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Improvement of risk adjustment for health insurance companies in the Czech Republic - compensation of costs of patients with renal failure
Škodová, Magdalena ; Votápková, Jana (advisor) ; Bryndová, Lucie (referee)
Risk adjustment models are used to predict health care costs of insurees and represent an important part of mechanisms for redistribution of funds among insurance companies. In the Czech Republic, pharmacy-based cost groups (PCGs) were introduced into the risk adjustment model in 2018, reflecting the costs of chronic diseases in addition to age and gender. The thesis reviews the model for the most expensive chronic disease - renal failure. Using the sample of General Health Insurance fund (GHI) insurees reported with typical health care consumption for kidney disease in years 2015-2018, we tested the current model and subsequently modified the classification criteria for PCG "renal failure". The classification based on the number of dialysis procedures proved to be much better indicator of costs than the currently used consumption of typical drugs. The incorporation of dialysis-based approach into the PCG model improved the explained variation from 26 % to 49 %, and the predictive power increased substantially. The study suggests improvements of the Czech risk adjustment model and proposes a fairer fund redistribution among insurance companies, while no additional data collection is needed.
Depression in aging population: Social and economic determinants
Šafářová, Kristýna ; Votápková, Jana (advisor) ; Šlegerová, Lenka (referee)
Depression among aging population is a common phenomenon. This thesis studies potential socioeconomic and health-related factors as determinants of depression. We analyse a cross-sectional dataset of European residents aged 50+, provided by the SHARE project. Hypotheses regarding the factors are formulated based on existing literature. A logistic regression is applied and a number of robustness checks is carried out. A significant positive relationship is found between depression and factors associated with poor physical health and financial difficulties. The odds of depression incidence increase substantially for women both in the Czech Republic and Europe. Stratified analysis points that being employed reduces the chance of developing depression among the Europeans aged 50-64, while it increases the chance significantly for the Czechs aged 65+. 1
Determinants of divorce: Evidence from the Czech Republic
Kolářová, Natálie ; Votápková, Jana (advisor) ; Vávra, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the determinants of divorce in the Czech Republic. Based on data on regional statistics that are publicly available by the Czech Statistical Office, it aims at explaining the variation in the crude divorce rate among the Czech districts and identifying its most important determinants. The main contribution of the present thesis is an econometric analysis of the latest panel data. A panel data of 77 cross-sectional units (districts) observed between 2004-2018 are analysed using a fixed effects panel data model. The results of the macroeconomic analysis reveal that the crude divorce rate is higher in districts with relatively more marriages, abortions and job applicants. Likewise, higher natural population increase and criminality cause a higher divorce rate. On the contrary, relatively more physicians and lower education level decrease the divorce rate. However, the majority of variation explained by the model has roots in unobserved factors - individual and time effects. Surprisingly, Prague is not recognised as an outlier since the results appear comparable for both its inclusion and exclusion. JEL Classification C33, J12 Keywords divorce, marriage, Czech Republic, regional analysis Title Determinants of divorce: Evidence from the Czech Republic
Impact of socio-demographic aspects on training and contest intensity among runners
Klásek, Jan ; Votápková, Jana (advisor) ; Zeynalova, Olesia (referee)
Running has become very popular leisure time activity in the recent years. The main intention of this thesis is to uncover how various socio-demographic factors influence the training intensity among leisure time runners and their consecu- tive participation at the races. The data for the analysis ware collected through the self-developed online questionnaire. The volume of the training was es- timated using OLS method, probability of participation was analyzed by the logistic regression. Individual motivational factors and health indicators have the biggest effect. Education nor demographic factors are not statistically sig- nificant. Household income has an impact only on the race participation. 1
Essays on Health Economics and Health Policy
Votápková, Jana ; Gregor, Martin (advisor) ; Stavrunova, Olena (referee) ; Horný, Michal (referee) ; Menclová, Andrea (referee)
Dissertation Thesis: Essays on Health Economics and Health Policy Author: PhDr. Jana Votápková Advisor: doc. PhDr. Martin Gregor, Ph.D. Academic year: 2019/2020 This dissertation thesis is a collection of three applied economics essays and a comprehensive discussion essay which includes policy recommendations resulting from the empirical essays included in this dissertation thesis, and other early work of the author. The topics analyzed were motivated by recent Czech healthcare reforms that address the recommendations raised by the OECD. Firstly, efficiency of Czech general hospitals is analyzed stressing the need for a well-functioning DRG system. Secondly, inpatient user charges which were introduced in 2008 and abolished shortly after, are analyzed as a tool which increases private participation in healthcare expenses and thus may boost healthcare efficiency both through additional resources and reduction of excess demand for healthcare services. Thirdly, personal savings, pre-retirement savings in particular, are viewed as another private source which could ease the tight public healthcare and pension budgets. It is shown that health status is a positive determinant for pre-retirement liquid savings, thus preventive health programs should be given a priority within the Czech healthcare system.
