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Elizabeth of GörlitzThe Granddaughter of Charles IV and the Matrimonial Politics of the House of Luxembourg
Bolerazká, Zuzana ; Drška, Václav (advisor) ; Nejedlý, Martin (referee) ; Soukupová, Věra (referee)
The dissertation focuses on the phenomenon of matrimonial politics in the 15th century illustrated by the example of the last princess of the House of Luxembourg - Elisabeth of Görlitz. In the introduction, the author discusses the topic in the methodological sense and tries to critically evaluate the term matrimonial politics and distinguish it from dynastic (or family) politics. Consequently, she defines the concept of it, which she further explores as one of the instruments of power that politically exploits the possibility of a new, artificial and nearly unbreakable family bond. Marriages have always been a kind of promise of a common future, not only in a romantic sense but also in a purely practical sense. It was not just a union between a man and a woman, as it perceived contemporarily. It was a union of entire families. While marriages may have been contracted for objective reasons it must always be assumed that they were not just an immediate solution. In order to understand medieval society and the political situation, it is therefore imperative to pay attention to the consequences of marriage when conducting research on it. The family's matrimonial politics did not really end with the wedding ceremony. This study based on an analysis of available historical sources attempts to summarize...
Risk Management of the Nuclear Power Plant Completion Project
Nejedlý, Martin ; Poláček, Alexandr (referee) ; Doskočil, Radek (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on risk management of a selected nuclear power plant completion project. The first part outlines the theoretical background. The second part defines the goals to be achieved. The third part deals with the methods that are used in the fourth part of the document to analyze the company, its surroundings and project risk analysis. Part of this chapter is the identification and evaluation of risks using the RIPRAN method. In the last part of the document, measures are proposed to reduce the probability of occurrence or impact of risks on the project.
Process Management of the Ccontract
Nejedlý, Martin ; Mgr. Igor. Chvála (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis on "Process Management Studies in Services" focuses on the course of the contract by the company and its process management. The paper contains three main chapters. In the first chapter there are the theoretical starting points. The second chapter deals with the analysis of the current state of the business with regard to the contract. The third chapter consists of the draft of the order and the conditions for the implementation of the proposal. The proposal should contribute to more efficient order management in the organization.
Verse Chronicles of South-German Cultural Region and Their Notice in Historiography and Self-Reflection of Medieval Society
Zvířecí, Anna ; Suchánek, Drahomír (advisor) ; Velička, Tomáš (referee) ; Nejedlý, Martin (referee)
The subject of Ph.D. thesis "Verse Chronicles of South-German-Cultural-Region and Their Notice in Historiography and Self-Reflection of Medieval Society" is an analysis of three Middle High German Verse Chronicles: Imperial Chronicle, World Chronicle and Fürstenbuch of Jans Enikel and Otokar of Styria Verse Chronicle. These Chronicles were written almost at the same time (during 12th and 13th Century) and in the same cultural region (South-German- Cultural-Region, meaning todays Bavaria, Austria and Styria. These countries were most common places of Middle High German written production. Each chronicle came from different social classes. The Imperial Chronicle was written in ecclesiastical milieu in Regensburg, Bavaria in the middle of 12th century. Jansen Enikel's Works were written in the second half of 13th century in milieu of citizens of Vienna, Austria. Otokar of Styria Verse Chronicle is a work of a noble man from Styria, written in the end of 13th and beginning of 14th century. Partial goals are defined according to the analysis of these sources, mainly the image of Middle Ages society. Chapters of this Ph.D. thesis present partial steps of the study - methodology setting, literature selection, context of political and social history, Middle High German language, personalities of...
The Use of History in the Power Struggles in the Late Middle Ages
Jauernig, Jakub ; Nejedlý, Martin (advisor) ; Bláhová, Marie (referee) ; Drška, Václav (referee)
4 Abstract This paper focuses on using narratives about the origins of princely power among late medieval rulers to justify their legitimacy. Its principal aim is to reveal the intercon- nectedness of widespread narrative sources such as chronicles and romances, on the one hand, with still understudied sources such as armorials, heraldic miscellanies and genea- logical scrolls, on the other. The latter type of source has recently begun to attract more medievalists, but it isn't easy to work with them for several reasons. Little is known about the practical use of materials such as genealogical scrolls, which can be more than five metres long. Another reason is that this type of source combines several different aspects. It combines textual, pictorial and diagrammatic parts, which form an integral unit that cannot be dissected and examined separately. This type of source was fully charged with historical, prophetic and symbolic content and was probably intended to serve not only representational but also propagandistic purposes for the rulers. In this thesis, I trace the use of historical narratives on the figure of Brutus of Troy, the eponymous founder of the Insular Kingdom of Britain in late medieval England and Wales. The thesis focuses on his- toriographical sources that introduce the figure of Brutus...
Czech Luxembourges in french contemporary historiography
Jedináková, Petra ; Bláhová, Marie (advisor) ; Nejedlý, Martin (referee)
Petra JEDINÁKOVÁ, CZECH LUXEMBOURGES IN FRENCH CONTEMPORARY HISTORIOGRAPHY, Prague, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University in Prague 2012. The aim of this thesis is to consider the relationship of Czech Luxembourg dynasty towards the French dynasty and the impact of their policies in western Europe. The work also focuses on different ways of perception of the Luxembourgs in both Czech and French environment and reasons for such observations. The Luxembourg dynasty, being originally an earl family of the French from Luxembourg, always had a strong relation towards France and its ruling dynasty which was based on mutual respect, friendship, similar opinions and also family bonds, the successors were educated at the French court. The two countries supported each other in fight andalso by mutual contact, visits and in terms of diplomacy. We have testimonies regarding these events thanks to medieval sources such as chronicles, annals, documents, correspondence and texts of authors from the French environment, who personally met Czech kings from the House of Luxembourg and therefore left us important insights into the situation of that time. John of Luxembourg has been perceived in as a model of knightly virtues and a brave fighter always loyal to the French king. In Bohemia, he was for centuries...
