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The use of bioimpedance analysis for kidney function evaluation
Veselková, Alena ; Šrámek, Petr (advisor) ; Švára, František (referee)
Objective: To calculate glomerular filtration (GF) through the use six available methods to estimate GF and measure impedance parameters phase angle () and fat free mass (FFM) by using multifrequency and monofrequency measurement. Select one method of estimating GF as a strict method of estimation GF for this study and by using linear regression relate with other method of estimating GF and impedance parameters measured () and FFM. Consider if () and FFM are significant parameters to improve methods of estimating GF given below (MDRD-A, MDRD-B, CLCG, CLcysC). (...) Conclusions: Impedance parameters () and FFM correlate with GF, decreasing GF cause decreasing of these impedance parameters. This study proved very close relationship between parameters FFMx and FFMc, obtained by using two different kinds of measuring (R2 - FFMx and FFMc = 0,843). Method of bioimpedance is ready to other validation and to develope bioimpedance scale to estimate renal function.

Strukturální a cyklická nezaměstnanost: Co můžeme odvodit z funkce přizpůsobení?
Galuščák, K. ; Münich, Daniel
We explain movements in the UV space, i.e. the relationship between stocks of unemployment and vacancies known as the Beveridge curve, in the Czech Republic during 1995–2004.

Influence of grasslands and selected zoocenoses on loss of nutrients from watershied
Klimeš, F. ; Kolář, L. ; Kobes, M. ; Pechar, Libor ; Kadlec, J. ; Voženílková, B.
On the basis of experimental and systemic studies the questions of influence of grsslands and selacted zoocenoses on loss of nutrients from watershed were studied. Special attention was focused to suitable managemant of grasslands in accumulation and transport zones of landscape relief and possibilities of prevention risks in relation to hydrosphere.

Attitudes of citizens to the presidential office
Ďurďovič, Martin
According to the January survey of CVVM, 61 % of the Czech public prefer president to be elected by all voters, 16 % agree with the current system, where the presidential election is made by the parliament, 13 % would welcome the possibility to let a broader assembly of electors to decide about the head of the state. January survey of CVVM also asked questions about personal profile of suitable presidential candidate, its relations to the government and government appointment, about the position of president in the foreign policy and about the questions president should pay attention in his or her office.

The endocrine function of adipose tissue and its importance for initiation and development of insulin resistance and diabetes
Haluzík, Michal ; Schreiber, Vratislav (advisor) ; Marešová, Dana (referee) ; Šeda, Ondřej (referee)
Endocrine production of adipose tissue is a very complex process affected by numerous endogenous and exogenous stimuli. Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors-alpha (PPAR-) are important modulators of metabolic processes which can also affect endocrine function of adipose tissue. Recently, numerous novel factors produced by adipose tissue with important metabolic effects were identified. Some of them can directly bind PPAR receptors. One of the examples of these factors is fatty acid binding protein 4 (FABP4) which can directly bind PPAR receptors and indirectly modify its activation by changing availability of endogenous PPAR ligands -free fatty acids. We hypothesized that the mechanism of action of PPAR receptors to metabolic processes may partially lie in their complex interaction with adipose tissue-derived hormones. The unraveling of these interactions may have important consequences in finding approaches to treat patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. (...) In summary, our data show an important role for the interplay of PPAR activation and endocrine function of adipose tissue in metabolic regulations which may have important clinical consequences.

Space-time relations in the naratives of preschool children
Šmídová, Barbora ; Pacovská, Jasňa (advisor) ; Nebeská, Iva (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe children's narration with a stress on spatiotemporal. Children's narrative texts are described in the context of cognitive and mainly discursive linguistics. The theoretical part analyzes available Czech and foreign specialized literature on children's language from the perspective of developmental psychology and different narrative theories, and further on literature on expression of time and space in Czech. The empiric part of the thesis presents analysis of authentic recordings of children's narration. The aim of this part is to describe how pre-school children, namely three and five year old children, learn to narrate and how the narrative skill is being developed. The conclusion tries to sum-up present care of language education of pre-school children.

Prosocial attitudes of adolescents of socially disadvantageous background
Špirková, Kateřina ; Pelikán, Jiří (referee) ; Lorenzová, Jitka (advisor)
This dissertation is distributed into two parts, a theoretic and an empiric ones. The first part deals with morality and prosociality, in the following text these topics are given in a connection with socialization and a family. The second part is created by my own research of prosocial attitudes of adolescents - both from usual population and from a socially disadvantageous background. Prosocial attitudes and behavior are influenced by many factors. Into the main factors are included cognitive development and empathy which quality is very dependent on environment where a person grows up in. This is the reason why this text is focused on a family of adolescents and a socially disadvantageous background, which means concrete children's homes, a sanctuary home, a centre of an educatinal care and one non-profit-making organization (The Colour World of Children). Except the above mentioned, a measure and a grade of prosociality are established on a particular situation, how much this is threatening for a person, if the other persons are present there and if this causes so called dissipation of a responsibility. Executed research proved an importance of a concrete situation and a relation to a person who calls for help. Mostly prosocial and altruistic attitudes were found in a story with a dying wife, least ones...

The death penalty
Papřoková, Veronika ; Moravec, Tomáš (advisor) ; Dvorská, Daniela (referee)
The death penalty is very controversial topic in contemporary society that is discussed at both national and international level. The aim of my thesis is to describe this topic from various perspectives. The first part is dedicated to theoretical analysis of this issue, the definition of punishment, definition of the death penalty, its function and purpose. This section also describes the practice of the death penalty in the past and present. Another area deals with the legislative anchoring based on international instruments or national laws. The practical part is devoted to the topic of the death penalty in terms of the coherence of several aspects, especially the social, cultural and religious influence. The essence of this section is to demonstrate the interconnectedness of these effects in relation to the number of death sentences in individual countries or regions.

Analysis of the Economy of the Town Horní Planá
The diploma thesis is focused on budgetary economy of selected minucipality, in this case the town Horní Planá. There are described functions of the municipality, its institutions and a property, separation of the property and management with it. The thesis is focused on a budgetary economy of a municipality, a budget, a budget composition, where are defined budgetary incomes and expeditures and subsequently a budgetary outlook is analyzed there. The aim of this thesis is to analyze the economy of the town Horní Planá, which is performed on the data in the next five years, based on the analysis recommend possible measures to achieve the optimum relationship between the economy, efficiency and effectiveness, or finding potential funding sources. Partial aims are evaluation of the progression budgets in the period and to determine the effects of ganges of incomes and expenditures in different years, to analyze cash flow over the period and evaluate influences on cash flow and the analysis of the property of selected municipality and its funding.