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Analysis of customers satisfaction in a selected restaurant facility
Havlasová, Eva ; Oberhel, Martin (advisor) ; Bednářová, Martina (referee)
This thesis deals with customer satisfaction in restaurant named U Vnuka. The aim of bachelor thesis is to make marketing research in this chosen restaurant. The main keywords are marketing research, customer, customer satisfaction and questionnaire research. This thesis is composed from two parts. The first one desribes theoretical basis of chosen theme. It involves knowledge about marketing research, questionnaire research, customer and customer satisfaction. The second part describes research itself, its aims, procedure and single steps. The end is dedicated to conclusion of the whole research and also gives some recommendations to the owner of the restaurant.
Analysis of Marketing Mix Tools of a chosen Company in the Sphere of Tourism
Pavlátová, Lucie ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Oberhel, Martin (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is marketing mix analysis of a chosen company whose main business is providing services in tourism. This thesis is composed from two basic parts. The first one, theoretical, is focused on definition of marketing with description of specifics of services marketing, presents SWOT analysis and describes parts of extended marketing mix in detail. The second part, practical, apply knowledge presented in the theoretical part to real company Hotel Palcát. This part includes brief introduction of the company and analyses its marketing mix 8P. For better evaluation of this company, the SWOT analysis is also used. The end of the thesis is dedicated to summary of actual state of marketing mix and proposes some ideas for improvement for better performance of the company.
Analysis and Draft of the Marketing Strategy for selected Catering Firm
Miklošin, Ondřej ; Oberhel, Martin (advisor) ; Gunina, Daria (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyze the existing marketing communications of the White Circus catering company and to propose further potential communication activities for this company. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the basic concepts of marketing mix, focusing on the promotional mix and including modern marketing trends. The practical part of the thesis is dedicated to the White Circus catering company, a branch of the Ambiente catering company. First, a competition analysis of the White Circus company is carried out and its current marketing communications analyzed based on an in-depth interview with the White Circus marketing director. Based on the findings, the thesis then proposes innovative communication strategies for improved marketing communications of the White Circus catering company in the future.
Analysis of Beertourism Potential in the Vysočina Region
Tišl, Radek ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Oberhel, Martin (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to make an analysis of the potential of beer tourism in the Vysočina Region. I am going to fulfill this object by compiling the analysis of location and realization conditions and spatial deployment of particular products in this region. The recommendation will be suggested based on the results from this analysis, which might help to develop the beer tourism in the investigated area.
Green management of accommodation facilities
Zachodilová, Hana ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Oberhel, Martin (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to evaluate the application of principles of green management in selected accommodation facilities. The first part of the thesis summarizes theoretical knowledge of the area of accommodation facilities, hotel management and green management. This information serves as a basis for the second part, which analyses the common and different principles of green management on practical examples in eight hotels. At first, analytical part deals with elements, which are used in particular hotels and after that compares the data between examined hotels and relates it to the knowledge of the theory. The bachelor thesis shows that the hotels without certification try to protect the environment, but they are mainly focused on satisfying of economical goals, what greatly limits the application of the principles of green management.
Green management as the current trend in accommodation services
Komínková, Lucie ; Oberhel, Martin (advisor) ; Hajdíková, Taťána (referee)
The purpose of this work is to analyze the issue of Green Management and to carry out research on the accommodation used by Green management and to find out how customers perceive this accommodation. OASA Autocamp was selected for research in this work. Research explores how customers perceive this accommodation and how satisfied they are with it. This thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part, Green management is analyzed as such and briefly explained the procedures of marketing research. The practical part is focused on the research itself, where the goal of the thesis and its research questions are defined and the results of the whole research and its interpretation are presented. In conclusion, the recommendations are based on the results of the research.
The development of tourism in Třešť on the basis horseback riding
Florianová, Marie ; Syrovátka, Oldřich (advisor) ; Oberhel, Martin (referee)
This bachelor project is divided into theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part solves basic definition of tourism, assumptions, potential and process of creation of tourist product. Practical part analyzes actual situation of tourism in Třešť. The aim of the project is a proposal of a new tourist product, which is based on the analysis and on surveys. The main intention of the bachelor project is extension of the time spent by tourists in this location. It uses a natural potential, which the city has, while emphasizes a sustainable development. The product stands on analysis of assumptions, mutual cooperation and takes into account present segments of the guests (young couple and families with children) and actual preferences.
Revenue Management of Hotel Chain
Magnusová, Mariana ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Oberhel, Martin (referee)
The aim of this Bachelor thesis is the analysis of the effectiveness of Revenue Management in selected hotels of the hotel chain CPI Hotels. Through the theoretical knowledge author analysed the comprehensive methods and approaches of the Revenue management used in the hotel industry. The entire theoretical part summarizes the most important facts of the Revenue Management. The second, practical part is focused on more detailed analysis of the Revenue management approaches. Deeper are analysed results of the hotels in a period of five years, which are also compared with the overall average performance of the Prague market. Following information of selected indicators and used methods in last subchapter presents the evaluation and possible suggestions to improve the efficiency. The individual views of the improvement have especially subjective attitude of the author and may therefore be considerably limited with hers experience. These proposals could have a positive impact on the hotels management of increasing their occupancy and revenue optimization.
Management of Hotel
Zemanová, Veronika ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Oberhel, Martin (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to find out common and different features between the ways of management of selected hotels and after that to compare their ways of management with prevailing theory about the management of this type of organizations. Part of this thesis is to analyse management of three hotel organizations and their mutual comparison. First, there will be found information about the particular way of management in each of selected hotels, which will then be applied to theoretical knowledge. The result of this comparison will be information on whether the way of management in individual organizations corresponds with theoretical knowledge and whether, by contrast, could this knowledge be actually used. The next step is to compare individual hotels among themselves and based on results, which emerge from this analysis, the proposal to improve the management of individual hotels will be suggested.
Analysis of customer preferences in relation to products and services REX Controls, Ltd
Marková, Kateřina ; Hajdíková, Taťána (advisor) ; Oberhel, Martin (referee)
A topic of this thesis is an analysis of customer preferences in relation to products and services of the company REX Controls s.r.o. that focuses mainly on industrial automation and control systems. The goal of this thesis is to find preferred attributes when acquiring a control system and determine a level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Product attributes are determined by conducting semi-structured interviews. Analysis of customer preferences is based on a consumer research. Within the survey are involved two groups of experts on automation and regulation. Evaluation of the collected data is performed by using statistical tools. The results of the analysis and formulated recommendations for the company, which could help to achieve its objectives, are discussed in the conclusion part.

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