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Education in the geographical context of the Ladakh's village Mulbeck
Kalusová, Adéla ; Novotný, Josef (advisor) ; Kolomazníková, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on primary education in India with own empirical case study of the village of Mulbeck in the region of Ladakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Author explored the role of education in the lives of local residents and the function of the Spring Dales Public School in the specific context of the local cultural and natural environment. Own field research was realized through the author's stay in the village as a volunteer placement organized by an NGO Brontosauři in the Himalayas that supports the Spring Dale Public School. The collection of data took place during July 2017. The author conducted 31 semi-structured interviews with various local agents who are directly or indirectly involved in the school functioning. The interviews were analyzed using qualitative research methods. The findings from interviews suggested that both the access and perceived importance of education has change significantly, while it is not only considered as a major factor of a quality employment but of the general development of Mulbeck. This is related to structural changes in employment with more people looking for a work in the tertiary sector. Modernization and structural change, nevertheless, do not seem to weaken perceived importance of traditions and local culture but, on the...
Factors of education in Africa and their regional differentiation
Tillová, Petra ; Hasman, Jiří (advisor) ; Kolomazníková, Jana (referee)
Factors of education in Africa and their regional differentiation Abstract Education is one of the primary driving forces of development and its importance in the poor countries is undoubtable. The aim of the diploma thesis is to identify the most significant factors affecting education in African states and to analyse them by using of the additional sources and data. The theoretical part points out the complexity in the education and introduces selected approaches in the education studies. The empirical part consists of the research of summary reports by UNDP (MDGs) and UNESCO (EFA) for countries with available reports in English; and analysis of particular factors connected of discussion with another scientific publications. These factors were classified on the basis of literature, to macro and micro factors first, subsequently according to the meaning. The most mentioned factors in the summary reports were school factors (school expenditures, teacher quality), political and economic factors (poverty) or sociocultural factors (women status). According to the conducted research it is obvious that the complex perspective of this issue and including as much factors as possible is essential. The variation coefficient was set for the possibility to find regional differentiation for particular groups of people...
Selected problems of primary education in Cambodia
Huňková, Zuzana ; Novotný, Josef (advisor) ; Kolomazníková, Jana (referee)
The thesis examines the Cambodian basic primary education, particularly concerning the problems of financial accessibility and teacher's quality. After describing the historical context, the author analyses available evidence on the current situation of the Cambodian primary education as well as measures undertaken for its improvement. The empirical part examines twelve semi-structured interviews with informants with a diverse background (NGO workers experienced in the area, elementary and lower secondary teachers, and recent students). The research confirmed the importance of the problem of teachers' quality also related to their low education. Problem of informal payments restricting access to education for some pupils was not completely confirmed. Although these problems have remained - both according to informants and literature - the critical challenges of Cambodian education, the findings suggest that recent years have witnessed notable improvements in both these areas. Key words: basic education, teachers, Cambodia, accessibility, quality
Environmental Education and pupils' transport behaviour of selected Elementary School in Czechia
Šafránek, Michal ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kolomazníková, Jana (referee)
This thesis deals with the environmental education and the modal choice of transport, especially pupils traveling to school. The main object of the thesis is to determine, whether has the environmental education positive impact to a transport behavior of pupils and to their exploitation environmentally friendly means of transport. First part of the thesis is based on czech and foreign literature, it represents importance of the environment for people and other animals and plant species and deals with impact of transport on environment. This part also analyzes the environmental education and its possibilities, position and legislative and curricular anchoring in these times, everything with emphasis on influence of transport on the environment. Empirical part of the thesis is connected with first theoretical part of the thesis. Through a survey at czech elementary schools this part analyzes view of schools on transport and environmental issues and main factors, which influence modal choice. Two Prague elementary schools situated in similar type of a housing development with different approach to teaching the environmental education are studied in detail. Results suggest, that incorporating the environmental education into teaching leads to changes in transport behavior only in connection with...
Telemetry of the Long eared owl (Asio otus) in the wintering place in Kladno
Kolomazníková, Jana ; Řezníček, Jan (advisor) ; Hanel, Lubomír (referee)
23/6/2011 Kosterní zbytky v potravě kalouse ušatého 7 jako ukazatele populačních změn drobných savců 1.2 Abstrakt v anglickém jazyce The diploma thesis is called Skeletal Remnants in Diet of Long-eared Owl Asio otus (Linnaeus, 1758) as The Indicators of Fluctuation in Size of Population of Small Mammals in Wintering Place in Kladno-Kročehlavy. The thesis deals with oversight of Long-eared Owl in his wintering site, analysis of his diet, and estimation of population changes in the diet of small vertebrate. It also consists of the estimation of changes in gender of small mammals and in the content of his diet, and of studies morphological traits done on pelvises of males and females of common vole. As part of didactic section there were laboratory exercises completed. The focus was on the analyses of pellets and the assignment of small vertebrates in the diet of Long-eared Owl. The main monitoring was completed in the period of autumn 2009 till the end of winter 2010. The results showed significant changes in the population of small mammals included in the diet of Long-eared Owl could bring new knowledge about population dynamics of small mammals. Another part of monitoring of population of Long-eared Owl was also tramping and ringing. Most of the materials used for this analysis of the diet came from the...

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