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Position of the Czech labor market within the EU - 3rd quarter 2018
Oddělení informačních služeb ; Český statistický úřad
Analýza zaměstnanosti a nezaměstnanosti v České republice v porovnání s ostatními zeměmi EU.
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Position of the Czech labor market within the EU - 2nd quarter 2018
Oddělení informačních služeb ; Český statistický úřad
Analýza zaměstnanosti a nezaměstnanosti v České republice v porovnání s ostatními zeměmi EU.
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Position of the Czech labor market within the EU - 1st quarter 2018
Oddělení informačních služeb ; Český statistický úřad
Analýza zaměstnanosti a nezaměstnanosti v České republice v porovnání s ostatními zeměmi EU.
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Towards a Typology of Czech Traditional Song and Music
Tyllner, Lubomír
This article therefore aims at a complex analysis of traditional music and its typology. On the basis of musical analysis, the im is to establish a typology of the Czech traditional folk song and music, to delineate historical, regional and or national features of Czech traditional music and thus help to incorporate it into a broader European musical and cultural context.
Latitudinal trend in feather growth rates and steroid hormone concentrations in avian feathers
Brzobohatá, Tereza ; Albrecht, Tomáš (advisor) ; Sedláček, Ondřej (referee)
Avian life histories range along the axis from slow to fast, with slow life histories being characterized by greater investments in future reproduction, and fast by greater investments in current reproduction. The concept of pace-of-life syndromes refers to the coevolution of life strategies and related physiological, immunological and behavioral traits. Avian species from tropical areas are characterised by slower life histories (longer parental care, later maturation, smaller clutches, reduced metabolic rate) when compared to temperate zone species. Within this latitudinal gradient, investments in the total amount (weight) of body feathers have also been shown to be reduced in tropical birds. It remains unclear, however, whether feather growth itself follows this latitudinal pattern, and is slower in tropical species. Tropical birds have lower basal levels of corticosterone and testosterone, however available studies are based mainly on analyzes of hormone concentrations from plasma. The first aim of this diploma thesis was to evaluate differences between tropical (Cameroon) and temperate zone (the Czech Republic) passerine species in investments in tail feather growth by using methods of comparative ptilochronology. The second aim of the diploma thesis was to analyze concentrations of steroid...
Comparative Analysis of Neologisms in Selected Works of Terry Pratchett and George R. R. Martin
Dragounová, Tereza ; Lancová, Klára (advisor) ; Pípalová, Renata (referee)
The thesis presents a comparison of the neologisms found in selected works of two fantasy series, namely those from the books Last Continent and Jingo (both by Terry Pratchett, they belong to the Discworld series) and A Game of Thrones (by George R. R. Martin, an installment of the A Song of Ice and Fire series). The neologisms gathered from the three books are firstly dealt with separately and subcategorized according to the word-formation processes that were employed in their creation. Subsequently, the data from respective categories in each series are compared with attention paid equally to possible disparities on one hand as well as to significant similarities on the other hand. An attempt at interpreting thus obtained results has been made, mostly with respect to the subgenres of the books and the roles they might have played in the creation of the acquired neologisms. The comparison reveals both differences and similarities, some of them quite striking. The word-formation processes that demonstrate the most intriguing results are compounding and miscellaneous processes, which are utilized to vastly different degrees in each of the series. The other processes display mostly similarity of use or just slight differences. Key words: word-formation process, neologism, comparison
Approaches to public health in the selected countries and their comparison
Bačkorová, Tereza ; Hrešanová, Ema (advisor) ; Růžička, Michal (referee)
This thesis investigates approaches to public health in the Czech Republic and compares them to approaches in Norway. The theoretical part outlines key concepts in the field of health, public health, health policy and prevention and explores their diverse interpretation on the level of professional discourse. The empirical part provides a comparative analysis of the development and current state of health systems in both countries, health status of their populations, a general comparison of the approaches to prevention and health policy, as well as an analysis of a concrete example - fight against smoking as a major health risk factor. The aim of the thesis is not only to compare approaches to public health in both countries, but also to understand the complex relationships between the compared cases and the context. Based on this analysis, examples of good practice are identified, and recommendations are formulated which could stimulate further research or serve as a basis for the development of new health policies, prevention programs and campaigns. key words: health, public health, prevention, health policy, health system, health literacy, comparative analysis
Strategy of attenuation and accentuation in Spanish news texts.
PAPEŽOVÁ, Michaela
This graduate thesis is concerned with a comparative analysis of attenuators and intensifiers in Czech and Spanish language. The research has been conducted on Czech and Spanish journalist texts from major newspaper and magazines. The theoretical analysis starts by classifying expressions that are used to intensify or attenuate. The author follows the traditional Spanish classification which has been extended with expressions that she finds important. All expressions are examined from both the grammatical and expressive perspective. The analysis then continues by introducing the types of journalists texts used in the research. The research is based on comparison of attenuators and intensifiers in both languages and their influence on the reader.
Analysis of Mortality from Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents in the Countries of the European Union
Chráska, Miroslav ; Burcin, Boris (advisor) ; Rybová, Kristýna (referee)
Analýza úmrtnosti vlivem dopravních nehod motorových vozidel v zemích Evropské unie Abstrakt Práce si klade za cíl zmapovat vývoj úrovně úmrtnosti při dopravních nehodách motorových vozidel a provést mezinárodní srovnání zemí Evropské unie v rozmezí let 1990 až 2015. Mezi sledované faktory, které ovlivňovat tuto úmrtnost, byla zařazena dopravní legislativa jednotlivých států, počty automobilů a jejich průměrné stáří v uváděných zemích. Jako výchozí metoda analýzy byla vybrána přímá standardizace míry úmrtnosti. Při zjišťování faktorů ovlivňujících úmrtnost při dopravních nehodách byla využita korelační analýza. Na počátku sledovaného období (rok 1990) byly mezi současnými členskými státy Evropské unie výrazné rozdíly v intenzitě úmrtnosti při dopravních nehodách. V průběhu sledovaných let však došlo k postupnému snižování úrovně úmrtnosti a jednotlivé státy se v hodnotách standardizované míry úmrtnosti při dopravních nehodách přibližují. V dlouhodobém horizontu se relativně stálý poměr zemřelých mužů (tři čtvrtiny) vůči ženám (čtvrtina) nemění. Klíčová slova: úmrtnost, dopravní nehody, počet automobilů, stáří automobilů, dopravní legislativa, země Evropské unie, srovnávací analýza

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