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Corporality is Gods gift
Kubeš, Jiří ; Pařízek, Michal (advisor) ; Jandejsek, Petr (referee)
In the following work I try to grasp the theme of body and corporeality as a gift in Christian conception. Thus, in its first chapter, the work itself will go from the basic presentation of the polarity human body and spirit, the sacrament of the body and its conception as a body created according to the image of God. Thus, the reader will be able to look into the sacramental dual unity in man, the unity of the body and the soul that is desired and desired by God, and who is eternal in God. The second chapter, following the introduction of the body as an inseparable part of man, will elaborate the given theme of creation of the body to a greater depth to the conception of the created body as a gift. Here, the compilation offers the reader even greater insight into the mystery of the body through the Christian perception of the gift. The character and purpose of the gift then eventually distributes the work in its third chapter, existing with the consensus of the previous chapters, by approaching human corporeality and body through one single pattern, which is the body of Christ. On Christ's body, labor shows that, following Christ and the Church, coming out of this body, man in his body is called to the same path, that is, the path corresponding to the path of Jesus Christ. Key words Body,...
Effectiveness of the EU-Brasil Strategic Patrnership and its impact on the region
Škop, Martin ; Krausz Hladká, Malvína (advisor) ; Parízek, Michal (referee)
This paper concerns with the development of relations between the EU and Brazil. Even though the relations are now rather stagnant due to the internal problems of both parties and the 2008 "Great Recession" , the European Union in order to meet its goals in multipolar (or non-polar) order needs to increase the attractiveness of cooperation with non-traditional partners. Brazil certainly has the potential to be among these partners. This work therefore analyzes the EU-Brazil strategic partner- ship that was made in 2007 and is defined in its action plans and is the main communication chan- nel between the Union and Brazil. This Paper lays out the content of the partnership in order to eva- luate its effectiveness and to point out the key factors behind success or vice versa which cause stagnation in its implementation. To achieve this, we have identified several indicators that are con- sidered to be crucial in the action plans and other partnership documents, and on the basis of which their achievement will lead to strengthening the links between the parties. Keywords Strategic Partnership, EU-Brazil, EU External Action, Efficiency, European Union, International Relations, Global Cooperation, Mercosur
Influence of massmedia to upbringing of children
Jankovská, Tereza ; Kuchař, Pavel (advisor) ; Pařízek, Michal (referee)
This thesis is about mass media and their influence on upbringing. Theoretical part of thesis is focused on problems of mass media and upbringing and influence of mass media on upbringing. There are describe types and functions of mass media, their influence on the society, furthermore individually upbringing categories and specifics of 21st century. Thesis is closer focused on description of influence on individually digital mass media for upbringing, also on personality of child, and child support for right using mass media at last. In practical are descriptions and results of research through questionnaire which was focused on survey influence mass media in particular cases and their comparison.
Foreign policy of Trump's administration: Withdrawal from the Paris Accord through the lens of two-level game theory
Pastorková, Sabrina ; Karlas, Jan (advisor) ; Parízek, Michal (referee)
Foreign policy of Trump's administration: Withdrawal from the Paris Accord through the lens of two-level game theory Abstract Foreign policy of President Donald Trump has been a point of enquiry of many scholars so far. In the literature, we can observe a great diversity in opinions that attempt to explain his motivations in certain specific foreign policy actions. The main focus of this diploma thesis is laid on the withdrawal from international treaties, namely the Paris Accord from 2015. In this idiographic case study, we utilize the theory of two-level games by Robert Putnam which enables us to analyze the link between the domestic level of the decision to withdraw the international treaty. By identifying veto players in the U.S. political system, more concretely in its environmental policies, we were able to uncover the underlying notions behind the decision. Veto players in our case were the Congress with Republican and Democratic party, electoral impetus covering the general public opinion and new actors entering the public debate (private companies and states). Alternatively, we described the President's and his administration distinctive motivations. The thesis provides a new insight into the politics of the decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord. As per our findings, the electoral impetus is...
The global digital divide and the changing information flows
Melicharová, Eliška ; Parízek, Michal (advisor) ; Plechanovová, Běla (referee)
The thesis deals with the global information flows and its aim is to find factors which influence them. Firstly, the visibility of the country in international news is explored, i.e. which countries are dominantly represented in the international news. Secondly, the exposure of the country towards international news is observed, i.e how countries vary in the openness towards the international news. The thesis also seek to reveal factors which have an impact on the visibility of the country and on the exposure. The thesis consists of a recherche part with the theory of globalization and a quantitative analysis based on the dataset from 2014-2017. The thesis concludes that countries are represented unevenly with few dominant countries (the most dominant country is China, followed by USA and Ukraine) in the international news and that the most exposed countries have been found small developing countries (Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, etc.) from South America. Regarding the factors of visibility of the country, the highest impact has the size of population,and also GNI and the presence of violent correlated. On the contrary, all factors impacting the exposure of the country were found statistically insignificant.
