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Oscilační procesy v magnetických strukturách sluneční koróny
This diploma thesis is focused on waves and oscillations in the solar corona, which takes place in a large number of phenomena that occurs here. In recent years these waves have been observed in Earth observation same like as cosmic observation.The task of this thesis is to familiarize with the problems of waves and oscillations in solar corona and subsequent interpretation into numerical simulations that are performed by FLASH code. The aim of the work will be to modify numerical simulations and thus to achieve more realistic of the observed phenomena.
Geometric approach in robotic snake motion control
Vechetová, Jana ; Hrdina, Jaroslav (referee) ; Vašík, Petr (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce se zabývá popisem řiditelnosti specifického robotického hada, který se nazývá trident snake robot. Tento robot je řazen mezi neholonomní systémy. Model je převeden do jazyka diferenciální geometrie a řízen pomocí vektorových polí a operace na nich zavedené (Lieova závorka). Je také uvažována aproximace řídicí distribuce. Dále jsou formulovány pohyby hada ve směru vektorových polí a jejich kombinace, které zajišťují základní pohyby v prostoru (rotace a translace). Tyto pohyby jsou na závěr simulovány v prostředí V-REP.
The adjusting collimator for the Fluorescent holographic microscope
Rosová, Kateřina ; Jákl, Petr (referee) ; Dostál, Zbyněk (advisor)
For the proper function of the Fluorescence olographic microscope, it is necessary to adjust all the optical components of the microscope. Furthermore, the precise adjustment is the very critical condition for proper imaging of the Coherence-controlled holographic microscope. Therefore, it is necessary to create a sight collimator for these microscopes for their adjustment. The fluorescence holographic microscope is based on an interference and holographic principles, whose history is mentioned in the theoretical part of the thesis. The existing state of the art of laser sight collimators and their use in practice is also mentioned. The optical and mechanical design of the laser sight collimator and its realization are described in the next part of the thesis. The software for detecting the black sight cross was created for the use of the laser sight collimator in practice. The software is necessary to evaluate the correctness of the alignment of the adjusted microscope. The descriptions of the adjustment procedures for the laser sight collimator and for the Fluorescence holographic microscope are mentioned in the last part of the thesis. These procedures are necessary for proper manipulation and use with the proposed laser sight collimator.
Dynamics of heating surfaces behavior
Oravec, Jakub ; Gebauer, Günter (referee) ; Šikula, Ondřej (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the research of dynamics of selected heating surfaces behavior. The aim of the thesis is to determine the dynamics of heating and cooling and to determine the effect of these characteristics on energy consumption of the building. The project part deals with the design of a heating solution for a residential building in three variants. An Energetic simulation is made for the designed variants, that compares the consumption of thermal energy during one year. The next simulation research the dynamics of selected large-scale heating surfaces. For each construction, nonstationary models of heating up and cooling were made, which are compared in terms of the thermal inertia.
Optimization of Spillway Design Parameters
Pospíšilík, Šimon ; Sobek, Martin (referee) ; Menšík, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the program development. The program is aimed at finding optimal design parameters for a two-pole emergency spillway. These parameters are the lengths of the spillway edges and their relative height arrangement. The program is based on the flood wave transformation simulation. Multi – gradient algorithm was used for optimization design parameters of a two-pole safety spillway.
Turn-Based Game in 2D Grids using PDDL-based Simulator
Macke, Jaroslav ; Gemrot, Jakub (advisor) ; Brunetto, Robert (referee)
PDDL is language, that is used to write planning problems. In this thesis, we deal with how to use PDDL as the language for the creation of simulation games, especially the creation of games in a 2D grid. We will find out, that PDDL is not complex enough for those games, because of it is missing element of random elements. So we will create the extension of classic PDDL, where we will add random elements and other functions that will make writing games easier. We will implement the program that will create the simulation of a game with interactive visualization from PDDL and configuration file. In this framework, we will create several examples of games. 1
Non-homogeneous Poisson process - estimation and simulation
Vedyushenko, Anna ; Pešta, Michal (advisor) ; Pawlas, Zbyněk (referee)
This thesis covers non-homogeneous Poisson processes along with estimation of the intensity (rate) function and some selected simulation methods. In Chapter 1 the main properties of a non-homogeneous Poisson process are summarized. The main focus of Chapter 2 is the general maximum likelihood estimation procedure adjusted to a non-homogeneous Poisson process, together with some recommen- dations about calculation of the initial estimates of the intensity function param- eters. In Chapter 3 some general simulation methods as well as the methods designed specially for log linear and log quadratic rate functions are discussed. Chapter 4 contains the application of the described estimation and simulation methods on real data from non-life insurance. Furthermore, the considered sim- ulation methods are compared with respect to their time efficiency and accuracy of the simulations. 1
Mechanical/Physical Simulation of Solid Objects
Bureš, Jaroslav ; Maršík, Lukáš (referee) ; Široký, Adam (advisor)
This work deals with simulation of launching a golf ball. Here are described simulation techniques which can be used for computer simulations. In addition, physical laws are discussed, that need to be understood to create a valid golf ball launch model. These include aerodynamic laws for calculating ball's flight trajectory, as well as events occurring while ball moves on the ground. After this is analyzed implementation of the program using C++ and OpenGL graphics library. The work is completed with comparison of measured simulation results with analytical solution and values of other applications.
High-Quality Visualization of Petri Nets for Publishing Purposes
Bednář, Drahoslav ; Kočí, Radek (referee) ; Janoušek, Vladimír (advisor)
This work is trying to solve the problem of graphical visualization of Petri nets in text publications. The aim of the thesis is to create a tool that will simplify generating of Petri nets and at the same time provide a more aesthetic graphical output than existing tools do. A simplex algorithm was used for automatic network layout. The program has both graphical interface and text mode and can cooperate well with existing tools for working with Petri nets, which the text also mentions. The program is able to load a pnml file and produce a usable image in png, pdf, and svg formats.
Simulator of Traffic Infrastructures and Situations
Švaňa, Petr ; Trchalík, Roman (referee) ; Kreslíková, Jitka (advisor)
The aim of this master's thesis is to develop a simulation system using the Siemens sX traffic controllers configurations. The system is composed of two separate applications. The first one uses the existing platform SUMO as a source of simulation data and is also used as a server. The second is a web-based application for creating and editing simulation situations and also for visualisation of simulation data from the server. The introduction to the topic of traffic engineering and the dynamic traffic control is discussed first. The description of the design and implementation of the simulation application directly follows. In the next part the design and implementation of the web-based application  is discussed. The last part of the thesis describes the testing of the whole system.

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