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Design of excavation for reconstruction of shopping centre
Červenka, Jan ; Miča, Lumír (referee) ; Chalmovský, Juraj (advisor)
The thesis is divided into three parts. In the first one it deals with the design and the assessment of the once-anchored soldier pile wall, which provides an excavation for the reconstruction of the shopping centre Prior in Zlín. The retaining structure is designed according to the limit state method, using the GEO5 software and the Excel spreadsheet editor. In the second part, the thesis deals with the price comparison of the classic version of the soldier pile wall with soldier pile, IPN profiles, with over one-pole anchorage with the help of the buckle, with the variant with larger spread, where the soldier pile from the pair of UPN profiles are adapted for anchoring. The third part solves the problem of the distribution of a lateral ground pressures along the length of the soldier pile wall. For comparison with the empirical methods of design of lagging, the results of normal pressure from the mathematical model, solved by the numerical analysis, the finite element method, were used in the Plaxis 3D program. Hardening soil model was used as the material model.
Prediction of foundation settlement of high-rise building using the finite element method
Červenka, Jan ; Dobrovolský, Ján (referee) ; Chalmovský, Juraj (advisor)
The focus of this thesis is to deal with reverse engineering of high-rise building settlements. This is modeled via the finite element method performed in the Plaxis 3D program. In the first part of this thesis, a calibration of input parameters of an appropriate material model – Hardening soil – is conducted. This calibration is a result of oedometric test data which were obtained within a geotechnical survey. An influence of soils over consolidation affecting calibration and the material model choice is described. Final values of reference stiffness parameters are used in a mathematical model of the focused area. This model is created for one half of the high-rise building plan, including vestibule. The high-rise building is founded in a foundation pit. The foundations of this building consist of raft foundation and piles of jet grouting. In the model, there are also changes in pore pressure during an excavation of foundation pit included. The functional model is used for parametric analyses, namely examining cases of object´s foundations and the possible influence of foundation pit´s symmetry on the object´s settlement. All the calculated processes in the object´s settlements are then compared to data obtained from geotechnical monitoring of the structure.
Parallels and differences of social situations with panic potential – IMPAKT 2023
Červenka, Jan ; Vinopal, Jiří
A research report with main outputs of the surveys conducted under the project „Parallels and Differences of Social Situations with Panic Potential - an example of RMU and a coronavir pandemic in Czech society“ in 2023.
Czech Public's Attitudes to Foreign countries – Autumn 2023
Červenka, Jan
In Autumn 2023 survey CVVM investigated how sympathetic or unsympathetic are some selected countries to the Czech public. In this survey 13 countries were selected.\n\nThe most sympathetic country among them according to Czech citizens is Slovakia followed by Austria, Poland, Great Britain and France.
The Public on Energy Policy and the So-Called European Green Deal - August/September 2023
Červenka, Jan ; Ďurďovič, Martin
In the period from the the end of July to the mid of the third decade of September 2023, a block of questions devoted to energy issues was included in the regular research of Our Society. Part of the questions examined citizens' interest in the energy policy of the Czech Republic and also focused on the issue of the so-called European Green Deal from 2020.\n\nAn incomplete half of Czechs is interested in energy policy, which represents a decline in interest compared to the last survey from 2022 but it remained significantly higher in comparison to all other past surveys.\n\n35% of Czech citizens agree with the Green Deal, 49% disagree with it. At the same time, only one-sixth (17%) of Czech citizens consider the goal of the Green Deal to be achievable, a two-thirds majority think that its goal is not achievable.
People on Features and Risks of Nuclear Power - August/September 2023
Červenka, Jan ; Ďurďovič, Martin
In the period from the end of July to the middle of the last decade of September 2023, a block of questions devoted to the issue of nuclear energy was included in the regular survey of programme Our Society. Two batteries of questions were included in the survey, through which citizens' opinions on certain characteristics and risks associated with the production of electricity through nuclear fission were examined on an eleven-point scale.\n\nThe majority of citizens are inclined to the opinion that nuclear energy makes it possible to ensure a stable supply of energy, makes it possible to produce energy at a low cost, contributes to measures against climate change and is environmentally friendly.\n\nThe prevailing opinion among the Czech public is that nuclear energy is one of the safest methods of energy production.\n\nThe Czech public is rather skeptical of the opinion that nuclear energy is a transitional energy production technology that will soon be surpassed.\n\nThe Czech public sees the greatest risk in connection with nuclear energy in possible misuse or damage to the nuclear power plant in a result of a terrorist attack or war.
Confidence in Some Representatives in International Context - Autumn 2023
Červenka, Jan
Autumn 2023 survey focused on attitudes of Czechs to some representatives in international politics. Respondents were asked to express their confidence or non-confidence in some main figures of international policy and persons involved in recent important events as well as supreme representatives of Central European countries.
Confidence in Constitutional Institutions and Satisfaction with Political Situation - Autumn 2023
Červenka, Jan
In the period from the end of September to the beginning of December 2023 within the regular survey the Public Opinion Research Centre questioned respondents about their confidence in constitutional institutions. In this survey there was a question about their trust to the President, both Chambers of Parliament, the Government, and Local and Regional Councils.\n\n52% of Czechs trust the President, 17% of Czechs trust the government.\n\nThe Chamber of Deputies has the confidence of 18% and the Senate of 29% of the public.\n\n10% of Czech citizens declare satisfaction with political situation, 69% are dissatisfied.
Attitude of Czech Public to Accepting of Refugees from Ukraine – February/March 2023
Červenka, Jan
In a survey that was conducted between the end of January and the end of the second decade of March 2023, the Centre for Public Opinion Research surveyed a set of questions concerning the attitudes of the Czech public towards accepting refugees from Ukraine. The respondents specifically expressed their attitudes towards the admittance of Ukrainian refugees and the possibility of their permanent settlement in the Czech Republic. The survey also included a mapping of interest in current developments around this situation.\n\nLess than two-fifths (39%) of Czech citizens are interested in the situation regarding refugees from Ukraine.\n\n\n56% of Czech citizens agree with admitting refugees from Ukraine.\n\n\n11% of citizens are in favour of the possibility of permanent settlement of Ukrainian refugees here, while another seven tenths (71%) prefer only temporary admission with subsequent return to their country of origin.
Citizens on Material Living Conditions of Their Households - April/May 2023
Červenka, Jan
In a survey conducted in the period since end of March to May of 2023 the Public Opinion Research Centre examined two questions related to evaluation of material living conditions of respondent's households, and to expectation of development of these conditions in this year.\n\nMore than half (53%) of Czechs evaluates material living conditions of their households as good, 35% think they are neither good, nor bad, and 12% consider them to be bad.\n\nA third (34%) of Czechs believe that this year the material living conditions of their households will worsen, a little less than a fifth (18%) expect an improvement, and 46% assume that they will not change. Expectations have improved significantly compared to last year.

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