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Refugees in light of the message of the Bible
Ondráčková, Alžběta ; Heryán, Ladislav (advisor) ; Martinek, Michael (referee)
This thesis focuses on the biblical view of refugees in the context of the current events. It analyses the examples of refugees described in the Bible and general biblical principles that apply both to the refugees and to those who welcome them in their own countries. It shortly describes the situation in a few European countries and also mentions one particular story of a refugee. The thesis applies the conclusions drawn from the biblical stories and principles on the current situation with the goal of providing the biblical view on some of the actual questions concerning refugees.
The story of Biblical Ruth and its inspiration for social issues.
Jarosilová, Veronika ; Heryán, Ladislav (advisor) ; Roskovec, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis entitled "The Story of Biblical Ruth and Its Inspiration for Social Issues of Today's Society" is focused on the analysis of the book Ruth, comparison of some of its interpretations and application on social issues of today's society. Although it is a short book, its importance is not negligible. The Jews even read it in the synagogues during the feast of weeks known as Pentecost. Thus, it belongs among the five festive scrolls. Some general facts about the book, like its origins, are still being discussed. There are, however, no great differences between the interpretations of the book compared in this thesis. The authors agree on a hopeful message with the call to faith in God and love for others. The Book of Ruth can be inspiring on issues of individualism and indifference, prejudice or care for the elderly. It is a book full of kindness, generosity, family cohesion and mutual solidarity. KEYWORDS: faith, hope, interpretation, inspiration, love, solidarity
Sionism and Rebirth of Israel
Čálková, Marie ; Heryán, Ladislav (advisor) ; Jančařík, Zdeněk (referee)
Bachelor thesis Zionism and Israel's creation focuses on the history of Zionism and the creation of the State of Israel from the period of the kings to the present day. The first chapter provides definitions of key words. The second chapter deals with the early history of Israel from the period of the kings, through the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods, the presence of the Arabs and the Crusades to the situation of Jews in Europe. The third to fifth chapter describes the situation of Jews in Europe, their departure to Palestine and its colonization, the course first to fourth wave of immigration, and the first meeting with Great Britain. Chapters six to nine deal with the situation of the Jews during World War II and the Jewish Question, further division of Palestine and the creation of the state of Israel itself and describes the first five Arab-Israeli wars and Arab nationalist uprising - intifada. The last two chapters deal with the economic political situation during the 65 years of the state, as well as the outlook for the future of Israel. In conclusion, it appears a brief summary and evaluation of project objectives. The annex contains a list of organizations whose names appear in the thesis and maps describing the partition of Palestine. Powered by TCPDF (
The use of the Bible in pastoral work with ill people
Halámková, Miriam ; Martinek, Michael (advisor) ; Heryán, Ladislav (referee)
The aim of this thesis titled "The use of the Bible in pastoral work with ill people" is to explore the ways how this fundamental book of Christianity can be used in pastoral work with ill people. In the first chapter, there are defined general pastoral care, its meaning and the care of ill people. Futhermore, the ill person as an object on which is this care focused, his needs and some specifics of conversation with such a person and also a person accompanying the ill as the one who provides the care. The second chapter deals with the pastoral theme in the Bible. In the times of the Old Testament the shepherd was one of the most inferior professions. Nevertheless, it is given as an example for the behavior of the spiritual leader to the people of whom he cares about. In some books of the Bible there is described how a shepherd should behave to his flock. In the New Testament then it is spoken of Jesus Christ as the good shepherd who takes care of his sheep, which represent individuals in the church. The chapter provides some inspirations in Christ's behavior for today's pastoral work with ill people. The third chapter is devoted to a description of the selected options of the use of the Bible in pastoral work with the sick. These include personal approach to accompanying to it, reading stories, but...
Al-Andalus and Mozarabs
Jun, Tomáš ; Hošek, Pavel (advisor) ; Heryán, Ladislav (referee)
In my thesis I deal with the question whether we can consider the social system of al-Andalus as religiously tolerant. I represent al-Andalus, the Iberian state, dominated by Muslims of Arab and Berber origin between 711-1492. I focus on the reign of the Umayyad dynasty from the 8th to 10th century called "Golden Age". I want to show on Mozarabes ("arabized Christians"), that the present view of tolerance in al-Andalus is distorted by its own history of myth. I also deal with reference to al-Andalus in the present, both among Christians and Muslims. Powered by TCPDF (
Mother Teresa and her Influence on Social Work
Havránková, Anežka ; Martinek, Michael (advisor) ; Heryán, Ladislav (referee)
Work is about Mother Teresa and her contribution to social work. The first part deals with the life of Mother Teresa, from childhood through adolescence to her death and beatification. The second part is devoted to spiritual inspiration from which Mother Teresa took her beliefs about what she was doing. It is also described her spiritual life and the topic of the inner darkness of Mother Teresa. This chapter talks about the mystical experiences with God, so. Dark nights. Another issue is the Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity itself and its work for the poor, sick and suffering. It also describes the growth of the congregation and how it was spreading to other countries. The conclusion summarizes the impact of Mother Teresa in social work and social activities of other people. Powered by TCPDF (
Biblical Themes in Photography of Particular Artists
Česal Bigasová, Petra ; Heryán, Ladislav (advisor) ; Tůmová, Gabriela (referee)
The thesis called "Biblical themes in photography of particular artists" is a theoretical work which is maping creation of five contemporary Czech photographer who has in their photographs paraphrases of symbols, persons or actions which we can find in the Bible. Concretely are in this thesis used photographic works of Ivan Pinkava, Vaclav Jirasek and Martin Findeis, Jan Saudek and Petra Hejduchova, which are present at the contemporary Czech photography scene. The photography as a medium of presence could be for its popularity used also in the field of education or therapy. Therefore the practical overlap the photographs with biblical themes in dialogues and therapies are used in this thesis as well. The thesis also submitted to the reader the formation and development of the photography itself. The uniqueness photographic pictures and perception of photography as an artistic work is mentioned. At the end the thesis deals about biblical themes which can be found in different arts styles, such as biblical themes used in painting and sculpture art and biblical themes used in photography in the past and currently. Powered by TCPDF (
Possible Influence of the Sacred to Human Behaviour and Experience
Marčík, Pavel ; Jirman, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Heryán, Ladislav (referee)
The work is based on experience from social work with orphans which is realized by NGO Letní dům, which organizes social rehabilitation camps for orphans. Part of the settings of these camps is a specially arranged room (called Chýška), where all camp participants meet every evening to reflect on the day passed. The author of the work considers this space holy for them. Holiness is not necessary connected here with religious or with moral category. It is connected with transcendental reality, which differentiates between ordinary and extra-ordinary or holy. The paradox is that these differences manifests the original reality. This reality is in everything that was created. It is without any deffirence. It is unity. A part of the work is introduction to the psychological theory of attachement, affective deprivation, Pesso-Boyden system psychomotoric therapy and factors which influence the group therapy. These chapters are included in the work for better understanding of orphan problems. Practical part of work is a description of Chýška and the camps. Second practical part of work is a reflection of Chýška by participants of the camps by means of half structured talks. Powered by TCPDF (

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