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Struggle for Duchy of Wroclaw between 1290 and 1341
Velička, Tomáš ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Holá, Mlada (referee)
This work consists of three chapters. In its first part, I have tried to show an overview of the development of Czech - Silesian relations in the 13th and 1 14th century. The second chapter is devoted to Klodzko as the border region. In its first part, I tried to resolve the question of jurisdiction Klodzko in 1278 - 1290th In the second part I tried to compare using confirmatory study documents the status of a city located in the basin Klodzko with other Czech royal cities. At last, the largest chapter, I have tried to resolve the question of authenticity of the testament of Henry IV. of Wroclaw.
Salt More Than Gold? The Legal and Economic Status of the Town Prachatice in the Late Middle Ages
Večeřová, Veronika ; Zilynská, Blanka (advisor) ; Velička, Tomáš (referee)
This master thesis inquires into selected chapters from the late medieval history of the town Prachatice. The first part of the thesis deals with the unclear legal status of the town and with the issue of its promotion to the royal town and its subsequent pawnings in the 15th century. It is a question that has not been sufficiently reflected in literature yet and there is also no agreement whether Prachatice was a royal pawned town or a liege town. The second part discusses the issue of the economic status of the town Prachtice in the context of the Southern Bohemian salt business wherein Prachatice played a crucial role. This part of the thesis is based on a thorough analysis of the staple right of the town Prachatice and the right which covered the compulsory direction of the routes. Further, it deals with the competition of the town Prachatice in the import of salt to Bohemia and with the outline of the directions of the routes that were starting in Prachatice. These routes were the matters of disputes with other involved towns. This thesis is delimited by the period of the Late Middle Ages until the beginning or the first quarter of the 16th century. The attention is paid especially to the unsettled 15th century which brought a lot of turns of events into the history of the town. Key words:...
The Sovereign Confirmations of Chartres for Bohemian and Silesian Towns to 1420
Velička, Tomáš ; Hlaváček, Ivan (advisor) ; Pátková, Hana (referee) ; Ryantová, Marie (referee)
The present work deals with confirmations that have issued Bohemian kings and princes of Silesia to Bohemian or Silesian towns. The work is divided into five parts. The first deals with existing exploration and methodological inspiration that I subsequently used. The second chapter summarizes the findings regarding the process of confirmation documents - from motives of its release, through the process of the documents in the office during the procedure, to handing over the finished instrument beneficiaries and paying taxes. Then I deal with the various types of confirmations and also I discuss separately the observational charters. The third part is devoted confirmations for the Bohemian towns with regard to all documents which the royal towns received, published by Bohemian kings. The problems are discussed from the perspective of publishers and recipients, as well as the documents themselves (their content, form). The same shall apply also in the case of the fourth chapter, which deals with the same aspects of the Silesian towns and confirmations, which they were received. The final chapter summarizes the findings, which I reached on the previous pages. An important part of this thesis is a variety of reports and graphs to better perceive the immediate context and development trends. I also deal with...
Statistic data in the hospital information system
Velička, Tomáš ; Dvořák, Miroslav (referee) ; Fedra, Petr (advisor)
The aim of this work was the evaluation of some statistic indicators from the data obtained from the Health Informatic System Clinicom. The data used in this informatic system are administrated by the database system Caché. The data from the database which is administrated by Departement of Biomedical Engineering in Brno, have been also used. Data mentioned in this work were mined from the database by SQL queries. The statistic indicators obtained this way were needed to be presented on internet. The user interface for this presentation was designed and realized in programming language CSP. The resulting statistic indicators were split up into 3 basic groups: Hospitalization, Mandatory reporting and Medicament requirement. Besides the statistic indicators some pacients‘ data and the graphs of results are shown in the user interface. The part which has also been used in this work is the concept of the online form for reporting of cancers.

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