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Transforming conflict at the local level: Women peace mediators in Burundi
Vodičková, Anna ; Werkman, Kateřina (advisor) ; Plechanovová, Běla (referee)
Armed conflict affects men and women differently due to their previous roles in the society. For instance, it often crucially changes the status of women and enhances their emancipation. Therefore, women should be included in conflict resolution as well as in peace negotiations and post-conflict reconstruction, to ensure sustainable peace. Examples from many African countries driven by conflict denote that women are not automatically included in these processes. This single intrinsic case study documents the work of women peace mediators in Burundi. At the theoretical level, the study argues for an elicitive endogenous approach to peacebuilding, embedded in the conflict transformation theory by John Paul Lederach. Nevertheless, theoretical concepts are not emphasized because they tend to limit the mediators' agenda which actually involves a wide range of conflict handling mechanisms. The main part of the study is based on semi-formal questionnaires filled out by women peace mediators in Bujumbura. The goal of the research is twofold: First, it is aimed to introduce the mediators and to understand their motivations to mediate. Second, it documents their everyday work by analysing official reports. The findings show that an "average" mediator is a married woman, with children, with at least secondary...
Justice or strategy? Mindset of German parties towards quotas for women's representation in politics.
Vodičková, Anna ; Nigrin, Tomáš (advisor) ; Handl, Vladimír (referee)
Even nowadays, while facing social challenges, eliminating different stereotypes and discovering new ways of life style, it is impossible to change the traditional gender thinking within a few years. Quotas should accelerate this process. This work analyses women's status in political parties which are represented in the German Parliament in 2015: CDU, CSU, SPD, The Greens and Die Linke. In terms of this analysis the work is focusing on quotas within those German political parties - if they exist at all and if so, in which form. Beside that, it also analyses the parties' stances towards to gender politics based on their political programs. Are quotas directly related to women's representation in politics? Furthermore the work sums the evolution of women's status in Germany and in its politics. This serves as an introduction into the issue of gender quotas. The goal of this work is to answer the question, whether quotas have a positive influence on women's representation in German politics.
Coping of nurses in the care of dying patients
This bachelor work deals with the issue of how nurses treating the dying patients cope with their charge. It is divided into theoretic and empiric parts. The theoretic part includes explanation of basic notions of dying and death. It deals with the method of providing general and specialized palliative care. It also describes the nursing care for a dying human in pre finem, in finem, and post finem phases. It mentiones physical, psychical, and social charge, imposed on nurses by carrying out their profession. In an attempt of solving some of these issues, it offers various methods of coping with these charges, which are described in a special chapter. Last but not least, the theoretical part focuses on specific features of communication with a dying human, with a patient´s family, and within the nursing team. The empiric part of the work sets forth the results of research carried out by means of qualitative approach, using the method of semi-sctructured dialogue. The research set has consisted of nurses from a hospital internal department and from a hospice type facility. Acquired information have been analyzed and categorized by means of open coding with applying the "pencil and paper" method. In consequence with the research, the chief target has been selected, which is to determine the ways of how nurses in palliative treatment cope with their charges. Consequently, there have been two other targets set forth. These have been to ascertain factors imposing on nurses in contatct with a dying person, and to point out to ways of coping with charges. In the process of the research all inquiries concerning the stated targets have been responded. The research shows that the inquired nurses have vast experience with dying patients treatment. As the most serious the psychical charge has been indicated. They are well aware of this fact. For coping with this problem they use similar methods, among which active relaxation and rest are the most frequent.
The analysis of the employee appraisal system in the specific organization
Vodičková, Anna ; Stříteský, Marek (advisor) ; Legnerová, Kateřina (referee)
The thesis focuses on the employee appraisal system in organization. The main goal is to define suggestions to improve the evaluation system of AXA CNX stroje, ltd. An optimal solution will be established based on the results obtained from the analysis. The analysis will study how the system currently works, its functionality and how it is perceived by the employees. The theoretical part summarises findings about the evaluation of employees. Practical part concentrates on analysis of the scoring system which is divided into three parts. First part is analysis of the evaluation system. Second part contains perception of the system by employees and in the third part are discussed the strong and weak points of the evaluation system.
Návrh komunikační strategie prostřednictvím Pintrestu pro vybranou firmu
Vodičková, Alžběta
Vodičková, A. The Proposal of communication strategy via Pinterest for chosen firm. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2015. Bachelor thesis focuses on social network called Pinterest. The main objective is to design a communication strategy through social network Pinterest for a selected business. For this purpose author conducted a questionnaire survey (n = 392) in September and October 2014. Data were analysed with use of MS Excel and Statistica v. 12. Although there are users of Pinterest and their number is growing, at the moment the results suggest that in this particular case other communication tools deserve more attention and investments in use of Pinterest may be yet postponed.
Proposal of biomedical applications of singlet oxygen generated by electric discharge
Vodičková, A. ; Schmiedberger, Josef
Singlet oxygen is the lowest electronically excited state of molecular oxygen. In practice it is used in photodynamic therapy, where singlet oxygen is generated by using photosensitizers. The aim of this work is to suggest biomedical appliacations of singlet oxygen generated by an electric dischrge.
The importance of leisure activities for preschool and school age from various ethnic communities.
Multicultural education is a current topic of our education. The current stage in the transformation of our educational system puts in their curriculum framework for preschool education and curriculum framework for basic education emphasis. The theoretical part sets based on the literature and concepts of multiculturalism and multicultural education suggests the possibilities for leisure activities it offers. Furthermore, the main features are characterized by leisure activities. In the practical part is mapped to spend their free time children from different ethnic groups and whether the way they spend in these different groups of children. It is found, what are the benefits of leisure activities to improve their socialization. Findings from research can be used to think parents over their children's leisure time and the different possibilities of how to make better use of leisure time.

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