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Farming practices for efficient use of nitrogen and reduction of its losses: Certified methodology for practice
Klír, Jan ; Haberle, Jan ; Růžek, Pavel ; Šimon, Tomáš ; Svoboda, Pavel
The methodology describes the main risks of nitrogen losses and recommended practices for their reduction. Practically applicable methods for the evaluation of the nitrate leaching risk depending on the soil, crop, root range, croping system, irrigation and weather conditions are described in detail. Consequently, suitable soil treatments and fertilization are proposed to improve the utilization of the nitrogen and uniformity of the water soaking.
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How do the efficient portfolios at various investment horizons differ?
Růžek, Pavel ; Krištoufek, Ladislav (advisor) ; Křehlík, Tomáš (referee)
The Efficient Market Theory that assumes the homogeneity of investors' ex- pectations has several shortcomings and has failed to predict development of fi- nancial markets many times, recently. Previous research, therefore, has focused more intensively on incorporation of some aspects from Behavioural Finance to their models. This thesis implements another form of heterogeneity coming from different investment horizon preferences, and investigates the impacts on the selection of the efficient portfolios compared to the original Markowitz's framework. We employed the mean-variance model adjusted for the purpose of the work, and, additionally, suggested extensions that assure robustness of the model and the highest possible objectivity of the empirical results inde- pendently on the choice of data sets. The findings from our research strongly confirmed proposed hypotheses that the efficient portfolios do differ at the var- ious investment horizons and that the efficient portfolios for long investment horizons are less risky. JEL Classification G10, G11 Keywords portfolio selection, mean-variance, optimization, investment horizons, Dow Jones Index Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
Use of Rich Interactive Applications (RIA) in Business Intelligence (BI) with a focus on Microsoft Silverlight
Folprecht, Martin ; Pour, Jan (advisor) ; Růžek, Pavel (referee)
The main objective of this work is to analyze the concepts of Business Intelligence to explore their implementation with MS Silverlight (RIA) to find out advantages and disadvantages of BI solutions using RIA and verified them on a case study of a fictitious bank. The work is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is analyzing BI evolution and current trends. In the practical part the dashboard has been created for a fictitious bank management in MS Silverlight. The contribution of the author of this work lies mainly in the application of theoretical BI concepts in case study of a fictitious bank. There are elements of an MS Silverlight and processing techniques on the client that were used to show usability in BI. In the thesis was used Data Binding and MS Silverlight for predictive analysis in BI.
Audit of the electronics retailers´ websites
Růžek, Pavel ; Molnár, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Žemlička, Petr (referee)
The main objective of this diploma thesis is to analyze websites of electronics retailers. An initial analysis is followed by evaluation of the determined results and designing the right solutions. The diploma thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical section. The theoretical section is focused on consumer behavior and the aspects of well-developed websites, which are visibility, usability, accessibility, technical and graphic design. These elements are the basis for the compilation of methodology, which is then used for analyzing websites. The practical section includes a detailed audit of five selected websites. It also contains user testing by randomly selected respondents. The detailed analysis is followed by a summarization of the results of individual companies. The output of the thesis is an overview of the quality of tested companies' websites. The main contribution of this thesis is an overall analysis and concrete design improvement of the electronics retailers' websites.
Srovnávací studie webových stránek prodejců výpočetní techniky v ČR
Růžek, Pavel ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Kubeš, Jiří (referee)
Cílem bakalářské práce je analýza současných trendů při tvorbě webových stránek prodejců výpočetní techniky, vyhodnocení jejich aplikace na skutečných webových stránkách a jejich vzájemné srovnání, posouzení funkcionality.Práce srovnává webové stránky, hodnotí je, uvádí nedostatky a možná zlepšení. Za účelem porovnání stránek byla stanovena hodnotící kriteria zaměřená především na přístupnost, funkcionalitu, viditelnost a design.

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