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Supercapacitors energy storage
Kovařík, Jakub ; Pavlík, Michal (referee) ; Boušek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This paper describes the design of DC/DC converters designed for charging supercapacitors and subsequent transformation of voltage to the desired value. In the text are presented decreasing and increasing switched-mode voltage converter including the calculation of the individual components and also the design of converter that combines both types. Using simulation software has been verified the function of each circuits, which can serves as a lower power backup supply.
Growth of larch species in reclamation area Antonín
Kovařík, Jakub ; Janeček, Vladimír (advisor) ; Bažant, Václav (referee)
This thesis deals with the growth of larch plantations on the spoil heap Antonín. The review part deals with approach mining and reclamation of areas devastated by mining, their definition in the law, then spoil heaps and types of larch species that live there. The outcome of the assessment of the growth of larch on 21 plots and regeneration that appears beneath them. The outputs are compared with other works on a similar theme. In conclusion, the proposed measures to improve growth and recovery.
The effect of fertilization and locality on yield of spring barley
Koželuh, Josef ; Černý, Jindřich (advisor) ; Kovářík, Jakub (referee)
This Bachelor thesis is focused on evaluating the impact of fertilization of spring barley by organic and mineral fertilizers, and comparing their effects on yield and quality. The literature search sought to determine spring barley requirements for environmental factors, nutrition and fertilization, and to determine cultivation problems, such as lodging, pests and disease. As an experiment included in my thesis, I conducted the long-term field study on plant nutrition, being performed since autumn 1996 at the Department of Agro-environmental Chemistry. In this study, three crops rotate in the following order: potatoes, winter wheat, spring barely. In the area of Červený Újezd the corn is used instead of potatoes, due to the agrotechnical reasons. The study took place at five areas (Suchdol, Červený Újezd, Humpolec, Lukavec, Hněvčeves). These are areas with different soil and climatic conditions, which are used to assess the influence of habitat. The experiment was conducted under several controlled conditions. The Control area was left fertilizer-free. The variant Manure involved organic fertilization with the potato-intended manure, with estimated dosage of 330 kg N/ha. Variant Kal was also fertilized with potato-intended manure, with the same amount of nitrogen as variant Manure. Variant Manure 1/2 + N was organically fertilized by the manure at a dose of 165 kg N / ha and subsequently fertilized for spring barley at a dose 55 kg N / ha in the form of ammonium nitrate with limestone (ANL). Variant N received only mineral fertilization 70 kg N/ha with ANL. In the Variant NPK, only mineral fertilizers were used (ANL, triple superphosphate, potassium salt) with the total dosage 70 kg N/ha, 30 kg P/ha, 100 kg K/ha. Variant N+straw was fertilized with 70 kg/ha of mineral nitrogen and a straw was always plowed after harvesting spring barley. The results clearly show that Červený Újezd is the most suitable area for the cultivation of spring barely. This experiment also confirmed substantial influence of fertilizer on the quality and yield of grain, as well as the influence of the habitat. NPK variant had the highest yield and quality in most locations, hence a variant with mineral fertilizers containing three basic nutrients. From the economical view, Control variant only was evaluated. Profitable production was reached only at sites Suchdol and Červený Újezd.
Experimental Magazine
Kovařík, Jakub ; Macháček, Mikuláš (referee) ; Ptáček, Jiří (advisor)
The Material is a line of physical events structured into the form of the magazine. Each event is an attempt to move in the same area in which similar conditions are given, but every time among different range of people. The self-destructive principle of the Material magazine is to return to the same thing and deal with it again and again. It means not to do anything new, do the same all the time as long as all possibilities are exhausted. To exhaust what is given, to squeeze it like a lemon, to resign on the open end. I think of Věra Linhartová, who ehxausted the Czech language by continual experiments. Every new event – a variation better than an issue – returns back to the previous variantions and tries to work with them again. This progression, teamwork, dealing with someone else´s texts and pictures and the object of the printed issue keep the context of the magazine. The Material is the grey area between the psysical thing-object and the event.
Economic analysis of KK TECHNOING co., Ltd.
Kovařík, Jakub ; Vávrová, Hana (advisor) ; Mikan, Pavel (referee)
This diploma thesis comprehensively analyzes the economic situation of a family-owned business, KK TECHNOING Co., Ltd, between 2010 and 2014. The analysis focuses specifically on quantifying the economic benefits generated for the businesses' owners. The theory of the thesis, including an introduction to the methodological apparatus applied in the analytical portion of the thesis, is presented after the foreword. The analytical portion is located after a short introduction to KK TECHNOING. The practical part of the economic analysis includes a horizontal and vertical analysis of the company's financial statements, ratios parallel system, the DuPont and the Economic value added analysis, creditworthy and bankruptcy models and a business sector comparison. All findings will be summarized and evaluated at the end of the thesis with specific suggestions for company improvement.
Financial analysis of KK TECHNOING co., Ltd.
Kovařík, Jakub ; Boukal, Petr (advisor) ; Špička, Jindřich (referee)
The main goal of this bachelor thesis is the realization of the global financial analysis of KK TECHNOING co., Ltd. over the years 2006--2010 with an accent on quantification and evaluation of economic benefits, generated by the company to its owner. In the theoretical part of the thesis all of the methodological processes that are applied in the analytical part, are introduced. This analytical part represents the core of the financial analysis starting with horizontal and vertical analysis of financial statements. This part is followed by a group of ratios containing profitability ratios, liquidity ratios, activity ratios and leverage ratios. In the second half of the analytical part the Du Pont analysis and the economic value added are covered. At the very end, the creditworthy and bankruptcy models, which will evaluate financial situation of the company and predict her future development, are also introduced. The final pages of this bachelor thesis include all of the discovered information and the total summary.

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