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Traffic flows in the context of the smart region
PLACHÁ, Veronika
The topic of the diploma thesis is "Traffic flows in the context of the smart region". The main goal of the diploma thesis is to analyse and evaluate traffic flows in a selected region in the context of a smart region. A partial goal of the paper is a subsequent proposal to improve the current situation. The diploma thesis consists of two parts, a theoretical and a practical. The elaboration was started by studying the professional literature concerning mainly transport, logistics, traffic flows, transport network, accessibility, but also smart city and smart region. In the practical part, the researched region was chosen. Due to the employment of the author of the thesis in the town of Dačice, the Dačice microregion was chosen, where she commutes to Lidl every day to work. For this diploma thesis, the number of kilometres that people drive to do the shopping was chosen as the traffic flow. In order to analyse and evaluate traffic flows, it was necessary to collect the data needed to assess the current situation. The questionnaire method was used to obtain information that became the basis for the investigation itself. Data collection was performed in the form of a questionnaire in printed form based on personal interviews. During the processing of the thesis, two anonymous surveys were performed. The first survey examined kilometrage traffic flows for shopping in the region. The second questionnaire was focused on customers of the Lidl retail chain. The analysis of transport relations using a gravity model was applied in this thesis. Based on the evaluation of the situation, it was found that for shopping people drive in cars that are not fully occupied at all, the maximum occupancy is one, a maximum of two people in most cases. There is therefore an unnecessary burden on the transport infrastructure, pollution of the environment. Part of the thesis consists of proposals to improve the situation, how it would be possible to reduce the number of kilometres driven using a smart system.
Does childbirth change the gender gap in well-being within family?
Plachá, Veronika ; Pertold-Gebicka, Barbara (advisor) ; Votápková, Jana (referee)
All high-income nations have experienced a sharp decline in fertility rates dur- ing the past century. With birth rates in many developed countries currently below the replacement level, the population is ageing quickly, raising concerns about how this may affect public finances and living standards. Higher-income nations are not the only ones experiencing a fall in fertility; the majority of low- and middle-income nations are getting closer to fertility levels at replacement levels. To better understand fertility behaviour and the presence of low-fertility regimes, many recent studies examined the impact of parenthood on subjective well-being (SWB). Even though having a child is usually the joint decision of partners, each parent might experience parenthood differently, and the so-called well-being gap can arise. The aim of this thesis is to analyze how children af- fect the between partners' gap in subjective well-being and how this gap varies between families while using EU-SILC data conducted in 2013 and 2018. The results suggest that there is a trend only in the year 2018 where the effect is the largest for parents with small children and that it disappears (becomes in- distinguishable from the effect observed for parents with 15-year-old children) more-less when children reach school age. In...
Do fringe benefits affect job satisfaction?
Plachá, Veronika ; Pertold-Gebicka, Barbara (advisor) ; Kopečná, Vědunka (referee)
Fringe benefits remain a substantial part of the compensation, but their influence on job satisfaction is ambiguous. Their presence might result in decreased job satisfaction and reduced job mobility. The aim of this thesis is to test the hypothesis that fringe benefits affect job satisfaction. The study uses data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth conducted in 2017 and applies five regression models to determine the relationship between job satisfaction, fringe benefits, and various work aspects. The outcomes revealed that significant types of fringe benefits are a flexible work schedule, paid maternity leave, and tuition reimbursement for certain types of schooling. The availability of each of these might increase job satisfaction. However, the effect of four other types of fringe benefits appears to be negative. This thesis also examines the perception of fringe benefits for different subsamples and finds that men value the availability of a flexible work schedule more than women and medical insurance is positively correlated with job satisfaction only for single workers. Therefore, this thesis supports the hypothesis that fringe benefits affect job satisfaction. Keywords job satisfaction, fringe benefits, determinants of job satisfaction, benefits, compensation
Analysis of Subsidy Conditions for Investment in Transport Infrastructure
PLACHÁ, Veronika
The topic of this diploma thesis is "Analysis of Subsidy Conditions for Investment in Transport Infrastructure". The aim of the thesis is to analyse the subsidy conditions of investment sources in transport infrastructure and the subsequent evaluation of subsidy conditions. The diploma thesis consists of two parts. The theoretical part contains explanations of important concepts related to work. There is an analysis of transport infrastructure and its financing in the Czech Republic. There is also a foreign view on transport investment. There is also an explanation of the concept of subsidy, which is crucial for the work. In the practical part, the South Bohemian Region, which also plays an important role in the thesis, is described because it is a part of the GAJU project, which deals with the development of the South Bohemian Region. Another chapter of the practical part focuses on the analysis of the sources in the transport infrastructure. It is found out where the funds for the construction of the transport infrastructure comes from, what purposes they are used for and under what conditions. Based on the assessment of the overall state and the situation with the investment in transport infrastructure, measures have been proposed to improve the current state.
Teachers experiences with death topic in school.
PLACHÁ, Veronika
The dissertation addresses the issue of death education. It represents the concept of this education as it was created and is realized in the United States (Levinton, 1977; Wass, 2003; Doka 2015). The aim of qualitative research is to map the experiences of teachers with the theme of school death. It follows experiences of interventions in cases of death in the closest family of pupils or the death of a member of the school community, experience with topics related to death in teaching, as well as conditions for education related to death. The data were obtained through semi-structured interviews with ten teachers. Part of the work on based on teacher intervention in 11 cases, six of which were concerned with deaths in the pupil's family, in three a pupil died. In two cases, deaths were related to teachers. In the interviews, teachers paid much attention to the situation regarding the classroom reporting, usually choosing a factual announcement after which the pupils were recommended how to behave to the mournful classmate. In this recommendation, there was an emphasis on empathy or on the preservation of common behavior. If the event was communicated by a pupil or the teacher perceived their interest, a discussion in which the pupils communicated their reflections, experiences followed. No teacher noticed a strong emotional response from pupils. To the grieving pupil, teachers usually expressed their participation outside the classroom. In their further negotiations with him, they either sought to maintain the order or considered different options. These included both the demands on the pupil and the choice of topics in the classroom respecting the sensitivity to family issues or devoting attention to death issues (often through reading). Part of the work on the subject of death in teaching presents school subjects where teachers can deal with death related topics. It is the Czech language, Elementary studies, Natural sciences, History or Ethical and Dramatic Education. Although the themes of death in the curriculum appear, only some teachers are giving them attention. Most often it is then the case for a wide range of discussions or essay writing of pupils, which usually follows common reading. Teachers perceive pupils' interest in these topics. In some cases, teachers have sought to counterbalance the numbing impact of contemporary death mediation by making pupils feel through reading or film watching. The theme of death has sometimes been raised by the pupils themselves. Teachers perceived support from their personal experience (for five their parents died in childhood or adolescence). In their professional training, they perceived courses such as Critical Thinking or Philosophy for Children superior providing them with tools for work with demanding themes. Many teachers apply a personal approach to their pupils which naturally forms an appropriate framework for interventions as well as teaching on the theme of death.
The Analysis of the external environment of a selected company
PLACHÁ, Veronika
The bachelor thesis has got two parts. The first is theoretical frame work. There are the terms of the area explained, for example enterprise, business, strategy and external analysis. The practical part focuses on the analysis of a medium-sized company. Based on observations and interviews with company management, the thesis processes SWOT analysis, PESTE analysis and method of Porter´s five forces model.

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