Do family policies really affect fertility levels?
Jiráková, Zuzana ; Pertold-Gebicka, Barbara (advisor) ; Votápková, Jana (referee)
One of the main objectives of family policies in countries with low fertility levels is to stimulate birth rates and incentivize the citizens to have more children. Nevertheless, the research on whether this objective is being met remains inconclusive. In this thesis, we analyze two reforms which took place in the Czech Republic in 1995 and 2008, which adjusted the period of reception of the parental allowance. We use data from selected European OECD countries along with the synthetic control approach to construct a synthetic counterpart to the Czech Republic which gives us an idea about how fertility levels would have developed if the interventions did not take place. In both cases, 1995 reform and 2008 reform, we do not find any conclusive evidence that the interventions affected fertility levels in the Czech Republic. Moreover, we observe a change in the trend of total fertility rate about 2 years before each reform which suggests that these reforms were more likely reactions to changing fertility rates rather than remedies. JEL Classification J13, J17, J11, J12, E61, E65, F68 Keywords fertility, family policy, synthetic control estimator, parental allowance, parental leave Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
The correlations of economic changes to the super luxury car sector
Hönig, Maximilian ; Chytilová, Julie (advisor) ; Votápková, Jana (referee)
Within the thesis, the effects of macroeconomic and societal changes on the sale of Ferrari automobiles is examined. The main focus of this thesis is to discover, whether known factors, influencing luxury goods and total car sales, are also relevant for super luxury sport cars. This is done, by regressing Ferrari sales and total car sales on these factors and comparing the results to the ones for normal car sales, in each of the analyzed regions.
Health technology assessment: case study on breast carcinoma treatment in the Czech Republic
Šlegerová, Lenka ; Bryndová, Lucie (advisor) ; Votápková, Jana (referee)
Health technology assessment: case study on breast carcinoma treatment in the Czech Republic Bc. Lenka Šlegerová January 4, 2019 Abstract This thesis proposes an original method for assessing total costs of med- ical treatment. It defines the semi-Markov model with four states that are associated with specific costs of the treatment, and not with patients' health statuses. This method is applied to individuals' treatment data drawn from the Czech clinical practice in the treatment of the metastatic HER2+ breast cancer. The aim is to assess the cost-effectiveness of adding medication per- tuzumab to the combination of trastuzumab+docetaxel within first-line therapy and to examine whether using individual data on Czech patients and the economic conditions leads to different results from foreign stud- ies. Furthermore, employing censored data from the clinical practice in the thesis complicates the estimation of patients' overall survival in compari- son to clinical-trials data that form random samples. Therefore, survival functions were not only estimated by the Kaplan-Meier estimator but also using the Cox proportional hazard model and the Accelerated failure time model that both control for the effects of included covariates. The addition of pertuzumab does not result in significantly longer pa- tients'...
The Importance of Preschool Education System as a Tool for Harmonization of Family and Working Life of Mothers
Ruml, Jiří ; Pertold-Gebicka, Barbara (advisor) ; Votápková, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the relationship between the system of pre-school care and the posi- tion of women with small children on the labor market in the Czech Republic. The purpose of this thesis is to find out whether the insufficient capacity of pre-school care facilities has a negative im- pact on the employment of Czech women and which other determinants can affect the employment of women with small children. The analysis uses an individual data from the Labor Force Survey in 2013 supported by data from the Czech Statistical Office and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. At first, this thesis deals with demographic development of the population after 1990. Following is the definition of pre-school care system in the Czech Republic and a description of the development of the availability of pre-school care services. Diploma thesis is then devoted to the situation of women with small children in the labor market and to the potential negative impacts associated with the limited possibilities for harmonizing family and work life balance. Finally, an analysis is made. As a result, we can sum up that there is no significant impact of the lack of availa- bility of pre-school care on young children mother's ability to work. From the point of view of other socio-demographic...

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