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Heating of an apartment building
Choutka, Martin ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the design of heating and hot water preparation. The thesis consists of three parts. Theoretical part, calculation part, and project part. The theoretical part addresses transfer stations and central heat supply. The calculation part includes the design of the heating system and hot water preparation. The heat source consists of two hot water transfer stations. The project part contains project documentation and a technical report.
Heating and cooling of the administrative building with hall
Hečko, Jakub ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Topič, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the design of heating and cooling for an administrative building with a storage hall. The theoretical part focuses on large-area radiant heating. The computational part includes a detailed design of heating for the administrative building with a storage hall and a design for cooling the administrative building. The administrative building is heated by underfloor heating, while the storage hall is heated using hot water radiant panels. Cooling for the administrative building is designed using two-pipe cassette fan coil units. The source of heat and cold is an inverter air-to-water heat pump. Ventilation is considered forced, using air handling units. The design of hot water preparation is addressed as a priority. The project part includes drawing documentation and a technical report.
The effective coverage of the heat demand using solar system
Vítek, Lukáš ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Vyhlídalová, Karolína (advisor)
This master thesis aims to design the heating system and HDW preparation in an apartment building. The first variant deals with condensation gas boiler as the only energy source, while the second variant combines the gas boilers with the solar thermal system. The apartment building is located in Prag and has three above-ground floors and a basement. In the basement is the technical room. Convectors are being used for heat distribution. The theoretical part deals with the introduction to the solar thermal system.
Design of heating system of apartment building
Lacko, Martin ; Vyhlídalová, Karolína (referee) ; Horká, Lucie (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused and designed on the heating of an apartment building. The theoretical part describes heat pumps, their properties and types. The calculation part is focused on the specific design of the heating system. The designed heat source is an air/water heat pump. The heating of the building is solved using board and pipe bodies. Specifically and in detail, the technical solution and implementation requirements are described in the technical report.
Low temperature heating with heat pumps
Bros, Miroslav ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with design and comparison of two variants of low temperature heating with radiant systems and heat pumps. Building is used for administrative purposes. The theoretical part describes the evaluation of heat pumps. The calculation part deals with the calculation of heat loss of the building, the design of the heating system, the hot water preparation system, the heat source, all necessary supplementary devices, and the calculation of yearly heat and fuel consumption for heating and hot water preparation of the building. Heating system consists of floor heating and ceiling heating. For hot water preparation an indirect fired hot water storage tank is designed. The source of heat is a cascade of two air/water heat pumps. Experimental part is focused on measuring and assessment of pressure loss, heat output and efficiency of radiant ceiling panel.
Pressure losses in heating systems
Švanda, Martin ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with pressure losses in heating systems. The diploma thesis is divided into three sections. The first part is theoretical and deals with the occurrence of pressure losses. It discusses the properties of the fluid that affect pressure losses. It also deals with hydrodynamic phenomena, flow distribution, pressure loss distribution and its calculations. The aim of the second part, which is practical, was to create a heating project for a selected object. The object is a two-floor kindergarten building located in Velké Němčice. For this project, two heating variants were created. For the first variant, radiators and heating benches were designed and for the second variant, underfloor heating was installed in the building. The goal was to use a source which will gain heat mainly from renewable sources, so the air / water heat pump was chosen as the source of heat production. The project ends with a technical report. The third part of the thesis is dedicated to an experiment which purpose was to find out how the pressure losses of the connecting pieces are reacting to the change with the change of the heating water conditions (flow, temperature). Alongside, two pipes were created which differed in the type of connecting pieces so it allowed to compare how their pressure losses differ. Both pipes were connected by radial pressing, but the fittings differed in the quality of the brass, and therefore in the construction. Also, part of the experimental section of the diploma thesis is a description of the course of radial pressing of fittings from the Herz company.
Heating of multifunctional building
Macík, Ondřej ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
The content of bachelor´s thesis is solution for heating and warm water preparation. This is the reconstruction of the building and another building close to it. The source of heat is a gas condensing boiler. The teoretical part is description of radiator´s armaturen.
Heating and hot water preparation of recreation center
Hakl, Jaroslav ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
Content of this bachelor thesis is heating and hot water preparation of recreation centre in the village Ostužná, district Jeseník. Object have 2 above-ground floors. Ground floor is mainly used to meet people in play room or in common room. First floor is situated six accommodation units with private bathroom and toilet. Technical facilities are situated in ground floor and is consists of boiler room and the adjacent fuel storage. For heating is primary used grasifying boiler. Secondary source for hot water preparation is solar systém, that is supplemented by an electric heater in the absence of sunshine. Heating systém is in horizontal double-pipe version with distributor and collector in each floor. The Individual branches on the distributor and collector connected are sections of a single accommodation unit, that can be individually regulated. Radiators are designed as boards in the VK design.
Design of heating system for apartment building
Vtípil, Jan ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Vyhlídalová, Karolína (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the design of heating and water heating in a smaller apartment building in the village of Chlumětín in the Vysočina region. The aim is to design heat sources in two variants. The first variant is the classic heating with a gas boiler and hot water heating in the storage tank, which is heated by the same boiler. The second variant is more environmentally friendly heating using two air / water heat pumps and hot water heating is solved using solar collectors.
Design of a heating system for an office building
Vítek, Lukáš ; Horká, Lucie (referee) ; Vyhlídalová, Karolína (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to design a proposal of space heating and water heating system for an administrative building in Ostrava. The building has four above-ground floors and an underground floor. In the underground floor are located technical building background, stocks and a parking. In the above-ground floors are administrative offices. The heating is solved as a water heating, with a distribution of the heat into the space using panel radiators and convectors. Water heating is solved by an accumulation heater. As a heating energy source serves a cascade gas boilers. We can find in the whole building a forced ventilation. The theoretical part of this thesis deals with the BIM technology.

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