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Production of carpentry joints
Kliš, Vojtěch ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design of the technology for the production of the galvanized sheet. It is a carpentry joint that serves for joining wooden structures. The work is focused on metal forming, namely cutting technology. Based on the production series of 30,000 pieces/year, the shape and dimensions of the part, the method of shearing was chosen for production. Furthermore, the necessary technological calculations were performed. The tool consists of standardized components that have been selected based on the standards. For production was chosen eccentric press S 160 E from the company Šmeral Brno a.s. The price of one component is CZK 9.
Hot forging of projectile
Frydrych, Jan ; Císařová, Michaela (referee) ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (advisor)
The project elaborated design of technology production of artillery shell – thick walled component from plain steel 11 503. Based on the research of press forging and calculations, it was proposed to forge with production line which contains two forging presses. These allow us to use special way of forging. The forged piece is broached through several pulleys and its diameter is slowly getting smaller and required form is made. Forging tools and forging dies are made from steel 19 552
Production of chain wheel
Haltmar, Vojtěch ; Štroner, Marek (referee) ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the production of chain wheel using the method of die forging. The wheel is made of C45 steel and is a part of the transmission of construction machinery. Based on the required mechanical properties of the component and batch production which amounts 20,000 pieces per year, three operations die forging is proposed for the production. An intermediate good for the production of the wheel is a cylindrical block with a 50 mm diameter and length of 100 mm. The forming machine for the production is vertical forging press LMZ 1600 P/SH with the nominal force of 16 MN. The trimming press LKOA 200 with the nominal force of 2 MN is used to remove the excess material. Forging dies are produced from tool steel ČSN 19 650 and are based on the technical drawings. The thesis also compares the production of chain wheel by machining and die forging concluding that the use of die forging method saves an amount of 42 CZK per piece.
Production of gear
Svozilová, Lucie ; Štroner, Marek (referee) ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (advisor)
The project elaborated design of technology production of the spur bevel gear, which is made of a steel rod from material 12 050. Pursuant to of the literary pursuit and calculation is designed as a threeoperational forging in an open die with using of ejector. Forging is realised in the vertical crank press LZK 1600 P/SH, with forming force 16 MN. Shearing and punching is performed in the shear press LKOA 200. Forging dies are produced from alloyed instrumental steel 19 556 heat-worked according to drawing documentation.
Barrel forging
Moravec, Zdeněk ; Císařová, Michaela (referee) ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (advisor)
The thesis contains a description of basic specifics of small arms barrels. Further presents the overview of other production methods and describes the method of rotary swaging, its use in production of the small arms barrels and basic principles of forging machines. In the last chapter there is a general manufacturing process of general forged small arms barrel. The procedure includes a brief description of operations and a schematic images of selected operations.
Suitable lubricants for deep drawing of steel
Hřebíček, Pavel ; Staněk, Vojtěch (referee) ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (advisor)
The aim of this work is experimental evaluation of suitability of lubricants for drawing of stainless steel 1.4301 at elevated temperature, which corresponds to temperature in real process. The lubricant testing method is based on friction modeling between the pull edge and the retainer, which corresponds to the real process. Therefore, the design of the test fixture also conformed to this model. The result of the work is a comparison of the suitability of every single lubricants with the reference lubricant used in ACO Industries. The best results were obtained with AT Kalorex 650 S lubricant, which contains environmentally harmful additives.
Production of lock screw
Šlimar, Filip ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (referee) ; Císařová, Michaela (advisor)
The project elaborated design of technology production of a screw for fastening of car wheels, made of material 11 320.3. A literary study of cold forming technology was conducted. The blank diameter of 15 mm was calculated. Several possible ways of production were considered and the most suitable option was chosen. The necessary calculations were made for this variant, in which the forming force of 1 313 kN was calculated, which was the main requirement for the selection of the TPZK 25 cold forming machine. Part of the work is a drawing of a tool assembly, ram and die.
Production of cover plate
Rubáš, Petr ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (referee) ; Podaný, Kamil (advisor)
The thesis is focused on the proposal design of the technology of the production of the cover plate of the lock, which together with other parts forms part of the fifth door of the passenger car. The cover is made of 2 mm metal sheet and includes a number of bends, embosses, cuts and trimmed holes. Based on production requirements and a series size of 1,200,000 pieces over 3 years, the production using a progressive composite tool was chosen. The part will be made in eleven steps composing of cutting, stamping, bending and edging. Micro-alloyed structural steel S355MC was chosen as the most suitable material. The part will be produced on the press KSTU 5000-30-7G RKM from the company ANDRITZ Metals and the price of the product is 14,33 CZK.
Production of IT case
Holub, Dominik ; Peterková, Eva (referee) ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with proposal of technological process for production of computer case in EMKO Case a.s. Computer case is manufactured from a DX51D + Z275 steel sheet with thickness 1 mm. For manufacturing were chosen technology punching and press-brake bending as the best technologies. Master’s thesis contains literary studies of these chosen technologies. Based on literary studies were made technological calculations, proposal of technological process and choice of machines. For punching was chosen machine TRUMPF TruPunch 2000, for press-brake bending hydraulic machine TRUMPF TrumaBend 50V. For chosen solution is made technical and economical evaluation.
Assessing the influence of tool warming on the mass production process
Chrz, Jan ; Císařová, Michaela (referee) ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (advisor)
The work introduces literary study, which is devoted to sheet forming. Particularly to technologies connected with problem of pressing – blanking, bending and drawing. Further it is aimed at mass production of mouldings complicated in shape, which is nowadays supported by computer technologies (simmulation of sheet forming process, kinematics of the line, burden of the tool) and on warming of the tool. Warming of sheet formoning tools is redominatly caused by friction between the tool and semiproduct. It decreases lifetime (longevity, operable life, usable life) and quality of the moulding. Warming could not be elimitated, but could be moderated by use of lubricant for friction decrease and tool cooling, slower production or use of tempered tool.

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