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Hrabec, Pavel ; Hlávka,, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kraus, David (referee) ; Bednář, Josef (advisor)
The methodology of the design of experimnet has become an integral part of the optimisation of manufacturing processes in recent decades. Problems regarding designs of experiments are still up to date, especially because of a variety of approaches to collecting and evaluating data. Scientists in different research and development areas often do not take into account possible shortcommings or even essential assumptions of selected design and/or its evaluation methods. This disertation thesis summarizes theoretical bases of selected designs of experiments. Describes several applications of central composite design on responses regarding wire electrical discharge machining process. And compares different designs of experiment for response surfaces of five parameters with regards to algoritmic selection of statistically signifficant parameters.
Theatre of Slovácko I.
Zárubová, Veronika ; Kraus, David (referee) ; Sládeček, Svatopluk (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the location and design of a theater building in the body of a regional center - the town of Uherské Hradiště. The existing theater building is housed in a rented Sokolovna (sport-cultural building) on Tyršovo Square. There is also a small stage in a house on Mariánské náměstí. The capacity of the auditorium of the large scene is 370 spectators, corresponding to the needs of the city and the region. However the size of the stage is completely inadequate, the height of the flytower, the absence of back and side stages, Also, the workshops and warehouses are currently located away from the theater. The project addresses the current unfavorable situation of the theater, which is, in the long-term, interest to the city of Uherské Hradiště itself. For my own proposal I chose an unused site inside a meander of the Morava River. Besides direct contact with the river, the place is marked by its wide visual links to the surrounding areas and, at present, also the separation from the city center. As a result of the proposal, my hypothesis is that the overall regeneration and attraction of the embankment area will be enhanced by a proposed placement of a footbridge connecting both river banks. My aim was to build links between the theater and its outdoor spaces, which open up to the city with its publicly accessible areas. I believe that because of the chosen location on the embankment of the Morava river not only do I propose a public building but to extend the city center itself. One of the main objectives was to connect the natural element of the river and the surrounding environment with art, culture and the city itself.
Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood Nonparametric Estimation in Monotone Aalen Model
Timková, Jana ; Volf, Petr (advisor) ; Kraus, David (referee) ; Komárek, Arnošt (referee)
This work is devoted to seeking methods for analysis of survival data with the Aalen model under special circumstances. We supposed, that all regression functions and all covariates of the observed individuals were nonnegative and we named this class of models monotone Aalen models. To find estimators of the unknown regres- sion functions we considered three maximum likelihood based approaches, namely the nonparametric maximum likelihood method, the Bayesian analysis using Beta processes as the priors for the unknown cumulative regression functions and the Bayesian analysis using a correlated prior approach, where the regression functions were supposed to be jump processes with a martingale structure.
The Speech of Orthodox Icons: Icon as the Way to Christ
Drahotová, Hana ; Kraus, David (referee) ; Milfait, René (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis with the title: The Speech of Orthodox Icons: Icon as the Way to Christ deals with the topic of orthodox icons and their specific speech. It sets itself a goal to answer a question whether icons can talk to present man living in Western Christian tradition or to human in general as approximation of the centre of Christian message. It results from Orthodox Creed and makes an attempt to interpret sense, language and message of icons in the light of Christian message. The thesis is composed of four chapters. First chapter is more generalized. It tries to understand man as the general human being and thanks his manner of cognition the world to show the importance of existence of symbol in human life. It moves to insurmountable real symbol of Orthodox Christianity F to the icon. This is followed by the chapter about meaning of icon for the orthodox Church, about its theological sense and about icon as the highest artistic symbol of spiritual reality. The chapter about symbolical language of icons attempts to explain what is the real meaning of some symbolical meanings which icon uses for expressing its speech. The last part of the thesis, the chapter about what is the icon's message, tries to be an answer of the aim question of the thesis. Here it is dealt the joyful Christian message in the...
Design of UAV hardware - mechanical and electrical subsystem
Kraus, David ; Hrbáček, Jan (referee) ; Krejsa, Jiří (advisor)
Main topic of this thesis is creation of platform for testing stabilization and control algorithms for UAV. For chosen suitable model plane was designed a structure of control and power electronics. Research of suitable algorithms was made and some of them were implemented. For this algorithms gains were designed, using simulation. The whole system was tested and validated in flight.
Multicopter - dynamical model
Musil, Filip ; Němeček, Jakub (referee) ; Kraus, David (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis Multicopter - dynamic model deals with basic principles of multicopter flight and determining the position in space. Next part of the thesis is dedicated to the search of possible methods of compilation of dynamic model and implementation in Matlab/Simulink environment. The aim of this work is compilation of simplified dynamic model of multicopter which aims approximate real behavior in space.
Inertial measurement unit for mobile robots
Kraus, David ; Lamberský, Vojtěch (referee) ; Vejlupek, Josef (advisor)
Bachelor thesis Inertial measurement unit for mobile robots is focused on problem determination of position using inertial sensors. First part is reviw of available sensors and methods of processing data from sensors. Second part is implementation of chosen method and sensors in simulation and use it at real HW.

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