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The schoolchild with ADHD and problematic behavior from a teacher's perspective
Pohlová, Aneta ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (advisor) ; Mašková, Anna (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with experiences of the teacher to pupils who were diagnosed with ADHD syndrome (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). The aim of this thesis was to find out what teachers see as the main issue while they work with children and what factors influence the relationshiop between teacher and pupil. The first part of the thesis describes the behaviour of child with ADHD in the school enviroment, relationships between teacher and pupil, school and family, and emotional experiences of pedagogues. Theoretical part is based on previous researches. The empirical part deals with qualitative research which is trying to find out what perspective educators have on ADHD issue and on problematic behaviour of children. The outcomes show, that teachers are focused on getting information from family enviroment. These information help them to better understand the pupil with ADHD. The most common problem faced by teachers is non- functional communication, parent's lack of cooperation, the predominance of negative emotions experienced by teachers and constant necessity to find new methods which could help the pupil with ADHD in educational proces. Keywords The pupil, problematic behavior, school, education, teacher's perspective, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Meanings of the tale Hansel and Gretel: A comparison
Pohlová, Aneta ; Kučera, Miloš (advisor) ; Klusák, Miroslav (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Meanings of the tale Hansel and Gretel: A comparison" is theoretical work. In the beginning, it focuses on the possible cause of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale's oral version. The following part compares versions of Italian, French, English, German, Portuguese, Polish and Czech folklore environment. Major variations of the fairy tale can be found depending on the way different versions were presented. All these versions very analysed through the representatives of the psychoanalytic and other interpretations. Each of these individual interpretations are being compared again and a new element in these interpretations is found, which is a feature of the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. Finally, the female and male reader will be familiar with modern adaptations, which once again confirms the diversity of the classic fairy tale. Keywords: fairy-tales, vision, Hansel and Gretel, psychological interpretations, psychoanalysis and comparison
Company Performance Measurement
Pohlová, Aneta ; Pikalová, Věra (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis Company performance measurement is to propose a particular approach of the Balanced Scorecard method implementation for the company IZOL94, s.r.o. that can lead to the increase in the competitiveness and efficiency of the company. Strategic objectives of the perspectives are deduced on the basis of strategic and financial outcomes and also measures as well as target values are assigned to the strategic objectives. The strategic initiatives that lead to fulfill proposed strategic objectives are determined afterwards. The final part of this thesis deals with risks and benefits related to the Balanced Scorecard concept implementation.
Evaluation of the Financial Situation of a Company and Proposals for its Improvement
Pohlová, Aneta ; Pikalová, Věra (referee) ; Sághy Estélyi, Kristína (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis on „Evaluation of the financial situation in the firm and proposals to its improvement” analyzes the financial situation selected company between the years 2009–2013. The aim of the thesis is to assess the overall financial situation of the enterprise IZOL94, s.r.o. and to form proposals leading to the improvement of the current financial situation. At first are summarizes the theoretical knowledge of strategic and financial analysis that will be used to develop in the practical part. In the next part are captured the information about the company and analyzes the current status of the selected and competitive company. Third part of the work captured the proposals and recommendations to improve current financial situation of the company.

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