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TERRAIN PROGRAM IN DISTRICT NOVY JICINSpecifics of field social work with people addicted to addictive substances
Novotná Motlová, Jeannette ; Dočkal, Jan (advisor) ; Urban, David (referee)
The theme of the Bachelor's thesis is a preview, approximation and at least partial intrusion into the work of a field social worker working with people addicted to addictive substances directly "face to face", in their natural environment. My work focuses mainly on the main paradigm of this work. I divided the work into two parts: theoretical and empirical or practical. As I have already mentioned, in the first part I will deal with professional concepts such as social field work, Harm reduction program and I will introduce the field service of the organization Renarkon o.p.s., which operates in the Novojičín region. And last but not least, I will mention the mission and goals of this field program. In the second part, I will focus on the social field worker dedicated to his mission and work with addicts, as a person who has his visions, wishes, ideas, needs and requirements, how he would streamline and improve his work. Keywords Field social work, harm reduction, addiction, people with addictions, drugs, field program in the Novy Jicin region.
The influence of the teacher's personality and educational style on the Romani pupil.
Cina, Pavel ; Kuchař, Pavel (advisor) ; Dočkal, Jan (referee)
Bachelor's thesis focuses on the influence of personality and educational style of the teacher on the Romani pupil. The theoretical part deals with the school environment and classroom climate. The teacher is the main determinant of the classroom climate. Together with the pupils they create an important and stable classroom climate. The teacher correctly creates and easily preserves the climate with his personality and chosen educational style. Typologies of personalities and educational styles are presented in the thesis. The conclusion of the theoretical part summarizes the main influences of the teacher on the student. The theoretical part does not deal with the characteristics, values, etc. of a Romani pupil. This fact is explained at the beginning of the practical part of the thesis. The practical part is devoted to the research of the influence of educational styles on finishing or not finishing studies of Roma pupils and Czech pupils, which are then compared. The target group is former and current high school students with a school- leaving examination and multi-year grammar schools. The method of the questionnaire is inspired by the work of Ilona Gillern. At the beginning of the practical part, research issues and hypotheses are written. With the help of the questionnaire, the answers to...
Programs and services for young people leaving institutional care in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region
Vávrová, Dora ; Pazlarová, Hana (advisor) ; Dočkal, Jan (referee)
This thesis deals with the online casework and potential problems facing people working in social care in the Czech Republic. The main aims of the thesis are to map and describe the state of online casework in several organisations providing selected types of online social services during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Using qualitative research derived from interviews with social workers, the work deals with online casework, specifically using chat and videoconferencing tools, exploring the differences between online and face-to-face work and outcomes. The thesis is divided into two parts, one theoretical and one empirical. The theoretical part defines and characterises social work and introduces the potential demands coming from service users during the pandemic. The main subject of the empirical part is a qualitative research of the data collected during three semi- structured interviews, exploring the risks of online casework, both to the caseworker and service user.
Possibilities of using Horticultural Therapy principles for people with mental disabilities
Janků, Zuzana ; Hudcová, Eliška (advisor) ; Dočkal, Jan (referee)
Diploma thesis "Possibilities of using the principles of Horticultural Therapy for people with mental disabilities" examines the role of the garden in the life of people with mental disabilities. The aim of the work is to find out how the garden is used for the care of clients with mental disabilities in the Home of the Holy Family, through semi-structured interviews. The theoretical part of the thesis first considers the relationship of man to nature. The following is a definition of horticultural therapy and its use for different target groups. The thesis continues with a comprehensive definition of the concept of mental disability and also describes the specifics of communication with people with mental disabilities. In the practical part there is an analysis of semi-structured interviews, which took place with workers and clients of the Holy Family Home. Through interviews, the author investigated the relationship of clients and workers to the garden and how they use it in their lives. Keywords Horticultural therapy; mentally disabled people; garden; relaxation; gardening.
Work experience of residents of Halfway Maják
Dvořáková, Petra ; Pazlarová, Hana (advisor) ; Dočkal, Jan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to survey work experience of inhabitants of the Halfway House Maják. The paper focuses on characteristics of social work of halfway houses, the Halfway House Maják is then discussed in further detail. Target clients of halfway houses are described in the next part together with topics of deprivation, attachment and trauma. Next chapter focuses on topics such as work and unemployment, corresponding experience from the Halfway House Maják is further discussed. The last part surveys work experience of clients of the Halfway House Maják using the method of interviews. Each respondent is described by basic information and methodology of research is delineated in this part. The interviews concentrate on current work, first work experience and specific help with searching for a job. Other topics of the interviews are memories connected with work, relationships at work, benefits of work, and also it's negative influence. Last area covered in the interviews is advice about a successful inclusion at work given by the clients to people leaving institutions.
Support options for families with a person sentenced to imprisonment in Prague
Culková, Lenka ; Pazlarová, Hana (advisor) ; Dočkal, Jan (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals primarily with the possibilities of support that can be used by families in the capital city of Prague who have a close person imprisoned. It outlines the conditions of custody and im- prisonment in the Czech Republic and introduces negative effects which families who have a close person imprisoned may face. Subse- quently, the bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of supporting these families in the Czech environment in terms of social policy and social services, psychotherapy and self-help groups. The practical part maps the provided social services in the capital city of Prague, focusing on the usability of families with a sentenced person in prison and the possibilities of the Association of Civic Counseling Centers. Furthermore, the thesis introduces selected non-governmental organizations with a target group of clients' families with a sentenced person in prison and informs about the contributory organization of the capital city of Prague, Center of Social Services Prague and its de- tached workplace Re-socialization and Reintegration Programs.
The use of volunteers in hospice care and creating working conditions for their activities
Řehořková, Veronika ; Urban, David (advisor) ; Dočkal, Jan (referee)
The main topic of these theses is the use of volunteers in hospice care with the aim of creating conditions for their activities. The theoretical part is devoted to the characteristics of volunteering, hospice care and the specifics of volunteering in hospice care. Its main part focuses on a description of what a good volunteer program should generally include and what specifics are added to it in the area of hospice care. The creation of conditions for volunteer activity takes place primarily in the field of correct selection, training, motivation, supervision and evaluation of volunteers. The practical part of the theses is focused on an example of an established volunteer program in the community palliative care unit "Cesta domů". The analysis describes all the essential areas defined in the theoretical part of the theses. The reason for choosing this organization is its 15-year experience with a volunteer program and the specific status of a volunteer in a community palliative care unit.
Dog as a reminiscence stimulus.
Suková, Markéta ; Čížková, Hana (advisor) ; Dočkal, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis presents a basic insight into the issue of remembering and reminiscence, in order to plan, implement and evaluate the reminiscence program with canisterapeutical elements in Senior Residence Klamovka. The content is not only the theoretical basis, but above all the preparation process, the actual realization and the overall evaluation of a unique program of this type. There were six reminiscence meetings, the content of which was focused on the topic "dogs in my life". Indispensable subjects for the possible program testing were the reminiscence therapist, the canisterapeut, the author of the work and especially the clients of Senior Residence Klamovka, where everything was happening. The cycle of six reminiscence meetings with the use of a therapeutic dog ran from April to June 2017. After testing, it became clear that the selected themes with the use of a therapeutic dog were able to support a pleasant atmosphere during the meeting and the reminiscence of the seniors themselves. As a major shortcoming is to secure an adequate number of reminiscending people. Large numbers of attendees have often disrupted the harmony of the whole encounter.

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