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Modelling of ion currents of isolated heart cells
Mrázek, Jiří ; Šimurda, Jiří (referee) ; Rychtárik, Milan (advisor)
Bachelor alaureate work features us to the problems simulation ion current insulated heart sentinel node. Is articulate to the four capitol, where first chapter implies historical evolution simulation actions on membrane cell. Alternative chapter deal with metering these actions, describes method imposition tension, impressed current plus resulting method "path clamp." Last two chapterstreat of simulation actions on membrane cell, toto everyone mock - up was created user's environment GUI in programme MATLAB 7.6.0 (2008a).
Numericalanalysis and measurement of the magnetic charakteristics in inhomogeneous materials by the NMR technics
Mrázek, Jiří ; Bartušek, Karel (referee) ; Fiala, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is concerned in magnetic susceptibility of specific object (glass cube, with four sticks in the centre). In the first part determining of magnetic susceptibility of object was carried out. Measuring was conducted on tomograph of ÚPT AV ČR. Method of gradient echo, which allows magnetic susceptibility determining of non-magnetic materials, was used. Distribution of magnetic field within the object was acquired (object was measured with and without sticks), the change of magnetic field (between object with and without stick) was subsequently determined. In the second part, magnetic field simulation of the same object in the ANSYS software was performed. Calculation was conducted on 3D model by the finite element analysis. Distribution of magnetic field of object was acquired as a result of simulation. Results from simulation were compared with experimental findings.
Wavelet Filtering of ECG Signals
Mrázek, Jiří ; Vítek, Martin (referee) ; Smital, Lukáš (advisor)
This thesis deals myopotential denoising of ECG signals with using wavelet transform. There was used wavelet denoising subsequently wiener wavelet filtering. In both cases were found the most suitable coeficients for the best denoising. It is meant mainly settings suitable parameters for ideal filtration setting value of threshold, number of decomposition level, selection of thresholding and type of filter. These parameters are tested on real signals. Denoising is realized in Matlab version R2009b.
Upconverting nanoparticles as contrast agents for biomedicine
Mrázek, Jiří ; Vránová, Jana (advisor) ; Šuta, Daniel (referee) ; Matějka, Roman (referee)
Upconverting nanoparticles (UCNP) represent an interesting class of contrast agents for biomedical applications due to their ability to convert infrared light into the visible or even UV region of the spectrum. The aim of this work was to prepare UCNP with bound hyaluronan (HA), a natural polysaccharide, and to investigate their interaction with cells in vitro. The reproducibility of the synthesis of β-Na(RE)F4 UCNP was demonstrated in a series of 15 consecutive preparations. Particles with different ratios of RE elements (Yb, Gd, Y, Lu, Er, Tm) with emission spectra covering the range from NIR to UV and advanced core/shell type UCNP with different combinations of core/shell material were prepared. The layer-by-layer shell growth method allowed to control the particle size. Hydrophobic UCNP were incorporated into oleyl-HA micelles. The UCNP@oleyl-HA micelles were stable in buffers and in cell culture media, where they effectively limited the quenching of UCNP luminescence. The second method of UCNP modification consisted of sorption of HA-furanyl onto particles followed by photochemical crosslinking. The UCNP@HA-furanyl particles with a hydrodynamic diameter of ~180 nm formed stable colloids in cell culture media. UCNP@oleyl-HA micelles reduced the viability of MDA-MB-231 cancer cells but were...
Selected methods of the history of text interpretation applied on John 20:21-23
Hreha, Ján ; Bártová, Darina (advisor) ; Mrázek, Jiří (referee)
This thesis considers Jesus' speech at the revelation to the disciples the evening after the resurrection described in John 20: 21-23. Here Jesus commands the disciples, breathes on them, and offers the Holy Spirit. Then He pronounces a peculiar statement about the forgiveness and retention of sins. The first part of the thesis presents translation, textual criticism, literary form and genre criticism, structural analysis, context, and intertextual links, followed by my interpretation of the text. The second part surveys the history of the interpretation of these verses from the early Christian authors, through patristics, the Middle Ages, the Reformation period, the 19th and 20th centuries up to the present day. It considers Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican, and Orthodox views. Conclusion synthesizes the diverse views through the following questions: Who is challenged in verses 21-23? What is the liturgical significance of verses 21-23? Who forgives in verse 23? What are the conditions of forgiveness? Who is to be forgiven in the verse 23? Is the proclamation of forgiveness just an antithesis of the Reformation? What is the meaning of retention of the sins in verse 23b?
