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Study of statistical decay in well deformed rare-earth nuclei
Valenta, Stanislav ; Krtička, Milan (advisor) ; Pospíšil, Stanislav (referee) ; Veselý, Petr (referee)
The γ decay of highly excited nuclear levels can be described within the statistical model of nucleus in terms of the level density and a set of photon strength functions. The knowledge of these quantities enables more accurate calculations of reaction rates in many different reactions which are important especially in nuclear astrophysics and in the development of advanced nuclear reactors. Despite the fact that the photon strength functi- ons have been studied for decades, there are still contradicting experimental results regarding the low energy behavior of dipole strength. One of these ca- ses is the shape of electric dipole photon strength function and the strength of the scissors mode in well-deformed rare-earth nuclei. In this thesis the ana- lyses of γ-ray spectra measured by two different experimental setups are pre- sented. The two-step γ cascades measurements with odd gadolinium targets were performed at the research reactor LVR-15 at the Research Centre Řež. In the multi-step γ cascades experiments the γ rays following resonance ne- utron capture on 161−163 Dy targets were measured with the highly-segmented γ-ray calorimeter Detector for Advanced Neutron Capture Experiments in the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center at Los Alamos National Labora- tory. Experimental spectra were compared...
UV signs in coloration of common leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius)
Baranová, Veronika ; Frynta, Daniel (advisor) ; Veselý, Petr (referee)
The presence of ultraviolet patterns on body, as well as perception of ultraviolet spectrum by special photoreceptors, is part of sensory ecology of many animal species, including reptiles. Most current research discusses the importance of ultraviolet signs in coloration of diurnal species. The aim of our study was to find out what character have the reflective signs in ultraviolet spectrum in overall coloration of common leopard gecko (Eubplepharis macularius) through a digital photography. The reflective pattern is present in both adults and juveniles and passes as well as the rest of the coloration by significant ontogenetic changes. Another aim was to evaluate the role of ultraviolet reflecting signs in the biology of this crepuscular-nocturnal species. We expect that the pattern contributes to their antipredatory strategies during their first few months of life, and also a white reflecting surface is preserved in adulthood, especially on their tail, which is differently coloured than the rest of the body.
Properties of reinforcing glass-fiber geogrids
Veselý, Petr ; Šperka, Pavel (referee) ; Dašek, Ondřej (advisor)
A proper road infrastructure is an essential part of today’s economy. Usage of roadways should be safe and its flow should be easy going. Primary net of roadways is already in place and attention shifts to its maintenance. Because of constantly increasing loads of heavy traffic, roadways are degrading at a faster pace, while there are still smaller time windows and less avialable resources for their reconstruction. That is why there has been rising demand for pavements that last longer and are able to carry higher weights. With respect to the rural roads it becomes obvious because of low amount of resources for their maintenance, that it is necessary to find an effective way to enhance pavements. From the foregoing it can be safe to say, that there is a clear need for reliable, durable and cost-effective technology of maintenance, such as the use of grids in asphalt pavements. This thesis deals with properties of geogrids made of glass fiber after its compaction as well as its effects on reduction or elimination of spreading of cracks in pavements.
Three-Phase Inverter for High Speed Induction Motor
Veselý, Petr
This work deals with designing a power part of a three-phase inverter for induction motor. It contains choosing of some important parts such as IGBT modules or drivers, which depends on parameters, that are mentioned or calculated. Also a schema is included. General principle and brief theory is described in this paper too.
Design and simulation of interior permanent magnet synchronous machine
Veselý, Petr ; Vlach, Radek (referee) ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with the design of a synchronous motor with embedded magnets. First of all, the general theory of synchronous motor, which is focused on field-weakening drive, is described. Then a 6-pole and a 8-pole version of the motor with embded magnet, which has 65 kW and 3000 rpm is complexly designed. Motors are compared with each other and with a motor with surface magnets, that was also designed in this work. Finally, all motors are compared with a mafufactured and measured motor.
Nové metody ve schvalování úvěrů
Rychnovský, Michal ; Arlt, Josef (advisor) ; Pecáková, Iva (referee) ; Veselý, Petr (referee)
This thesis contributes to the field of applied statistics and financial modeling by analyzing mathematical models used in retail credit underwriting processes. Specifically, it has three goals. First, the thesis aims to challenge the performance criteria used by established statistical approaches and propose focusing on predictive power instead. Secondly, it compares the analytical leverage of the established and other suggested methods according to the newly proposed criteria. Third, the thesis seeks to develop and specify a new comprehensive profitability-based underwriting model and critically reflect on its strengths and weaknesses. In the first chapter I look into the area of probability of default modeling and argue for comparing the predictive power of the models in time rather than focusing on the random testing sample only, as typically suggested in the scholarly literature. For this purpose I use the concept of survival analysis and the Cox model in particular, and apply it to a real Czech banking data sample alongside the commonly used logistic regression model to compare the results using the Gini coefficient and lift characteristics. The Cox model performs comparably on the randomly chosen validation sample and clearly outperforms the logistic regression approach in the predictive power. In the second chapter, in the area of loss given default modeling I introduce two Cox-based models, and compare their predictive power with the standard approaches using the linear and logistic regression on a real data sample. Based on the modified coefficient of determination, the Cox model shows better predictions. Third chapter focuses on estimating the expected profit as an alternative to the risk estimation itself and building on the probability of default and loss given default models, I construct a comprehensive profitability model for fix-term retail loans underwriting. The model also incorporates various related risk-adjusted revenues and costs, allowing more precise results. Moreover, I propose four measures of profitability, including the risk-adjusted expected internal rate of return and return on equity and simulate the impact of the model on each of the measures. Finally, I discuss some weaknesses of these approaches and solve the problem of finding default or fraud concentrations in the portfolio. For this purpose, I introduce a new statistical measure based on a pre-defined expert critical default rate and compare the GUHA method with the classification tree method on a real data sample. While drawing on the comparison of different methods, this work contributes to the debates about survival analysis models used in financial modeling and profitability models used in credit underwriting.
