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Supervision in Children's home
Kolouchová, Denisa ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (advisor) ; Mašková, Anna (referee)
The diploma thesis aims at the issue of supervision in children's homes. The goal is to map the provision of supervision services to pedagogic staff of children's homes. A theoretical part of the thesis defines the concept of supervision, its form, use and function. In the following chapters, more specifically, it focuses on supervision in institutional care. The empirical part of the diploma thesis will address how pedagogical staff of the children's homes perceives provided supervising meeting and whether there are some benefits for their career life and the supervision is effective. The practical part will also explore the experience of supervisors with the children's home environment and their staff. The research part will be realized in the form of semi-structured interviews with children's home educators, their directors and supervisors who work in the children's home environment. Key words: supervision, children's home, interview, grounded theory method
Activating Teaching Methods as an Effective Aspect of Teaching Grammar to Adult Students
Mašková, Anna ; Hejhalová, Věra (advisor) ; Schneider, Thomas (referee)
This thesis deals with the use of the activating teaching approaches and their effectiveness for understanding and mastering the grammatical phenomena of adult students, mainly in the corporate courses for German language. The students of the corporate courses have their specific set of learning aspects, particularly in the field of their learning biography, motivation, and the learning process that distinguishes them from the school-age students. These students, usually at the language level from A1 to B1 (CEFR), require the acquisition of grammatical features to improve their language production. Grammatical phenomena are taught in this method of teaching using classical, complex and activating approaches. The empirical research of this thesis deals specifically with the activating teaching approaches in the corporate courses. It contains the observations of the individual corporate lessons using activating approaches as well as questionnaires filled in by participating students. The thesis concludes und evaluates the contribution of activating teaching approaches to the motivation during the lesson, the effect that they have on the understanding and acquisition of the given grammatical phenomena for the target group of adult students. For the thesis conclusion, there have been formulated five...
Pollinators as a subject of science education in lower secondary school
This bachelor thesis is focused on pollinators as a subject of science education in lower secondary school. It includes survey of pollination, pollination syndromes and importance od the groups of insects involved in pollination. Comparative analysis of biology textbooks for lower secondary schools in terms of pollinators, pollination and results of questionnaire survey of student's knowledge on this topic. Based on this knowledge was designed a time - saving project to teach pollinators.
The ideal teacher through the eyes of children at first grade of primary school
Černá, Dominika ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (advisor) ; Mašková, Anna (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on discovery of possible "perfect teacher for elementary school children" based on results from qualitative research. Theoretical part of thesis is focused on, among others, the teacher as a person, his appearance and demeanor, teaching as a profession and teacher's authority. It's also covering topics such as specific pedagogic methods and skills, relationship between teacher and pupils, their evaluation and inappropriate behavior of teachers towards them. In this thesis, I'm working with children from younger school age, definition and further characteristics of this term is also part of the thesis. As well as some teacher's typologies. Empirical part on the other hand provides analysis and comparison of results from group activities of elementary school students. Research was conducted on two different elementary schools in Prague, where pupils (divided into two groups) were tasked with paining their visualization of perfect and worst possible teacher. After the painting was done, further discussion regarding specific remarks and reasoning took a place. Qualitative research was conducted by grounded theory method, specifically with painting and discussion. The final objective of this thesis is to find out, who is the best, and the worst, possible teacher for...
The schoolchild with ADHD and problematic behavior from a teacher's perspective
Pohlová, Aneta ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (advisor) ; Mašková, Anna (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with experiences of the teacher to pupils who were diagnosed with ADHD syndrome (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). The aim of this thesis was to find out what teachers see as the main issue while they work with children and what factors influence the relationshiop between teacher and pupil. The first part of the thesis describes the behaviour of child with ADHD in the school enviroment, relationships between teacher and pupil, school and family, and emotional experiences of pedagogues. Theoretical part is based on previous researches. The empirical part deals with qualitative research which is trying to find out what perspective educators have on ADHD issue and on problematic behaviour of children. The outcomes show, that teachers are focused on getting information from family enviroment. These information help them to better understand the pupil with ADHD. The most common problem faced by teachers is non- functional communication, parent's lack of cooperation, the predominance of negative emotions experienced by teachers and constant necessity to find new methods which could help the pupil with ADHD in educational proces. Keywords The pupil, problematic behavior, school, education, teacher's perspective, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Reflection of experience with school of boys from Diagnostic Institute for Youth
Mašková, Anna ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (advisor) ; Presslerová, Pavla (referee)
The diploma thesis makes use of qualitative analytical methods of the Grounded Theory to explore the theme of "reflection of experience with school of boys from Diagnostic Institute for Youth". It sets a goal to understand the context of subjective meanings of adolescent boys. The result of the analysis is a description of the dynamic metamorphosis in relation to the school, using the description of internal and external factors affecting this phenomenon. Among the main discovered themes belong the role of the authority of educator and the usage of supervisory tools and the evaluation of their effectiveness by their addressee. Furthermore, the thesis devotes to description of the transformation of internal motivational dispositions of the individual (needs, interests, attitudes and values). The two main themes synthesize to the concept of transformation of the relationship to school. The thesis is a qualitative probe into the inner world of the adolescent subjects who, at the threshold of adulthood, are teetering on the edge of a risky behavior and a socially acceptable experimentation which naturally belongs to this developmental period. The thesis flows into a formulation of theory, which is valid for this very specific context. Research data were obtained via interviews led in accordance with...
Damage to health as an intervention in the protection of personal rights under s. 11 and the following of the Civil Code
Mašková, Anna ; Šustek, Petr (advisor) ; Hendrychová, Michaela (referee)
DAMAGE TO HEALTH AS AN INTERVENTION IN THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL RIGHTS UNDER S. 11 AND THE FOLLOWING OF THE CIVIL CODE The topic of this thesis is the health damage as regards the interference in the personality rights within the legal frame of the Czech Republic. The main focus is the granting of damages for the incurred harm since the extent of claims arising from the health damage and their regulation in the Civil Code had not been long interpreted unanimously in theory and practice. The thesis elaborates on the constitutional basis of the personality rights and rights to the health protection and their statutory regulations; consequently, it interprets the statutory regulations related to the health damage as the interference in personality rights in the context of constitutional basis, using the available judicature and literature. Further, the thesis deals with the question of possible statutory limitation of the health damage claims for from the view of the fundamental rights and basic freedom, the extent of the satisfaction may be determined by the court only. This dispute has not been resolved in the theory so far, neither has it been decided in the judicial practice. Therefore, the thesis provides arguments which may be used when assessing the constitutionality of such limitation of damages...

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