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Alone in a Crowd: Charles Baudelaire and 20th-Century and Contemporary Art
Jirátová, Kristýna ; Bydžovská, Lenka (advisor) ; Urban Otto, (referee) ; Hlaváčková, Jitka (referee)
Alone in a Crowd: Charles Baudelaire and 20th-Century and Contemporary Art The dissertation called Alone in a Crowd explores the influence of the poet Charles Baudelaire's personality and work on 20th-century and contemporary art. Due to the field of study, the main focus is on the visual arts, but literature, music, philosophy, and film are also included to a large extent. This dissertation is divided into four substantive chapters. The first chapter, The Inner Message, introduces the poet's life, his family and acquaintances, as well as Baudelaire's poetry collection The Flowers of Evil. Themes of evil, ugliness, fear, death, and even a relationship to their mother, father and women are common for 20th-century and contemporary artists. This chapter presents Félicien Rops, James Ensor, Edvard Munch, Hans Bellmer, Francis Bacon, Joel-Peter Witkin, Kurt Cobain, members of the Young British Artists group, Lars von Trier, and others. The second chapter pursues the correspondence theory. The character of the Swedish philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg and his successor, William Blake, is followed by Baudelaire's understanding of sensual and spiritual correspondences, as his principles are adopted by modern artists in a distinct manner. The third chapter called "On the Edge of Society" covers the curse...
Phenomenon of walking
Hlaváčková, Jitka ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Lapka, Miloslav (referee)
The thesis is focused on the phenomenon of walking and it's influence on the human perception of the environment. Walking is conceived here as a sustainable way of life and is discussed in three different dimensions: social, environmental and spiritual. It therefore maps the meaning of walking in the human life and it's impact on the environmental concern. The social, environmental and spiritual dimension of walking is presented in the theoretical part of the thesis. There is an analysis of the influence of walking on human health, formation and evolution of hiking trails and ways of the human life within them. In addition, it also deals with the concept of the perception of the nature and the human relation to it. The empirical part of the thesis introduces quantitative research of the pedestrians environmental concern which was carried out in the form of a questionnaire survey. The data from this research is then compared with the data from a representative sample of the population of the Czech Republic obtained in the framework of ISSP Environment III research. Key words: walking, sustainable way of life, perception of nature, environmental concern
Graphic Scores as a Way towards Reality. Example of "Complex Realism" in the Works of Czechoslovak Artists of the 1960s and 1970s within the Context of International Experimental Creation Movement.
Hlaváčková, Jitka ; Lahoda, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Wittlich, Petr (referee) ; Bláha, Jaroslav (referee)
The present work deals, from a general point of view, with the research of methods of depiction. In particular, it focuses on the phenomenon of graphical or visual scores in the former Czechoslovakia within the context of experimental creation movement of the early 1960s. It tries to discover the historical and also immediate social and artistic sources of their existence. It finds them in the need to express the primary (empiric) sensual experience, free from any formal assumptions stemming out of the traditional ways of depiction. The text points out mainly to the multidisciplinary qualities of the studied phenomenon defining "intermediality" as a "realistic tendency" and trying to substantiate both the origins and importance of intermediality within the artistic context of second half of 20th century by means of reflexion of older sources from the fields of history of art, music, philosophy (T. W. Adorno), sociology (M. McLuhan), semiotics (N. Goodman), as well as through original analysis of material. The work further investigates into the parallels within the evolution of visual art and music, mainly of the early avant-garde period (Dadaism, birth of conceptual art and complex work of the Bauhaus circle). It reflexes on the contemporary, and mostly foreign, context of the existence of the...
Foreign communities in the Czech Republic and NGO's dealing with their integration into society
Hlaváčková, Jitka ; Kačaba, Ivo (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
This bachelor thesis Foreign communities in the Czech Republic and NGO`s dealing with their integration into society is focused on foreigners, who reside in the Czech Republic, their integration into Czech society and non- profit organizations, which deal with this integration. I enlarge here the non- profit sector, migration in the Czech Republic in the past and today, integration and integration policy in the Czech Republic and the particular non- profit organizations, that works with the foreigners and help them to integrate into mainstream society.
The sculptural work of Jiří Seifert
Hlaváčková, Jitka ; Wittlich, Petr (referee) ; Lahoda, Vojtěch (advisor)
The present thesis focuses on sculptural work of Jiti Seifert and its evolution within the context of Czech and European art of the 2nd half of 20th century. It contains a detailed study on sources of inspiration and circumstances of Seifert's work as well as sculptor's artistic curriculum. The latter is divided into three main periods following the evolution of his artistic activity. Due to sculptor's personal engagement, these periods match closely with the recent political history of Czechoslovakia. The 1st period, that comprehends the author's seek for own artistic expression, dates since the beginning of his studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague and culminates in the abstract artworks inspired by Jean Arp and Henry Moor. Its final point is marked by the execution of the Belfry for Jan Palach (1969) sculpted during the symposium in St. Margarethen, Austria. It is also during this event when Seifert meets Karl Prantl, an Austrian sculptor who influences him in his work forever since. The 2nd period that is marked by the limited possibility of realization extends between the years 1970 and 1989. On one hand Seifert turns back to the private world and looks for inspiration emerging out of personal life and feelings while, on the other hand, he also gets new impulses from pre-historic art and...

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