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Support tools in education - The impact of increasing of the time allowance on the performance of pupils with specific learning disabilities
Frombergerová, Anna ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (advisor) ; Vítečková, Miluše (referee) ; Špačková, Klára (referee)
The dissertation focuses on the analysis of support measures in the education of pupils with special educational needs. The main area of the study is to increase the time allowance for the work of pupils with specific learning disabilities, which is one of the most frequently chosen forms of support for these pupils. After presenting the theoretical basis of the study, the research itself is presented. The research is a quantitative analysis of the performance of 9th grade elementary school students. The research group included pupils with SPU (N = 31) and intact pupils (N = 188). The students worked on the I-S-T 2000 R Intelligence Structure Test and their performance was statistically processed. Pupils with SPU had 25% more of time for work available than intact pupils, but they were also evaluated in basic time. We worked with their performance in the form of gross scores (that is correctly filled in items), the gross scores were not converted into intelligence quotients. Statistically significant results were found in the following areas. Pupils with SPU performed statistically significantly better within their group in all evaluated scales and subtests if they worked with increasing time (than in basic time). When we are evaluating the difference between pupils with SPU and an intact group of...
Aversive feelings of therapists to clients and ways of dealing with them
Kozlová, Simona ; Heider, David (advisor) ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (referee)
TITLE: Aversive feelings of therapists to clients and ways of dealing with them AUTHOR: Bc. Simona Kozlová DEPARTMENT: Department of psychology SUPERVISOR: PhDr. David Heider, PhD. ABSTRACT: The aim of this thesis is to gain insight aversive feelings experienced by therapists to the clients. Determine the causal characteristics of aversive feeling and their processing. The task is to examine whether there are links between the detected phenomena. The method of data collection, are interviews with a group of psychotherapists. When analyzing the responses I used qualitative methodology, specifically the Strauss and Corbin's grounded theory. The work is divided into theoretical part and empirical part. The theoretical part describes aspects affecting the therapeutic process, as well as forms of aversive feelings and their possible consequences on the therapeutic relationship. In the empirical part are presented and interpreted data obtained from interviews, which are analyzed. The main results include: aversive feelings experienced by the therapists include helplessness, frustration, anger, and frustration, exhaustion, disgust, fear and threats, abuse and failure. Aversive feelings occur depending on situational and personal characteristics of therapists and clients. A significant factor that contributes to...
Children's experience of transition from elementary to practical school
Voldřich, Michal ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (advisor) ; Purková, Veronika (referee)
This Bachelor thesis deals with transison of pupils from elemntary to practical school for pupils with special needs. The text is divided into two parts - the theoretical one and the practical one. In the first part are presented theoretical works focus on education and psychology of children with mild mental handicap. The second part is devoted to research which has been conducted at one of the practical primary schools. Materials were obtained due (thanks) to semistructured interviews with five boys and were afterwards analysed with the methods of Grounded theory. This research indicates how the boys perceive their study path before and after crossing to practical primary school and what did this crossing mean to them. Main attention is paid on relationship issues with classmates, teachers and learning.
Professional self-concept of school psychologist
Bartošová, Markéta ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
Diploma thesis Professional Identity of the School Psychologist, shows a profession of a school psychologist through the demands that are set before this profession, relationships in which the school psychologist is and a role in which he/she is engaged. The text is divided into a theoretical part, which contains information from the literature on the topic, part of the methodology, which shows the reader how to obtain research data and a practical part, which presents results of analysis of interviews with the school psychologists. In the first part we learn about issues of professional identity mainly from the perspective of social psychology. The text describes theoretically, on the basis of Czech and foreign literature, the profession of the school psychologist since its inception in foreign countries to the current forms. The theoretical part describes activities that characterize the profession of the school psychologist. Based on the work of several authors we specify the roles of the school psychologist. In the theoretical part we arise from the knowledge of professional identity of the school psychologist. Defining the profession of the school psychologist in the theoretical part provides basic understanding of the research chapters. The practical part is based on interpretation of...
