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Castellology as a historical-cultural inspiration source imn art education
Pospíšil, Aleš ; Šamšula, Pavel (advisor) ; Bláha, Jaroslav (referee)
The dissertation thesis "Castellology as a historical-cultural inspiration source in art education", is dedicated to the historical discipline castellology and its developing aspects shared with art education and general education. One of the main parts of the thesis is the finding of historical connections between ancient disciplines and their intentional and functional influences in a social sense. In terms of historiography there are also some articles devoted to selected authors, whose influence was fundamental to both disciplines. The thesis surveys not only a historical point of view, but also the contemporary situation. The empirical part of the thesis is based on the theoretical part. From the information gained in terms of historiography, it was necessary to include research on a teacher's personality. The empirical research surveys the frequency and usage of themes and subjects connected with castellology in the lessons of art education by pedagogues at secondary school level in the context of their personal interest. The investigative and the theoretical parts are dedicated specifically to the Czech environment. In both cases foreign settings are only briefly covered.
Art group 12/15 Better Late than Never and its position in the Czech art after year 1989
Mayerová, Miroslava ; Bláha, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Čech, Viktor (referee)
Miroslava Mayerová Abstract Annotation Mayerová, Miroslava: Art group 12/15 and its position in the Czech art after year 1989. [Diploma thesis] Prague, 2019. Charles University in Prague, Faculty of education, Art education department. Title of the Diploma's Thesis: Art group 12/15 and its position in the Czech art after year 1989 ABSTRACT: The aim of the thesis is to describe and analyze the position of the Art Group 12/15 Better Late than never at Czech art scene after the year 1989, with an emphasis on generational changes and postmodern turn. In didactic part, the intention was to establish the awareness of the art group in the minds of students and, based on interdisciplinary ties, to repeat and broaden their knowledge of contexts. The theoretical part of the thesis is based on historical, art-historical and social science literature. To illustrate the time, atmosphere and position of Group 12/15 as precisely as possible, semi-structured and unstructured interviews with the group members themselves were used as a methodology. The diploma thesis shows that Group 12/15 and its generation are the bridge between the 2nd avant-garde, postmodern and contemporary art, maintaining the continuity of the Czech art scene. The didactic and practical part points out the importance of intergenerational discussion...
Tracks in contemporary art
Houšková, Aneta ; Daniel, Ladislav (advisor) ; Bláha, Jaroslav (referee)
The diploma thesis as a whole deals with the topic of tracks in contemporary art. It is divided into three parts. Theoretical, didactic and practical part. In the theoretical part, I first define what a track means to me and I apply this definition when searching for tracks in the works of contemporary artists. The theoretical part of the work includes an interview with Patrik Proška, an artist creating some of his works in public space. In the didactic art project, created for high school students, the topic of tracks is viewed somewhat more freely. The main goal of the thematic unit is to lead students to think about tracks through their own artistic activity. Based on the experience gained, they should be able to think about the transience of the tracks, the meaning of our legacy and the consequences of our existence. I especially focus on the art area related to land arts and street art or graffiti. The practical part is the result of my reasoning about the tracks left in public space. I established my reasoning on the knowledge gained in the theoretical part. The result is a set of author's books that document my thoughts on the tracks found or created. I focused my attention mainly on the human desire to leave their tracks in the public space. KEY WORDS track, public space, art, land art,...
Usage of public space in connection to visual art and education
Viková, Tereza ; Arbanová, Linda (advisor) ; Bláha, Jaroslav (referee)
VIKOVÁ, Tereza. The Uses of Public Space in Connection to Visual Art and Art Education [Dissertation]. Prague, 2019. Charles University, Faculty of Education, Art Education Department. 98 pages (Attachments on CD: 1 text, 2 image attachments) The subject matter of the master's thesis is the use of public space. Namely a way of use when the user, on the basis of self-awareness in the common space, feels and assumes responsibility for this space. The author is particularly interested in the moment of focus, which may (or may not) result in action and become a change. In this context, the so called gentle action phenomenon is being mentioned. That is, an individual's actions emanating from within the system itself, which is usually characterized by subtle action with a deeper, more far-reaching effect. The author's central ideas are applied in a thematic series consisting of a combination of a didactic and an artistic part. Together, they create a coherent whole. The author shows her own approach to the problem (in relation to fine art and art education) based on the extraction of a public space element from its everyday environment, its temporary appropriation and restitution. Particular topics reveal the aspects of private and public and outline the ways in which the user relates to his or her...