Captives. The works of Johann Schiltberger, George of Hungary and Konstantin Mihailović as testimonies about late medieval search for identity and cultural integration in the Muslim world
Srncová, Karolina ; Nejedlý, Martin (advisor) ; Drška, Václav (referee)
Captives. The works of Johannes Schiltberger, George of Hungary and Konstantin Mihailović as testimonies about late medieval search for identity and cultural integration in the Muslim world Bc. Karolina Srncová The master's thesis enquires into the phenomenon of late medieval reflection on Muslim society in captivity narratives, treatises and memoirs from the pen of former Christian captives. Through a comparison of testimonies by three Europeans, who spent long years in Ottoman or Tatar captivity, the thesis investigates the process of their integration in the Muslim world, their perception of this world, and the notion of it they kept after their return to Christian Europe. Apart from the literary reflection on the other the thesis also pursues authors themselves - how they perceived and constructed their cultural identity in the strange environment, what long-term modus vivendi they employed and by what narratives they tried to present their infidel past back in their homeland. Thus the work aims to contribute to our notion of the Christian-Ottoman encounters in the 15th century, but also to consider the cultural adaptability of late medieval man and the role of captives, men between two worlds, who had to cope with the demands of such an adaptation.
Utraquist oriented humanism in Bohemia exemplified in the literary works of Mikuláš Konáč z Hodiškova
Fernández Couceiro, Eduardo ; Voit, Petr (advisor) ; Nejedlý, Martin (referee)
Works of literary history dealing with 16th-century Czech literature often speak of the contrast between Latin (aristocratic, Catholic) and national (burgher, Utraquist) humanism. Representatives of these trends fall into two groups which are presented as antithetical, independent and closed, and literary evaluations often favour national humanism for extra-literary (religious, social, linguistic) reasons. In the first part of this paper, we indicate that this contrast does not hold valid completely because, on the one hand, there are numerous cases which may not be easily assimilated within this scheme and, on the other, Czech nationalist humanism depends entirely on Latin models (ancient, medieval, Renaissance). In the second part, we focus on the work of Mikuláš Konáč of Hodíškov, considered to be a typical representative of national humanism. An analysis of his literary and printing work reveals several aspects which lie outside the conventional framework of national humanism. In his literary works (chiefly translations), Konáč draws not from the national (Hussite) tradition, but from international European Latin scholarship. As regards his religious beliefs, he appeared to be a conservative Utraquist, but his attitudes changed with time: an overall tolerance of and sympathy towards the Unity of the...
The Place of the Forest in Fourteenth- and Fifteenth-Century Literary Sources, a Czech-French-English Perspective
Turek, Matouš ; Nejedlý, Martin (advisor) ; Woitsch, Jiří (referee)
The master thesis presents and analyses a range of different ways in which the motif of the forest was treated in late-medieval literary sources as an element of thematic and compositional construction of the text. At the theoretical basis of the thesis is the concept of diachronic text reception and adaptations which bring along the transmission and simultaneous transformation of the use of topoi, while this process is being related to the development of the literary chronotopos signalizing a change in the public's horizon of expectation. The majority of sources for analysis are drawn from Czech sources of the long 14th century - courtly and chivalric romance, the Old Czech verse legend of St. Procopius and the Dalimil Chronicle - while a shorter part of the thesis is devoted to the presentation of individual tendencies in the development of the use of the forest topos in English and French literary allegory of the 14th and 15th centuries. In detailed comparison of specific passages from Old Czech texts with their actual models in other languages (Old Middle German, Latin), the thesis demonstrates, upon the example of the forest topos, that topoi do not represent fixed, inalterable clichés, but actually exhibit intense shifts in function, content and theme.
The Kingdom of Bohemia and the dynasty of Luxembourg in the French chronicles of the 14th century
Lošťáková, Kateřina ; Nejedlý, Martin (advisor) ; Hrdina, Jan (referee)
Since the beginning of the fourteenth century the Czech kings and their kingdom started to make significant appearance in the French chronicles. The sudden interest of contemporary historians was sparked mainly by the ascension of the Luxembourgian dynasty to the Czech throne in 1310. The relations that existed for a long time between France and Luxembourg were thus transfered to Bohemia, who se young king John the Blind soon became a French ally in the ongoing conflict with England. To the history of the Warfare, which is traditionally called the Hundred Years War, are devoted also the works of two of the most important late-medieval writers, Jean le Bel of Liege and Jean Froissart of Valenciennes. Modem historians have had for a long time a tendency to dismiss their chronic1es (Froissart' s in particular) as historically inaccurate and thus unreliable sources. But such a refusal implies a serious misunderstanding of both authors' intention, for their main goal was not to precisely narrate the facts but rather to adjust them to better suit their idealised image of social order. Bearing that in mind we can clearly see that the presence of Czech kings in Froissart's and le Bel's chronicles does not generally reflect their real deeds, but rather the symbo1ic part they play to enhance the glory of the French...

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