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Critical issues in Czech language teaching at lower secondary education
Baloušová, Lucie ; Janovec, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pacovská, Jasňa (referee) ; Škodová, Svatava (referee)
The dissertation focuses on critical aspects of teaching syntax in the 7th grade of primary school. The topic of didactic processing of syntax has resonated among linguodidactics and teachers for years. A primary reason for focusing on syntax teaching is the absence of research and more comprehensive handling of critical teaching points in syntactic education. The current trend in Czech language didactics is aimed at developing students' communicative competence, enabling them to make conscious choices of linguistic resources to achieve their communicative intent. This choice should be appropriate for the communication situation. Therefore, our dissertation research focused on teaching syntax, which plays a key role in this aspect. Through experimental research, we observed Czech language lessons (specifically syntax lessons) at various Prague primary schools, made audio recordings of these lessons, and took field notes. Considering the second semester of the 7th grade and the topics taught according to the available educational programs, we obtained a balanced material that included lessons on sentence members and subordinate clauses. The research also included an analysis of curricular materials and textbooks, focusing on the communicative aspect. The collected research material was then...
The Concept ÚSPĚCH ("SUCCESS") in Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary School Students' Linguistic Picture of the World
Cinkrautová, Karolína ; Janovec, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pacovská, Jasňa (referee) ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (referee)
The topic of the dissertation is the concept of ÚSPĚCH ("SUCCESS)" in the linguistic picture of the world of Czech students. We consider the research aimed at a deeper understanding of the linguistic picture of the world of children and youth to be highly topical, which corresponds to the current trends in the field of linguistics and didactics. Theoretically and methodologically, it is based on cognitive linguistics and Polish ethnolinguistics, linguistic disciplines focused on the research of the relationship between language and culture, which work with the concept of a linguistic picture of the world. The thesis also draws on American cognitive linguistics, which studies the theory of conceptual metaphor, as well as Czech and foreign didactic applications of the theoretical foundations of cognitive linguistics. The thesis aims to reconstruct the linguistic picture of ÚSPĚCH ("SUCCESS") in a specific group of Czech native speakers - lower secondary and upper secondary school students. The analysis of dictionary, textual and empirical data obtained through a specifically designed questionnaire led to the construction of a cognitive definition of ÚSPĚCH ("SUCCESS") and the reconstruction of the stereotype of a successful person on the basis of semantic aspects (profiles) and metaphors through...
Language stereotypes in journalism in term of persuasive role
Kozmová, Kateřina ; Pacovská, Jasňa (advisor) ; Šebesta, Karel (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to describe and classify lexical agent s which in chosen dailies contribute to the formation of some frequent stereotypes as for example stereotypes of national minorities, stereotypes of professions, gender stereotypes or stereotypes of criminals. Cognitive linguistics methods are a theoretical ground of this thesis, especially Polish ethnolinguistical groups which are in reference to sociological and psychologically oriented approaches. A characteristic of a persuasive and manipulative communication is a part of the theoretical section of the thesis. Texts of two periodicals, Mladá fronta DNES and Pražský deník in the range of two annual volumes are an excerptial material for the practical part of the thesis. The authoress compares concrete analysis results of the above mentioned material with theoretical bases of the thesis and evaluates language proofs of chosen stereotypes.
Work with text (read skill) in selected textbooks of Czech language
Herberková, Kateřina ; Šebesta, Karel (advisor) ; Pacovská, Jasňa (referee)
V naší práci se budeme zabývat otázkou, jak učebnice češtiny pro základní a střední školy přispívají k rozvíjení čtenářské gramotnosti našich žáků. Nejprve se zaměříme na vlastní pojem čtenářské gramotnosti, jak ho nahlíží některé instituce a autoři, poté se podíváme na několik významných srovnávacích výzkumů, které byly v této oblasti podniknuty. Na tomto základě a na základě didaktické literatury zformulujeme, jaké znalosti a dovednosti čtenářskou gramotnost zakládají a jakým způsobem by je mohlo vyučování mateřskému jazyku rozvíjet. Tyto poznatky pak budeme konfrontovat s výsledky analýzy vybraných učebnic českého jazyka.
Woman in Czech linguistic picture of the world
Christou, Anna ; Vaňková, Irena (advisor) ; Pacovská, Jasňa (referee)
This thesis aims at the analysis of the image of woman in the Czech lingustic picture of the world. A special attention is paid to the issue of lingustic stereotypes connected to women. The theoretical and methodological framework for the analysis is provided by the principles of cognitive lingustics and ethnolingustics. The lingustic material the thesis works with consists of dictionary definitions from the Czech explanatory, etymological and synonimical dictionaries, as well as folk songs, proverbs, phrasems and anecdotes. Stereotypes connected to women are analysed in several different dimensions throughout the text. The thesis deals both with the typical characteristics of women in general and with those ascribed to them in various periods of life (young girl, old woman); those based on family relations (mother, mother-in-law, step-mother) as well as those determined by the relation with men (wife).
Basic characteristics of pragmatically orientated linguistics
Šťastná, Kamila ; Pacovská, Jasňa (advisor) ; Mareš, Petr (referee)
The thesis describes the communication-pragmatic turn in linguistics, monitors the stimuli that resulted in pragmalinguistic research. Pragmatically oriented linguistics and its basic issues are characterized: speech acts, verbal communication strategy, argumentation in communication and nonverbal communication. The findings of selected topics are applied in analysing records of utterances. The thesis is concluded by assessing the relation between theoretical knowledge of pragmatic aspects of communication and real communication practice.
The mirroring method from the psychoterapeutic communication and linguistic point of view
Hlobilová, Lenka ; Pacovská, Jasňa (advisor) ; Vaňková, Irena (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with issue of communication method called mirroring. The main purpose of this text is to present mirroring with its basic qualities and specifics in the field of communication theory, linguistics and psychology. Intention of this diploma thesis is to apply certain pieces of information from psychology and psychotherapy to linguistic and comunication models. Method of mirroring is introduced in general in its basic traits at the beginning. Later is examined from particular linguistic and psychological theory point of view. Subsequent chapters deal with specifically chosen fields - it is pretherapy, PCA psychotherapy and neurolinguistic programming. In conclusion we tried to summarize basic information and suggest possible direction for next research. Appendix to this diploma thesis contains examples of real mirroring.
Asertivity at school
Vlášková, Jana ; Pacovská, Jasňa (advisor) ; Šebesta, Karel (referee)
This bachelor thesis is foeused on level af assertive cornmunication at sehooL Especially the eommunieation betwecn pupils and tcachers is investigatcd. The thesis is based on fundamentals of assertivity, and their application at sehool is discusscd with respeet to speeifie fcatures of sehool background. The knawledge of assertivity is researched by managcd interview with a smaU group af teachers and pupils. The aim af the thesi s is to deseribe the assertivity on spccific backgraund that is essential for child communieatioh ski1l dcvelopment.
Nonverbal communication during the job interview
Odobesco, Natalia ; Pacovská, Jasňa (advisor) ; Hrdlička, Milan (referee)
The theme of this thesis in nonverbal communication during the job interview. The work is divided into two main parts. The theoretical part focuses on the description of the basic types of nonverbal means, embedding them in a particular situation - for job interviews and the differences in the use of nonverbal means for women and men. In the practical part are described and evaluated the questionnaires. On it's basis it was established the role of nonverbal communication in job acquiring, nonverbal communication differences between men and women and its impact on communication interaction. In the end of this theses the research results are compared with theoretical base.

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