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The business plan concerning with hydrographical printing of things
Dubanský, Vladimír ; Špička, Jindřich (advisor) ; Mikan, Pavel (referee)
The main aim of this Bachelor Thesis is the preparation of business plan for the company dealing with hydrographical printing of any stuff and items. The theoretical part of the Thesis characterizes key concepts as the entrepreneurship, entrepreneur and legal forms of business. As a follow-up to this theoretical part the Thesis focuses on the business plan, primarily its structure. The practical part of the Thesis applies the theoretical knowledges and skills into the arrangement of particular business plan. The practical part contains company description, strategic analysis, marketing and financial plan of the company. The Thesis concludes assumptions for success of such project, prospective risk of the project and recommendation for entrepreneurs.
Strategic analysis
Senft, Tomáš ; Krause, Josef (advisor) ; Mikan, Pavel (referee)
The aim od this bachelors thesis is to create a strategic analysis of the company Al-Namura s.r.o. This company is focused on producing non-alcoholic beverages and wholesale with beverages. In the first part of the thesis teoretical terms and basic processes of strategic analysis are introduced. In the second part these processes are applied to create the strategic analysis of the company. Thanks to these metods we identify opportunities and threats and strengths and weaknesses. Results of each analysis are apply in SWOT analysis, which give us basics to create strategic recommendations.
Business plan of an automatic trading system on stock markets
Šatoplet, Filip ; Špička, Jindřich (advisor) ; Mikan, Pavel (referee)
The bachelor thesis consists of two main parts. The first one is the theoretical-methodological, which deals initially with the basic terms of business and their interpretations. The main aim of this section is to explain the essence and the importance of creating a business plan. There is also shown the structure of the business plan and the possibilities that can be implemented in it. In the practical part are applied these theoretical knowledge. The practical part is written in form of a business plan for setting up a company using automated business strategies to evaluate investment for the general public. For better understanding of demand, a questionnaire survey was conducted. The aim of this work is to evaluate the feasibility of this business plan. The business plan has highlighted the high demand for the initial investment project.
The strategic analysis of MEDISERVIS s.r.o.
Márová, Hana ; Mikan, Pavel (advisor) ; Tomášek, Roman (referee)
My Bachelor thesis is based on strategic analysis of MEDISERVIS s.r.o., a Czech distributor of medical equipment and services. I discus the beginnings and development of this 13-year old business and focus on the analyses of macro and micro factors, which affect the industry and the company itself. The macro factors are evaluated by a PESTLE analysis. The micro factors are assessed using a market analysis, Porters Five Forces Model and analysis of internal resources. My conclusion includes recommendation and suggestions for future development.
Financial analysis of the Žatecký pivovar, spo. s.r.o.
Kanta, Jan ; Mikan, Pavel (advisor) ; Boukal, Petr (referee)
The task of the thesis " Financial analysis " is to determine the financial health of a company in this case it is Žatecký pivovar, spol. s.r.o. The work is divided into four main sections . Into introductory, theoretical, practical and final part . The introductory section provides basic of this work. The theoretical part defines the concepts , formulate hypotheses and presents methods that will be used in the practical part. In the practical part is presented the firm Žatecký pivovar, spol. s.r.o. and also methods are applied , the results are presented for clarity in tables and graphs and subsequently interpreted. In the final part is evaluated financial health due to gained information and there are also some recommendations to improve or maintain the situation.
Financial analysis of company DENSO Manufacturing Czech, s.r.o.
Vu Thuy, Giang ; Mikan, Pavel (advisor) ; Vávrová, Hana (referee)
The main aim of the Bachelor's thesis "Financial Analysis DENSO Manufacturing Czech, s.r.o." is to conduct a comprehensive financial analysis company Denso Manucfacturing Czech s.r.o. and to assess its financial health in the years 2009 - 2014 and the supplement development of company in the year 2015. The thesis consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part provides an overview of financial indicators. Among the methods of the financial analysis include horizontal and vertical analysis, ratio analysis , Du pont ROE, bankruptcy and credibility models, analysis of differential indicators, economic value added, intercompany comparison. In the practical part is description of the company and the application of different methods.
Use of the internet for fundraising in non-governmental organizations
Apoštol, Ladislav ; Vávrová, Hana (advisor) ; Mikan, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this Master´s Thesis is to analyse the way in which non-governmental organizations approach the use of the internet for fundraising. The Master´s Thesis explores attitudes of non-governmental organizations towards this medium as well as the factors that motivate these organizations to use the internet. In order to achieve the aim the author carried out qualitative research based on semi-structured interview attended by representatives of a total of ten selected non-governmental organizations. The results show that non-governmental organizations use the internet for fundraising, however there are considerable gaps in their effectiveness. Online fundraising does not entail a significant financial source. Non-governmental organizations use the internet mainly to build a relationship with their supporters. Online fundraising is therefore seen as a complement to classic fundraising methods that still dominate in case of Czech non-governmental organizations.
Application of Balanced Scorecard
Jandová, Alena ; Neumaierová, Inka (advisor) ; Mikan, Pavel (referee)
The concept of the Balanced Scorecard taking a part in the strategic management of a company, is a main focus of this thesis. There are the theoretical and methodological parts of the Balanced Scorecard characterized individually, as well as the development and the history of this concept. This thesis is dealing with a draft of the practical implementation of the mentioned methods. The practical part of the thesis is following the theoretical introduction where the practical part is focused on a practical application of the Balanced Scorecard method for a specific company. The company is specified by the Corporate Performance and Business Model Canvas by using the PESTEL Analysis, Porter's Five Forces Model and Financial SWOT Analysis. The company strategy is specified based on the previous conclusions. The set strategy is an underlies for a follow-up Balanced Scorecard, where causal links between the intended targets and the strategy are displayed in the Strategic Map. The implementation of the strategy to the everyday use of the company is a part of the thesis, as well.
Business plan
Foltýnová, Marie ; Špička, Jindřich (advisor) ; Mikan, Pavel (referee)
The master's thesis deals with the issue of business plan for a start-up company. The theoretical part explains the business plan in terms of its content requirements and its role in business, discusses the principles of creating a business plan and describes its structure. After the initial characterization of business opportunities, the practical part presents mission and vision statements, including company's strategy, introduces readers to results of a strategic analysis and presents a marketing strategy. Based on financial planning the business plan also evaluates economic efficiency and pays attention to potential risks.
Business plan
Kováč, Michal ; Mikan, Pavel (advisor) ; Vávrová, Hana (referee)
This bachelor´s thesis processes the business plan of a specific company, and it is supposed to serve as a basis for the eventual foundation of said company. The company itself can be classified into the service sector of the economy, based on operating a restaurant business by day and music club business by night. The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part describes the structure and the individual parts of the business plan, and describes the various types of businesses in Czech Republic. The practical part describes a specific business plan of a company named 300, including a financial plan for the first year.

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