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Web Simulator of Football Leagues and Championships
Urbanczyk, Martin ; Holkovič, Martin (referee) ; Hynek, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis is about the creation of a simulator of football leagues and championships. I studied the problematics of football competitions and their systems and also about the base of machine learning. There was also an analysis of similar and existing solutions and I took inspiration for my proposal from them. After that, I made the design of the whole simulator structure and of all of its key parts. Then the simulator was implemented and tested. The application allows simulating top five competitions in UEFA club coefficients rating.
Virtual Reality Enabled Flight Simulator
Ruta, Dominik ; Vlk, Jan (referee) ; Chudý, Peter (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the development of a flight simulator, which uses its own simlaution core to run an aircraft dynamic model. The simulation framework cosists of a motion model, the Earth atmosphere model, aerodynamics and inertial characteristics of the aircraft and an aircraft propulsion model. The Unity 3D software was used for the simulation enviroment and user interface development. The 3D models of the cockpit and the aircraft were modeled in a student version of the 3DS Max. The presented simulator also supports the virtual reality for higher simulation autenticity and an improved sense of realism.
Fluid Dynamics Simulation Using Cellular Automata
Režňák, Michal ; Janoušek, Vladimír (referee) ; Peringer, Petr (advisor)
The main objective of this work was to create application for fluid flow simulation using Lattice Gas Cellular Automata. Used simulation models are HPP, FHP-I, FHP-II and FHP-III. The program is implemented in a C++ language in a way that it can run in WebAssembly web standard. Part of the work is comparison between wasm, ams.js formats and native desktop (x86_64). This shows that time for application loading in web browser is much smaller for wasm format than for asm.js and application performance in wasm format is about 24% higher than asm.js but 50% smaller than a native desktop. The application is suitable for educational purpose as a presentation of cellular automata simulation and also as an introduction to the Lattice Boltzmann method for fluid flow simulation.
High-Level Petri Nets Interpreter in Python
Grigorev, Danil ; Kočí, Radek (referee) ; Janoušek, Vladimír (advisor)
This work is targeting a goal of implementing a high level Petri net interpret in Python. The implementation is based on SNAKES library. The final product is capable of executing and visualising Petri nets, created by user. The simulator is based on distributed systems theory and is executed in real-time. The end user is able to experience a simple and human-friendly API, made for creation and execution of High-Level Petri Nets.
Simulation of the pedestrian evacuation from the school facility
Tesař, Martin ; Plášek, Josef (referee) ; Apeltauer, Tomáš (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis is focused on basic principles of soft targets security and on threats aimed at them. Part of this thesis is about the process of an evacuation movement modeling from a grammar school building, specifically the grammar school in Brno-Řečkovice. The model of the building has been created in the Revit program and the simulation of the movement in the Pathfinder program, which is based on agent simulation technologies. As for the methodology, the thesis is a comparison of the evacuation processes under different conditions.
Production of a corner sink
Soldán, Josef ; Dvořák, Milan (referee) ; Císařová, Michaela (advisor)
This diploma thesis if focused on the production of a corner sink from stainless steel sheet 1.4301. Based on analysis of manufacturing possibilities the best solution is to produce corner sink by a conventional tool in serval operations, which was the main focus of theoretical part of this thesis. In addition, this choose is in conform with assignment of this diploma thesis. Practical part of this thesis was focused on check of technologicity followed with design of suitable shape of sheet for deep drawing. Further calculation of amount of required draws in specific drawing operations, calculation of drawing forces and works and calculation of parameters of drawing tool. These calculations were checked by numerical simulation which discovered possible defects whereupon the shape of corner sink was modified in order to limit these defects. Based on these calculations the universal drawing tool was designed. In the ending of this thesis the techno-economic evaluation was made which confirmed the economic advantage of this universality.
Optimization of the Wire Drawing Process
Kabilka, David ; Světlík, Radim (referee) ; Řiháček, Jan (advisor)
The aim of work is to present and analyse assessment of the current state and at the same time the proposal of adjustments to the technology or parameters, the introduction of the wire into the drawing machine. The problem arises when the introduction of wire with a diameter of 14 mm from the material CK 67 to the drawbenches Schumag. If we introduce the wire into the drawing machines with two primary beams leads to a buckling of the wire and pack between the drawing die and the boot device. For the introduction of wire are used hydraulic boot collets, which are controlled semi-automatically. In connection with professional studies and on the basis of the calculation, simulation and practical experiment have been identified the conditions allowing the current method of deployment of wire to use.
Rainfall data in urban drainage
Mrázek, Jan ; Prax,, Petr (referee) ; Raclavský, Jaroslav (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to process knowledge from measured precipitation data and aplicating this knowledge on methods of prepration of a hydraulic sewage network model of Znojmo city. The first part is a research in the field of interest, being sewage network and precipitation data processing. The detailed procedure of modeling and quantification of the measured data is explained in the practical part of the thesis. After that the process of inputting the data in to a hydraulic model in MIKE URBAN, the program which draws topological data from GIS (retained by VAS a.s. as the investor) and exports the final model into a SWMM enviroment. At last but not least the thesis focuses on schematization of the objects situated on the sewage network, such as relief chambers. The result is a noncalibrated and nonverified model of a part of sewage system of the Znojmo city and systematically organized measured critical rains. This model is going to be optimized after this thesis is finished, thus also calibrated and verified.
Production of coupling pin
Pátek, Martin ; Řiháček, Jan (referee) ; Podaný, Kamil (advisor)
In this thesis there was designed a technological procedure of production of the coupling pin. As a material was selected low alloyed, construction steel 27MnCrB7-2. From the analysis of susitable methods was selected bulk forming technology, on which is focused theoretical and practical part of the thesis. There was designed the production in three forming operations, which were also devided to two steps because of enervation of plastic properties. Before both steps, there was done heat and surface treatment. For all operations there was designed a special tool, only the clamping parts are universal. The first step will be implemented on hydraulic press Schüler p200 with nominal force 20 000 kN and the second one on mechanical press Krupp p63 with nominal force 6 300 kN. For extruding dies and punches was selected material 19 436 with subsequent heat treatment by the technical documentation. Overall costs of the whole batch are 17 733 870 Kč. With 30% margin these costs are deleted by the 43 945 finished pieces and after this it is only profitable.
Testing Stand for Fuel Injection Units
Rytina, Matěj ; Beran, Martin (referee) ; Svída, David (advisor)
Master’s thesis is focused on construction of testing stand for unit injector system mounted in Iveco Trakker engines. Testing stand can be with appropriate changes used for testing wide variates of unit injector systems. Simulation of computational model was computed in GT Suite software. Stress strength analysis was computed in Ansys Workbench 18.1 software.

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