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Design of device for determination of airflow in the channel with various crossection
Kuběnová, Karolína ; Vlach, Radek (referee) ; Musil, Filip (advisor)
The aim of the final work was to design and build a flow meter based on a pressure differential for measuring the air flow in a closed tube of constant cross section. The first part deals with the research part, which forms an introduction to the issue of flow and a list of commercially used flow meters. The practical part deals with the design and implementation of a differential flow meter and its comparison with the flow meter VPT-100.
Design of measurement device for determination of mass flow in the channel
Slavík, Vojtěch ; Huzlík, Rostislav (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design and construction of a device, which will be able to measure a mass flow in the tube. The emphasis is placed on the possibility of measuring the mass flow in both directions, accuracy, minimal affection of the flow, manipulation and price. Measured mass flow is shown on the built-in display.
Experimental equipment for testing of cooling by hollow shaft
Kraml, Aleš ; Musil, Filip (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
This thesis describes the process of innovation of an experimental equipment for testing of cooling by hollow shaft. The outcome of this work is a functional measuring station allowing to perform test measurements for various configurations of fans, inner tubes and hollow shafts up to a diameter of 30 mm.
Complex model of electro-mechanical system
Marton, Filip ; Vlach, Radek (referee) ; Huzlík, Rostislav (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with complex models of electro-mechanical systems. It consists of literary research about model-based diagnostics and of a practical part dealing with the creation of the given model of DC motor with electrical, mechanical and heat part by using Simscape libraries in a software Simulink. The whole thesis ends with the evaluation of results and the use of the model in practice.
Design of cooling of electrical machines for production machines and systems
Vaněrková, Tereza ; Vlach, Radek (referee) ; Huzlík, Rostislav (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design the water-cooling system for a synchronous motor with an output of 10kW. The power loss was analytically determinated. For the initial water-cooling system and for two design proposals, thermal models were calculated in Ansys. The same boundary conditions were set for all three models. Then the analysis results of the temperature distribution on the machine surface and in the slots were compared. The comparison also includes the economical cost of the production and service of the machine. Then the production documentation was created, consisting of the assembly drawings and a simplified technological process.
Automatized working place for measuring of airfow parameters
Pozdíšek, David ; Musil, Filip (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with a portable working place for automated measuring of pressure characteristic dependence on ventilator air flow and dependence of pressure loss on air flow for electrical machines and other devices. The goal of this thesis is to design and create the working place with performance validation measure.
Design of device for determination of air mean temperature in the channel with various crossection
Tichý, Vojtěch ; Musil, Filip (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
Diploma thesis was dealing with design of the device for measuring the mean temperature in a channel of any cross-section. First, the theory of heat, heat transfer and fluid flow was summarized. Theory was focused specially on the uneven temperature distribution in the flowing medium. Furthermore, a general overview of commercially used temperature sensors and developed sensors with applicability to the investigated problematics was elaborated. Then, a device for sensing mean temperature in a flow channel for several different diameters has been fully designed and developed. The device included the temperature sensor itself, the necessary measurement electronics and its programming, and a simple measurement data application.
Design of computational algorithm of electric machine rotor with respect to stress-strain relationships and critical speed
Pařízek, Daniel ; Lošák, Petr (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
The Master's thesis deals with the mechanical design of electric machine rotor. Within the first two chapters of the practical part of the thesis two simplified computational models of the rotor (level 1 models) are compiled. Specifically, the model of flexible rotor mounted on rigid supports and model of rigid rotor mounted on flexible supports. The essence of these computational models lies in solvability using simple equations. Using these models can save time when constructing a pre-design of the rotor geometry. The following chapter is devoted to comparing different approaches to computational modeling of rotor using FEM. A predetermined preliminary design of a high-speed massive rotor is investigated. Computational models of different levels at stress-strain analysis and modal analysis are presented. It also includes a suggestion on how to proceed effectively in a given analysis.
Design of fan for electric machines
Švec, Dalibor ; Appel, Martin (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
Aim of this bachelor thesis is to program a design calculator for different types of ventilators. Calculator should be able to display design of ventilator, draw characteristics to a graph and show characteristic numbers of ventilator. Calculation is based on characteristic numbers and theory developed especially for ventilators.
Design of computational algorithm for using of hollowed shaft in electric machine
Tobiáš, Jan ; Hadaš, Zdeněk (referee) ; Vlach, Radek (advisor)
The aim of this work is to develop the possibility of usage the hollow shafts in electric machines. The first part focus on explanation theory of mechanic, which is connected with loading of the shaft. Specifically are explained the methods of computation deformation and normal stress. Next is mentioned the theory of gyroscope and described its consequence. After that is explained problematique of critical speeds. In the following part is described process of solving the shaft loading according the previous analytic formulas. These formulas are formulated to be able to reflect the shaft loading depending on value of inner diameter as property. Practical part focus on creating the calculator for usage the hollow shaft in electric machines. In this chapter is described how the calculator works and how to controll it by user. In the last part are shown calculated results and their analysis. In the summary is mentioned possible usage of the results and ideas for improvements.

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