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Social Media Networks in Human Resources Management (Model Supporting a Recruitment of Employees)
Böhmová, Lucie ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Basl, Josef (referee) ; Horváthová, Petra (referee)
The main goal and contribution of this thesis are to create an artifact in the form of model that supports a recruitment of employees via social media networks and its implementation into practice. For this purpose has been used a depth analysis of current state of researched problematics leading to finding gaps that could be eventually solved while using mentioned model. The Author takes advantage of knowledge obtained from literature research and also from self-created research, particularly the analysis of content type investigated social media networks and specific data obtained manually and automatically; Comparative analysis of job advertisements; periodic questionnaire survey amongst HR staff. A significant part of the research has also been an investigation of already existing frames of social media networks recruitment. A depth analysis of current state determines that there is existence only of few models dealing with social media networks recruiting. Furthermore, these models lack candidate evaluation based on the social media networks behavior. Artifact as a model that supports a recruitment of employees via social media networks contains a suggestion of an automatic solution dealing with user´s data downloading and also a suggestion of subsequent analytical data processing and the creation of a predictive model for assessing the user´s behavior on the social media networks. Final evaluation of the effectiveness of the proposed model is done through the formal verification process and the case study. The case study verification has the suggested artifact been implemented in practice with a name Model PM that is using a recruiting application (Práce na míru) for an extraction of Facebook´s data. For user´s behavior predictor setting has been used a character test (MBTI). With the help of the cluster analysis and machine learning (Decision trees) has been created Stochastic predictive model that determines a character type of particular candidate (The accuracy of the prediction of the MBTI personality category is in the range between 68 % to 84 % in individual cases with confidence value between 43 % and 81 %). The case study verified a usefulness of model that supports a recruitment of employees via social media networks, and afterward, the mode has been implemented into the practice.
Document classification methodology in the company as part of ECM
Kučerová Zrálíková, Václava ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Braun, Vojtěch (referee)
At present companies are facing to a problem of treating huge amount of company`s content. There is needed to provide correct metadata to the documents to enable its qualified classifying during a whole life cycle of the document. The target of this diploma thesis puts emphasis on a proposal of the classifying methodology of the customer`s documents, while intercepting a proposal of the process of classifying, testing and support or even enhancement. Topic of this thesis is unique while it is based on the combination of the IT and librarian`s technologies. Methodology also consists a proposal of a subject retrieval language and a proposal of IT services, which are going to ensure the quality of the provided classification. The thesis is devided into two parts. The theoretical one explains the basic terms, theory of classifying and standards, legislature, which all together have the important influence on the field. The practical part includes itself the methodology.
Social networks as a tool for competitiveness
Pěničková, Markéta ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Feige, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis focuses on the issue of social networks and its potential use as a tool to boost competitiveness. At first, in the theoretical part, basic terms and definitions, which are strongly related to the issue of social networks, are explained. Then the thesis deals with the business sectors, where social networks can be used. Furthermore, the most used representatives of worldwide social networks are characterized along with their potential use in the business. The theoretical part is completed with the chapter that describes and evaluates analytical tools which are used for monitoring and analysis of social networks. Practical part focuses on the aesthetic centre Marttinéz and its competitors in the sector of hairdressing and beauty salons. Firstly, its actual attitude to the social networks is analyzed and further analysis regarding competing salons is carried out the second analysis should reveal competitors' behaviour in the area of social networks. The main output of the practical part is a set of recommendations regarding optimization of company's sites at social networks and also suggestion on a monitoring system of social networks sites of this aesthetic centre.
Analysis of internal communication and utilization of ICT for communication in a specific organization
Jeništová, Tereza ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Rohlíčková, Alena (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to analyze internal communication in a specific company and propose possible improvements. Such proposal is based on surveys and interviews with company owner. Theoretical part includes definition of internal communication, its effect on company´s functioning process and factors that influence it. Mentioned are also different communication instruments, mainly ICT instruments that can be effectively used for company´s internal communication. Practical part applies acquired findings on a specific situation in a specific company. Aim of this research is to analyze current situation of internal communication, determine its weaknesses and propose possible solutions of their removal.
The life cycle of a website project in the B2B sector
Dušek, Václav ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Bubeníček, Jan (referee)
This thesis is focused on realization of a new website division ITreklama of DISKUS company. The creation of this new web solution entails specific needs, mainly due to the business focus on the B2B sector in which the divisional segment falls. The project uses the traditional project management with all relevant instruments to achieve the highest added value. The main objective is the successful launch of the new website and the sub-objectives are identification the needs of the target group and description of the specific requirements for website in B2B business sector. Explanation of the project life cycle, along with the identification of specific needs for a website in the B2B sector, has subsequently serve as a methodology for B2B area of website realization.
