the theory of testing. Basic methods of testing form the background research of this work. The items were de- signed as multiple-choice, to select one correct answer. These items were assigned to the applicants for pilot licenses and were evaluated by the apparatus of testing. Microsoft Excel 2003 was used for collecting data and results evaluation. The computation according to the formulas in the theoretical part was performed in Matlab 2007b. Based on this analysis, the results were presented and optimization of these items was proposed. Results: Three hypotheses were examined in this work. The first dealt with a rela- tion between evaluated difficulty of test items and their points value, which was assigned by the LAA ČR. The second hypothesis concerned the number of used distractors. The third hypothesis was focused on the sensitivity of the items. The evaluated difficulty of test items matched items point value in 26 % of the number of items. 92 % of the alterna- tives were used and sufficient sensitivity had 78 % of...
Sport policy and public financing of sports in Finland
Lísal, Kryštof ; Slepičková, Irena (advisor) ; Hendl, Jan (referee)
: Title: Sport Policy and Sports Funding from Public Sources in Finland Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to describe how works sport culture in Finland. The thesis shows a high level of attention devote to sport and physical activities with focus on funding of the sport from public sources and lottery business (Veikkaus). The thesis provides knowledge and new information about sport culture in Finland. Methods: I have used methods of case studies and explanation, which allow me to analyze system of sport funding and sport organization in Finland. The methods were combined with secondary information to obtain furthur insight into the sport system in Finland. Results: A high level of sport policy and sports funding from public sources is proved in Finland. Satisfaction of Finns with sport conditions are documented in Eurobarometr survey. Public funding of sport in Finland is above average compere to other EU states. Due to lottery Veikkaus, state funding in to sport has long term increasing trend. Finnish sport culture highlights and characterizes providing precondition from municipalities and Finnish sport culture is driven by voluntary sector. Keywords: municipality, precondition for sport, sport activities, a subsidy, volunteering
Physical activity promotion in documents of international organizations
Maurer, Tomáš ; Hendl, Jan (advisor) ; Čechovská, Irena (referee)
Title: Physical activity promotion in the documents of international organizations Objectives: The main objective of this work is to explain the meaning of the promotion of physical activity for the human health and to show the way leading to the active way of life of the whole population. The partial objective is to show the content and the means of the promotion of physical activity and various strategies aimed on the increasing the physical activity level of the different populations in various environments. Methods: In this work I use the analysis of documents of various institutions, especially WHO, and the studies published in scientific and professional journals, dealing with the problems of the physical activity promotion. Results: The study of the important world documents proved the society-wide seriousness of the promotion of physical activity. The promotion of the long-life physical activity in the primary prevention is based on the strong evidence of health benefits bringing the additional newly discovered economic and psycho-social benefits. Simultaneously it appeared that in the Czech republic the agenda of physical activity as protective factor and the inactivity as high- risk factor is very low. Key words: accumulated physical activity, physical inactivity, interventions, health...

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