Children at risk of compulsory school attendance
Kubálková, Petra ; Presslerová, Pavla (advisor) ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (referee)
This thesis deals with the postponement of compulsory school attendance. The theoretical part defines the characteristics of the pre-season in terms of the development of key competencies and skills as a prerequisite for entry into school and also describes the concept of school readiness and legislative definition postponement of compulsory school attendance. It also discusses the risk areas for children and their removal. The work also addresses the key factors that may dominate in the postponement of school attendance (eg. Family socio-culturally disadvantaged environment, attention deficits, speech problems, health problems) and possible sources of support for the child at risk for school attendance postponement (eg .: Family , kindergartens, educational-psychological counseling centers, special pedagogical center, leisure activities, etc.). I also mention the risk of early entry into primary school. In the practical part we will learn what areas of risk in children most often. Results get the records of the child's progress during the first term of the school year, based on which we can experience a significant shift of children in different areas and with the help of a questionnaire survey, observation of children. The aim is to map areas at risk children and to monitor the effect of specially...
Sexual harassment at universities: negative impacts on group
Lukáčová, Ivana ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (referee)
Purposeof my bachelorthesisis to chartexperiences and consequencesofvariousformsofgender and sexualharassment in the study group and influence on theatmosphere in thisgroup. In thetheoretical part isdescribedtheproblemofgender and sexualharassment in Czechrepublic and foreigncountriesincludingvariousattitudes to definethisphenomenon and findingsofitsoccurrence. Thenext part isdevoted to groupprocessesongoingamongstudents, specificstructureofthegroup, roles in thisgroup, identity group and groupbehaviour. In theempirical part isintroducedqualitativeresearch, whichwasworkedupbecauseofdatacollectionforthisthesis. Selecteddata and informationswerecompared and interpreted. Interpretationisfocused on negativeimpactsofgender and sexualharassment on a group, wheretheharassmenthappens. Keywords: sexualharassment, university, groupprocesses, gender
Dilemma of Choosing the Right University
Frombergerová, Anna ; Presslerová, Pavla (advisor) ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (referee)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to outline the choice of further education and future career possibilities of interviewed high school students. The research is dedicated to dilemma of choice, which means the students' decision process and to the factor specification, the latter of which due to their involvement influence the process itself. The first theoretical part explains used terms and chosen career theories. The next chapters deal with main factors influencing the students' decision-making process, motivation and specific motivation incentives, such as values and values orientation. The conclusion of theoretical part focuses on decision-making process and on the specific ways of decision-making. The main goal of the empirical part was not only to find out the course of decision-making process in relation to further education choice and career possibilities of questioned students, but also to identify particular factors influencing the students' choices. The empirical part concerns with the methodology of used research. The methodology is based on quantitative processing of fourteen semi-structured interviews. The method of content analysis is applied to working with the data. The empirical part presents and construes obtained data. Powered by TCPDF (
Teacher Burnout and Coping Strategies
Vondrová, Eliška ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (referee)
The purpose of the present study is firstly to investigate the problem of burnout among primary and secondary school teachers in the Czech Republic, secondly to explore the use of coping strategies against the occupational stress and burnout. According to many studies, burnout may be the result of unrelenting long lasting stress (Freudenberger, 1974; Holland, 1982; Peeters & Rutte, 2005). Correlation analyses was carried out in order to determine the relationship between burnout and coping strategies used by teachers. Subsequently the results were discussed with findings from several previous studies. Furthermore both teacher burnout and coping strategies were compared in various teachers' demographic variables - gender, education, age, school size and level taught, years of experiences and finally class and non-class teaching. In association with burnout, the results indicated 4,6 % of participants, who suffer from burnout often. 56 % teachers of our sample experience burnout rarely or very rarely and 39,3 % of teachers experience burnout never or very rarely. Significant difference was found in age category. Teachers in age 46-60 years experience the highest level of burnout. Regarding the coping strategies, 34 % of teachers use negative coping strategies. Positive correlation between level of...

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