The Rise of China and its Implications for Western Development Cooperation Policy
Ertürk, Saadet ; Parízek, Michal (advisor) ; Karlas, Jan (referee)
Bibliographic note Ertürk, Saadet (2019). The Rise of China and its Implications for Western Development Cooperation Policy. Master Thesis. Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Political Studies, Supervisors: Dr. Michal Parízek & Dr. Sebastian Ziaja. Abstract Recently new donors are beginning to challenge the international aid architecture of traditional Western donors by providing huge amounts of foreign aid to Sub-Sahara African (SSA) countries without political conditions attached, thereby undermining the bargaining power and influence of OECD DAC donors. Especially Chinas new role as aid donor causes a lot of scepticism among researchers. This master thesis investigates whether OECD DAC donors changed their aid allocation policies and patterns in response to rising Chinese foreign aid activities in SSA countries. So far, the literature investigating the relationship between foreign aid provided by traditional Western donors and aid by the Chinese government has been limited mostly due to the lack of accurate data on Chinese foreign aid. This study makes use of a new dataset on Chinese foreign aid flows in order to examine the response of OECD DAC donors to Chinese foreign aid activities in SSA between 2000 to 2014. It finds that contrary to current assumptions OECD DAC donors do...
Examining United States' Presidential Perception of the Energy Security in Period 2001-2017: A Content Analysis
Mazač, Jan ; Parízek, Michal (advisor) ; Karlas, Jan (referee)
Unprecedented expansion in U.S. shale oil and gas production since the mid-2000s, alias known as "shale revolution", has triggered a transformation of global energy markets and has altered many decades lasting geopolitical paradigms. However, whether and how such phenomenon affected U.S. governmental perception of energy security has not been addressed yet. With focus on the executive branch, this master's thesis attempts to do so and presents comprehensive and systematic descriptive account of perception of energy security and its evolution in 17-year period. Conceptualizing the perception of energy security in four measurable indicators, two quantitative methods, a humanly conducted and dictionary-based computer aided text analysis are exploited herein. Both analysis suggests that the U.S. presidential perception of energy security has been positively affected by this phenomenon and four decades long paradigm regarding the security of supply as a threat to national security has become obsolete. Furthermore, the number of statements, portraying the energy security negatively dropped by one fifth, and vice versa, the positive perception of the energy security augmented by factor four. The author anticipates that used methodological framework, especially the computer aided text analysis, serving as a useful...
Influence of foreign private actors on political decision-making in the Czech Republic: case study of Japanese and German economic actors
Barták, Petr ; Parízek, Michal (advisor) ; Kučerová, Irah (referee)
Influence of non-state transnational actors on decision-making of sovereign states is one of the most important topics in the international relations discipline. Some academic approaches consider this influence as quite important. Others perceive it as only secondary. Economic actors are a specific case because they on one hand bring know-how, employment and economic growth. On the other hand, they decrease sovereignty of the host states. This thesis tries to uncover influence of the two strongest non-state transnational economic actors in the Czech Republic - German and Japanese Chambers of Commerce. The topic of lobbying of these actors in the case of lack of labor force in the Czech Republic was chosen because of its good empirics. The text also aims to test assumptions according to which bargaining power of such actors is influenced by geographical distance between the host state and home country of the transnational actor. This thesis also wants to address the general topic of influence of the transnational actors on states in the international relations, based on the findings of this case study.
Outcomes of the operation of the international commission CICIG in the fight against corruption and organized crime in Guatemala
Melíšek, David ; Krausz Hladká, Malvína (advisor) ; Parízek, Michal (referee)
The thesis examines the results of the international commission against impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), founded in 2006 by an agreement between the government of Guatemala and the UN. It represents a unique tool of UN, connecting in its mandate national and international elements, whose singular goal is a fight against contemporary national crimes, in contrast to a more classical model of UN, which focuses predominantly on international or past crimes. The thesis tries to answer whether the level of corruption and presence of organized crime in the state institutions was lowered during the mandate of CICIG, whether the level of impunity was lowered at the national courts and how big of a role could be attributed to CICIG. The analysis is diveded into two parts. In the first one, based on a few key indicators, the institutional situation in crime prosecution in Guatemala is evaluated before and after the mandate of CICIG. In the second one, with the use of a process-tracing method, the role of CICIG in 3 key cases is analysed, especially concerning the power of its influence in Guatemala. A short discussion about the good and bad characteristics of the CICIG model concludes the thesis.
Cyber Security in the United States of America: Assessing the Role of the Department of Homeland Security
Hofmanová, Lucie ; Csernatoni, Raluca (advisor) ; Parízek, Michal (referee)
As one of the major players in cyber security, the United States (U.S.) holds a specific, national security-focused approach towards this field. The most prominent actor in the U.S. within this discipline is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which has released its own cyber security strategy four months prior to the overall national strategy. Based on its position in this domain and the specific relationship with the president of the U.S., the thesis aims to explore the DHS and its agenda-setting powers that were used to push its discourse onto the national level. This thesis examines the cyber security strategy of the U.S., specifically the position of the DHS in cyber security, and attempts to determine if this federal department used its influence to mainstream its discourse in the national cyber security strategy. The thesis further analyzes what is the cyber security strategy of the U.S., and if there has been a securitization of this field after 9/11. It draws on a variety of theories and analytical tools, including Hansen and Nissenbaum's securitization theory and agenda setting theory, as well as various methods of political discourse analysis, Fairclough's critical discourse analysis, historical analysis, and process tracing. Ultimately, the thesis reveals the securitizing...

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