Romanesque rotundas in Prague and their value for art education
Kuprová, Kateřina ; Daniel, Ladislav (advisor) ; Bláha, Jaroslav (referee)
The first part of the thesis deals with Romanesque rotundas. These are introduced and set in historical and cultural context of the early Middle Ages to understand the cause of their origin. A substantial part is devoted to formal analysis of individual rotundas located in Prague and its close surroundings, their function in various interpretations of Czech researchers. The next part of the thesis is dedicated to the work itself where the original parts of the individual rotundas are drawn. The theoretical principles are applied in the last part of the thesis, where they are united with a/r/tography research. It is described and used for subsequent methodical series of art education, which were taught at the first grade of primary school.
"...Zeus… of Iscariot" Transformations of concepts and depictions of classical mythology throughout art's history and it's transfer to new generations.
Šik, Jiří ; Čech, Viktor (advisor) ; Bláha, Jaroslav (referee)
In my thesis I focus on classical Greek mythology and its origins and meaning in the life of an individual. The thesis deals with its interpretations, understanding and treatment across various periods in the history of art and on the transformations of classical figures within new contexts, since the antiquity untill the present day. In the didactic part, I present my concept of an educational project intended to mediate the classical myths to the new generations, with the help of important works of Western art as the visual base. Realisation of this project has proven that stuends actualy are eager to learn this subject. The practical part of the thesis describes the potential of modern media for educational purposes and the spread of knowledge of classical mythology. It offers a draft of my educationally-artistic project in the Czech environment, which makes use of this potential. The series of paintings serves as the first step towards the creation of such project. Deepening of knowlidge of classical mythology is instrumental for growth of individual and with him of society. It would be short sighted to push this theme somewhere to the background and forget about it. After all, its representation in art only proves that it was allways source of inspiration.
Collage and its development peripeties with in connection to nontraditional means of expression and artistic techniques
Marxová, Lenka ; Bláha, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Uhl Skřivanová, Věra (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is the development and transformation of a collage which overlaps to non-traditional expression means and art techniques. The theoretical part deals with the change of a collage and its peripetials. It presents reflections on what still can be considered a collage, not only in terms of techniques with collages closely related (eg, assemblages, de-collage), but mainly in terms of the individual principles that allow to grasp collage as a concept and to observe it in various domains. The issue of a collage, examined in the theoretical part, is transformed into a thematic serie, which is presented in the form of didactic structures that were implemented in school practice and reflected by the teachers. The artistic part depicts an author's project using one of the presented collage principles - joining of individual components into the resulting whole. The project, among other things, deals with the question of whether it is possible to construct an identity of a certain place using visual records of different participants separate pages of the book. Key words: collage, assemblage, de-collage, montage, crumple technique, technique of stratification, cumulation, art object, installation, concept, body art, digital collage, net art, art education
Survey and Diagnostics of Reinforced Concrete Structure
Blaha, Jaroslav ; Heřmánková, Věra (referee) ; Anton, Ondřej (advisor)
The subject of this master’s thesis is the diagnostic survey of the industry cast-in-place hall. The thesis contains theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is focused on available options of diagnostic methods and options of materials evaluation. The practical part contains material assessment of chosen elements of construction. This part of thesis is focused on localizing the position and the diameter of reinforcement in every single element. Next step is focused on the quality of the concrete, particularly compressive strength and modulus of elasticity. The modern machines, like Hilti PS 1000 and Profometer PM-630, are used to localize the position and diameter of reinforcement. The quality of concrete is determined by removed bore core. Evaluation of material characteristics of the structure is in the conclusion.

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