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Key barriers, opportunities and good practices for entrepreneurship and innovation
Křížková, Alena ; Marková Volejníčková, Romana ; Pospíšilová, Marie ; Vohlídalová, Marta
The report is focused on barriers, opportunities and good practices for gender-sensitive innovations and entrepreneurship. It is based on the analysis of 36 interviews with experts from the health, green and digital fields and the target groups defined in the quadruple helix of academia, citizens, industry, and government. The interviews were collected by 12 GILL partners in the 10 consortium countries in 2023. Gender stereotypical cultural beliefs and norms, masculine bias, gender segregation, lack of funding, lack of policies to support work-life balance and lack of political will and empirical evidence to remove these barriers are the main problems identified. The opportunities reflected largely correspond to these barriers and highlight the role of key actors, such as the EU, in setting standards. Projects focusing on fixing the number of women under-represented in certain fields and occupations and management positions predominate among good practices.
Factors for reoffending and the process of desistance in the context of conditional release
Krulichová, Eva ; Bašná, Kristýna ; Beláňová, Andrea ; Čermák, Daniel ; Mikešová, Renáta ; Rozum, J. ; Tomášek, J. ; Urbánek, Tomáš
A report based on sociological, criminological, and psychological perspectives, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative data, describing the life trajectories of clients under the supervision of Probation and Mediation Service. The report analyzes the role of individual and social factors in terminating clients´ criminal careers.\n\n
Quality of life and feeling of security
Weikertová, Štěpánka ; Čadová, Naděžda ; Kyselá, Monika
The quantitative sociological research Quality of Life and Sense of Security conducted by the Centre for Public Opinion Research aimed to map the quality of relationships in Czech society, including the incidence of negative phenomena, and to map the experiences of the adult population of the Czech Republic with domestic and gender-based violence.
Attitude of Czech Public to Accepting of Refugees from Ukraine – February/March 2023
Červenka, Jan
In a survey that was conducted between the end of January and the end of the second decade of March 2023, the Centre for Public Opinion Research surveyed a set of questions concerning the attitudes of the Czech public towards accepting refugees from Ukraine. The respondents specifically expressed their attitudes towards the admittance of Ukrainian refugees and the possibility of their permanent settlement in the Czech Republic. The survey also included a mapping of interest in current developments around this situation.\n\nLess than two-fifths (39%) of Czech citizens are interested in the situation regarding refugees from Ukraine.\n\n\n56% of Czech citizens agree with admitting refugees from Ukraine.\n\n\n11% of citizens are in favour of the possibility of permanent settlement of Ukrainian refugees here, while another seven tenths (71%) prefer only temporary admission with subsequent return to their country of origin.
Citizens on Material Living Conditions of Their Households - April/May 2023
Červenka, Jan
In a survey conducted in the period since end of March to May of 2023 the Public Opinion Research Centre examined two questions related to evaluation of material living conditions of respondent's households, and to expectation of development of these conditions in this year.\n\nMore than half (53%) of Czechs evaluates material living conditions of their households as good, 35% think they are neither good, nor bad, and 12% consider them to be bad.\n\nA third (34%) of Czechs believe that this year the material living conditions of their households will worsen, a little less than a fifth (18%) expect an improvement, and 46% assume that they will not change. Expectations have improved significantly compared to last year.
Citizens on Economic Situation of the Czech Republic and Living Standard of Their Households - April/May 2023
Červenka, Jan
According to the Spring 2023 survey of CVVM, 13% of people evaluate the current economic situation in the Czech Republic as good, 29% view it as neither good nor bad, and 58% consider it to be bad.\n\n15% of citizens think that the economic situation will improve in this year, 32% expect no change, and 51% await worsening of economic situation.\n\n59% of Czechs evaluate the living standard of their household as good, 9% consider it to be bad, and 32% characterize it as neither good, nor bad.
Confidence in constitutional institutions and satisfaction with political situation - June/July 2023
Červenka, Jan
In the period from the end of May to the mid of the last third of July 2023 within the regular survey the Public Opinion Research Centre questioned respondents about their confidence in constitutional institutions. In this survey there was a question about their trust to the President, both Chambers of Parliament, the Government, and Local and Regional Councils.\n\n58% of Czechs trust the President, 25% of Czechs trust the government.\n\nThe Chamber of Deputies has the confidence of 25% and the Senate of 36% of the public.\n\n15% of Czech citizens declare satisfaction with political situation, 62% are dissatisfied.
Inflation And Real Income Of Households In View Of Public - April/May 2023
Červenka, Jan
In the spring 2023 survey the Public Opinion Research Centre examined three questions related to inflation and real income of households.
Attitudes Towards the Death Penalty - April/May 2023
Červenka, Jan
In its spring survey, the Public Opinion Research Centre examined attitudes of Czech citizens towards the death penalty. 42% of respondents hold the view the death penalty should exist in the Czech Republic, 51% oppose it. Since 1992, when 76% supported the existence of the death penalty, this support decreased for 34 percentage points, while opposition to the death penalty (13% in 1992) nearly quadruppled, and for the first time prevailed over support of the death penalty.
Citizens on the situation in Ukraine - June/July 2023
Červenka, Jan
In a survey conducted during June and July 2023, the Center for Public Opinion Research asked a set of questions about the conflict in Ukraine. The research sought to find out whether people are interested in the development of the situation in Ukraine and whether they consider it to be a security threat to the Czech Republic, Europe and world peace, how citizens feel about the government's actions in support of Ukraine and how they assess possible measures by the international community.

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