Analysis the strategy and marketing communication on Facebook at a specific organisation
Pála, David ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Francová, Dana (referee)
The thesis focuses on the social media strategy and marketing communication on Facebook. The main goal of the thesis is to pursue an analysis of all the steps and parts of the strategy and marketing communication on Facebook at a specific organisation. The theoretical part starts with a general introduction of the internet marketing. The thesis further looks into the topic of social networks, their development, definition, principles and benefits for a company. A detailed study of each step of the social media strategy and main parts of the marketing communication on Facebook follows. The practical part includes the analysis of the suggested strategy and all parts of the marketing communication on Facebook. In case the practical part brings some imperfect results, the author adds data based on the summary of the theoretical part. The final analysis extended by author´s suggestions can act as a practical guide for similar projects.
Comparison of cashback portal and suggestions on its improvement in a specific organization
Smetanová, Lucie ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Záruba, Tomáš (referee)
Thesis on the topic Comparison of cashback portal and suggestions on its improvement in a specific organization"deals with the comparison of the three cashback portals (, VratnéPení and, and also proposals to improve the cashback Portal The theoretical part is mainly focused on online marketing and its selected tools (SEO, e-mailing, PPC, affiliate marketing, etc.). In the next part of the theoretical part is introduced to web design and its trends 2015 and also elements for easy web site for the user. In the practical part is first introduced to small emerging company and its three main projects-discount aggregator, affiliate network, Affiliate Club cashback Portal On the comparison of three cashback portals, URVratnéPení, and, with the addition of the word comparison drawn comparisons using multi-criteria decision making method of the weighted rating. Another part of the practical work is focused on proposals for improving the cashback Portal, with the aim of improving the services for users, attract new users, which is related to the increase of the profit of the company and also differentiate from other Czech cashback portals and popular long foreign cashback portals, for example. or
Analysis and development of responsive website interface
Beránek, Jakub ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Soukup, Petr (referee)
The thesis deals with the analysis and development of responsive interface of online stores' websites. The work is divided into several chapters, which can be divided generally into two main parts, theoretical and practical. In the first theoretical part there are different perspectives and analyzes, that need to be defined for web development and possibilities of progression of the web sites along with testing the correctness of individual steps and procedures, explained. The practical part consists in the implementation of the proposals and creating designs typical for company based on informations gathered from the analysis of the accessibility and usabiity of original pages and pages of competition. Part of crafting proposals and graphics is user testing, processing comments and found bugs. Thanks to these aquired knowledge there is in the final part designed and implemented new look along with a basis for possible further development and expansion opportunities in the future.
Analysis of Internet marketing in particular organization and application of new approaches.
Sedláček, Martin ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Říhová, Zora (referee)
The main target of this work is to monitor the current status and advancement of Internet marketing at pre-arranged trading company. From analysis to draw conclusions, submit them to the guidance, recommend next steps, let it them approve and begin implementing the newly proposed solutions. The author discusses how detailed survey of the current marketing market and customer analysis of the company due to the best possible choice of appropriate marketing techniques. The aim is to streamline the work, save costs, increase conversion rates, and increase the competitive advantage of the customer company. Practical steps are based on theoretical knowledge acquired before and during the creation of this work. The result already is deployed Internet marketing strategies. All the practical work is carried out in the customer enterprise on real data with real Budge on a real goods. The practical part includes evaluation of new marketing techniques, comparison with the prior and subsequent recommendations for the future.
Communication and Presentation of Information at JVTP - Analysis and Solution Proposal
Mlčák, František ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Chrobočková, Lenka (referee)
This thesis deals with communication and presentation of information at South Bohemian Science and Technology Park (JVTP). Information is a basic component of communication which is required to satisfy certain quality characteristics. These coupled with communication are characterized in the theoretical part. It is also focused on the communication phase of the project and communication tools. The analytical part is divided into two sections. Environmental analysis reveals potential of innovation environment of South Bohemia and also low awareness of JVTP. Analysis of JVTP focused on its services and operation, determine the strengths and weaknesses of the project, including a lack of communication activities. The output of the analytical part is a comprehensive analysis of the innovation environment, identifying the key topics to communicate and findings media reflection of JVTP, including innovation and research. There are used methods such as analysis of internal documents, electronic resources and survey. Results of the analytical part are compared with the three hypotheses. Acquired knowledge is applied in the third chapter, the proposed solution. Communication tools are effectively divided into three stages of communication. Along with key topics, communication tools and channels are forming a comprehensive framework for effective communication and presentation of information of JVTP.

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