The Court of Justice of the European Union: the engine of integration?
Veselý, Petr ; Plechanovová, Běla (advisor) ; Parízek, Michal (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of influence of the Court of Justice of the European Union on the process of European integration. For this purpose, the thesis asks the following question: "How has the Court of Justice of the European Union in selected cases contributed to the strengthening of European integration?" After an overview of the methodological basis, the thesis thoroughly examines the main theoretical approaches and authors that focused on the topic of Court of Justice and its influence on European integration: neofunctionalism, intergovernmentalism, neorationalism, supranationalism and legalistic approach. In the third part, five landmark cases of the ECJ have been chosen for detailed analysis: Van Gend en Loos, Costa vs. E.N.E.L., Internationale Handelsgesellschaft, Les Verts and Francovich. The thesis not only maps the political situation surrounding their announcement, but also the aftermath, consequences and reactions of member states to the judgements. In its last part, the thesis attempts to connect the theoretical approaches with the findings of the aforementioned analysis of landmark decisions. The thesis concludes that the Court of Justice in fact did contribute to the strengthening of European integration, namely by establishing the principles of direct effect, superiority...
Role of individual chemical compounds of repellent secretion of Graphosoma lineatum towards different predator species
Gregorovičová, Martina ; Horáček, Ivan (advisor) ; Veselý, Petr (referee) ; Zápotocký, Martin (referee)
The chemical defence of Heteroptera is based on the repellent secretion that is very complex and consists of dozens chemical compounds. Heteroptera have good ability to produce/store large amounts of chemical components. The repellent secretion of Graphosoma lineatum is composed of many chemicals, such as short-chained aldehydes, which may signal the unpalatability of the bug to its potential predators or be directly toxic for them. The thesis is aimed at the major components of defensive secretion of Graphosoma lineatum - aldehydes - as well as the whole metathoracic scent-glands secretion of Graphosoma lineatum. The aversive reactions of four selected predators were evaluated: (1) leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius); (2) green lizard (Lacerta viridis); (3) great tit (Parus major) and (4) blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus). The following major compounds of the repellent secretion were tested: (1) the mixture of three aldehydes: (E)-hex-2-enal, (E)-oct-2-enal, (E)-dec-2-enal; (2) the mixture of three aldehydes and tridecane; (3) oxoaldehyde: (E)-4-oxohex-2-enal; (4) extracted metathoracic scent-glands secretion of Graphosoma lineatum adults; (5) hexane as a non-polar solvent and (6) pyrazine: 2-isobutyl-3-methoxypyrazine in experiments with leopard geckos as a positive control for excluding the...
Comparison of individual's performance in a discrimination tasks with respect to the hierarchy status
Kocourková, Zuzana ; Landová, Eva (advisor) ; Veselý, Petr (referee)
The ability to discriminate stimuli is the most tested cognitive task in pigeons (Columbia livia f. domestica) within up to now published experiments. Up to now, the influence of personality traits on discrimination has been poorly studied. This thesis looks into the differences in success between individuals and discrimination tasks, and analyzes factors including personality traits influencing the success rate. In this experiment, the total of 72 individual pigeons were tested in four linked tasks: 1) discrimination of black and white screen in the Skinner's box, 2) discrimination of black and white circle patch in the Skinner's box, 3) discrimination of black and white lid in a cage and 4) discrimination of reduced black and white stimuli, placed on a lid, in the cage. The criterium of success was set on 80%. In the Skinner's box, the task were passed by lower number of individuals (6% in first, 20% in second) in comparsion with the cage (48% in third and 50% in fourth). The tasks differed in environment and size of stimuli. It has been determined, that te tested subjecs were able to generalise in the Skinner's box, with an expception when the stimuli was reduced. While testing, all factors that might have influenced the success rate were observed. It has been proved, that the success rate was...
Experimental research of specificity of fear of snake: coral snake pattern
Průšová, Lucie ; Frynta, Daniel (advisor) ; Veselý, Petr (referee)
Due to shared coevolutionary history of snakes and primates with snakes acting as their main predators, snakes elicit fear in most of the primates, humans included. Humans are able to notice a stimulus that elicits fear, e.g., a snake, much faster. Such ability might have surely positively affected their survival in the past. In the nature, aposematic coloration acts as a warning of a dangerous prey to its predators not to devour it. The highly poisonous American coral snakes have this coloration pattern. The harmless king snakes of the Central and North Americas gain an anti-predatory advantage by becoming the coral snakes 'Batesian mimics, copying their bright pattern. Such pattern elicits an innate fear reaction in various species of wild birds who avoid a mere contact with patterned plastic dummies. The question arises whether other taxa, including primates and humans, generally recognize such pattern as dangerous. The aim of this study was to find whether humans fear coral snakes, although they have not long coevolutionary history with them. Further it was analyze, which visual factors of the snakes affect this fear reaction (i.e., a warning coloration, pattern or shape of snake). The atractiveness of these snakes was tested. Another question was whether humans are able to intuitively recognize...

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