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Digitizer for radar senzors
Cích, Augustín ; Šebesta, Jiří (referee) ; Kubíček, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with digitization of analog signal of radar sensors, which employ Doppler‘s effect. Radar sensor used for construction of prototype was HB100. Digitization was done with ADC, which has 12 bit resolution and sample rate of 15,625 kS/s. Control unit of aquisition is Arduino UNO, which sends data to computer, where they are, in application interface made in MATLAB, processed using „watterfall“ spectrogram.
Design and construction of double laboratory power supply
Klein, Miroslav ; Šebesta, Jiří (referee) ; Brančík, Lubomír (advisor)
This semester thesis deals with design of double laboratory DC power supply with adjustable voltage and current limitation. Power supply can work in two states. First state allows regulation of output voltage from 0V to 40V and current limitation from 0A to 3A. In second state the range of output voltage is from 0V to 18V and output current can be set from 0A to 6A. Both supplies are galvanically separated and can work independently, or can be combined. Whole power supply is digitally controlled by microcontroller.
Design of synchronous switched-mode power supply for automotive
Sedlák, Jakub ; Šebesta, Jiří (referee) ; Kubíček, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with the DC/DC convertors and their application in automotive lighting. In first part of thesis, there are mentioned DC/DC convertors, their basic topologies and synchronous rectification. In next part of thesis, there are compared selected integrated circuits, which are suitable for this application. For one of these circuits is created a design. For this design was created a simulation to find out, that design is working. This design was realized and was tested according to automotive standards. In the end, there is a working DC/DC convertor, which meets requirements and basic limits from automotive standarts.
Timer For RC Models
Fišer, Ondřej ; Pospíšil, Martin (referee) ; Šebesta, Jiří (advisor)
This paper describes complete design of timer for RC models. Described timer has three PWM outputs. With these outputs it is possible to connect two independent servo-motors and engine controller. 1 signal. The whole is controlled by 8-bit microprocessor. The time records are stored in external EEPROM, that can be programmed using I2C. Paper further discuss design of programming, which can be easily programmed the memory of EEPROM by the PC or smartphone. The goal of this paper is to design and build high quality RC timer with accessories.
SDR Signal Processing for Portable Monitoring Station
Svobodník, Petr ; Záplata, Filip (referee) ; Šebesta, Jiří (advisor)
Goal of this thesis is to develop portable monitoring station for radio spectrum monitoring and its controlling application for use by Czech Telecommunication Office. The station is based on Software Defined Radio (SDR) and capable of monitoring in the range of 1 MHz - 6 GHz. Developed application controls not only the SDR but also the external RF unit (including choice of receiving antenna, filter, optional amplification/attenuation and azimuth of antenna rotator). Measurement processed by computer and displayed graphically in form of spectrum diagram and waterfall diagram. Furthermore, the application will perform spectral measurement in compliance with requirements of International Telecommunication Union. The application is also capable of recording into the file and of analyzing historical data from the previous measurement.
Hardware MISO Emulator for Fading Channels
Rez, Jan ; Pítra,, Kamil (referee) ; Šebesta, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis is devoted to study the possibility of solving a hardware MISO emulator for fading channels and design of experimental device. The theoretical part starts with the theory of propagation of electromagnetic waves in a different types of environment, follows the principles and phenomena describing the radiocommunication channels and gradually gets up to specific channel models used for planning radio links. The actual design study of emulator is based on theoretical knowledge mentioned in this thesis. The basic principle of each channel model and thus so the emulator for fading channels is Tapped Delay Line model. From the point of view of the peripheral emulator solutions are designed with two topology circuits, parallel and serial-parallel. Emulator control method, mechanical arrangement, selection of topology circuit, components selection, desing of the PCB and software design is also analyzed. The results of this thesis is prototype production of experimental device and final discussion about achieved requirements and tasks.
Automatic Antenna Tuner
Šváb, Jaroslav ; Lukeš, Zbyněk (referee) ; Šebesta, Jiří (advisor)
This degree work deals with the design and implementation of an automatic antenna tuner for short-wave transmitters. The device works within the short-wave range in (1.5 MHz - 30 MHz) band according to the selection of the given frequency. Its principle is that the tuner has a small range of adapted impedances, but it is usually sufficient for fine tuning of most deviations in the system of antenna 50 - feeder 50 - transceiver outlet 50 . It is also equipped with memories which the settings for the individual bands or frequency segments are stored into. Then the transition from one band to another is quick, easy and, first of all, safe, which is a great advantage. In automatic mode, a SWR limit from which the tuner should start to tune can be set. Interconnection with a TRX is not necessary in a fully automatic mode, the device tunes automatically after keying if the set limit of SWR has been exceeded. The automatic tuning is very quick with this device, if the antenna being tuned is not stored in the memory the tuning lasts ca 0.5 - 6 s, if the tuner uses the memory. It could be said that the work with the tuner is without problems, it is possible to learn to control it in a short time. The tuner is small and light. The result of the whole project is a compact device controlled by the user by means of push buttons.
Control system for lasertag weapon
Svozil, Martin ; Kubíček, Michal (referee) ; Šebesta, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis describes the design of equipment for Lasertag. The proposal is designed in cooperation with other collaborators on the project. This work is focused on gun unit and its components. The whole system will be implemented using the microcontroller, which subsequently controls the entire system with its components. The work should be implemented and tested to the thesis.
DC-AC converter 12 V / 230 V for car applications
Jezerčák, Martin ; Šebesta, Jiří (referee) ; Brančík, Lubomír (advisor)
This work deals with a proposal for increasing DC/AC inverter for use in cars to power electronic devices on 230 V. This work is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. It consists of three chapters. In the first chapter I developed a voltage converter, its breakdown, a breakdown by function, and the usage of individual connections. The proposal converter with the integrated circuit IR2153 is described in the second chapter. In the third chapter I processed readings and I visualized graphical dependencies of converter that was produced and purchased.
Exhaustion control system
Bršel, Boris ; Šebesta, Jiří (referee) ; Fedra, Zbyněk (advisor)
Topic for my bachelor’s thesis is control system of exhaustion for wood industry. It´s very comprehensive issue, and since I am without bigger experience in this division I have chosen to create easier model of exhaustion system. I would like to continue in this project in master´s thesis too. My thesis consists in description the requisites for system like this, draft of the making and also practical making for joinery manufactory. I have decided control the parts of system by microcontrollers, which communicate with each other wireless and also decide about activity of parts of system of exhaustion in workshop like this. The role of this thesis was also to compare achieved results with other possibilities of control of exhaustion from the economic and technological site too.

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