Worship in the epistles of Apostle Paul
Matějka, Daniel ; Mrázek, Jiří (advisor) ; Roskovec, Jan (referee)
In this work the gathering of the church in Corinth and its problems are analyzed in order to understand Paul's theological thinking and intentions about worship. These intentions are brought into connection with Paul's usage of worship terminology. Further, the significance of the Corinthian gathering for the life of the church is discussed. The analysis of the problem of the Corinthian Eucharist shows that different groups begin the dinner breaking the loaf at different moments as they arrive. Paul denies that this dinner is the Eucharist and re-establishes it by quoting the paradosis that emphasizes Jesus' dominance over the Eucharist and community with those for whom Jesus died. Concerning the Corinthian gathering where charismas appear Paul presents the profession of Jesus as Lord as a criterion of true spirituality. The general criterion for reformation of the worship is oikodome as the benefit for the church that is Christ's body. Paul emphasizes the integrative character of worship. However, Christian worship exceeds all sacral forms and fills the whole life of a believer. That's why Paul likes using sacral terminology in a transferred meaning. The Corinthian gathering for the Eucharist is very important for the church suffering from schism. The existing way of eating the dinner encourages the...
Jehovah as God of Peace in the Theology of the Apostle Paul
Plecháček, František ; Roskovec, Jan (advisor) ; Mrázek, Jiří (referee)
Jehovah as God of Peace in the Theology of the Apostle Paul The thesis deals with theological grounds, which led the apostle Paul to use the phrase ‚God of peace'. The thesis asks, what The Old Testament can say to this question. Based on the exegesis 2C 5,18-6,2 and Rom 5,1-11 it investigates how Paul interprets the event of Christ's cross and how he speaks about God yet. It observes, what role play in the statements about God the terms ‚reconciliation' and ‚peace' and other important dates of Paul's Theology. Keywords God; Christ; Paul; peace; reconciliation
References to the Book of Leviticus in the Gospel of Matthew
Landovská, Eliška ; Mrázek, Jiří (advisor) ; Pokorný, Petr (referee)
This thesis called "References to the Book of Leviticus in the Gospel of Matthew", deals with a problem, which has not been adressed as such so far. In the Gospel of Matthew about twenty allusions to the Book of Leviticus can befound, as suggested in the critical edition of the New Testament, edited by Nestle-Alland. In Matthew, some of the allusions are owershadowed by quotations from the books of Exodus or Deuteronomy, which are far more frequently used. Other allusions are unique, as seen in the example of the story of the cleansed lepper. Allusions and echoes are dealt with, rather than direct quotations. In the introduction, the problem of the Old Testament quotations is introduced, followed by the first chapter describing telegraphically all the references to Leviticus in the Sermon on the mount. The author starts with the text from Leviticus, comparing Greek and Hebrew text. Exegesis of this scripture is followed by translation of the relevant scripture form Matthew, comparison of the text with other synoptics, exegesis and exposition of the relation between the two texts. The references to the book of Leviticus seem to enable us better understanding of some situations presented in the gospel. Majority of the allusions explain the cultural background. They explain to nowadays reader, whose...
The First and the Last in Luke's Gospel
Leštinová, Lucie ; Mrázek, Jiří (advisor) ; Pokorný, Petr (referee)
On the following pages we are dealt with, " first and last" in the Gospel of Luke. Although it is a concrete definition of the topic, we will perceive a little more broadly than it seems at first glance. The theme of the first and the last is very closely related to the general theme of promotion and humiliation, namely promotion of humiliated and humiliation of promoted. Powered by TCPDF (

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