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Castle of education and nation. Genesis, development and importance of secondary schooling in the district of Sušice between the reforms in 1869 and 1953
Hanus, Adam ; Štaif, Jiří (advisor) ; Lhoták, Jan (referee)
The Castle of Education and the Nation is a work concerning secondary segment of schooling system in the political district of Sušice. The time scope of the work is framed by two school reforms from years 1869 and 1953. The work is divided into four topic areas. The opening part dedicates its attention to crucial literature regarding secondary schools, based on it the development of the secondary schooling in the inquired period is outlined, also the formation and evolution of secondary schooling in the political district of Sušice. Second part founded on the primary source research. All secondary schools in the political district of Sušice are analysed in detail with the emphasis put on changes in numbers of students in particular class, their gender and language composition and their geographical and socio-professional background. Emphasis is also laid on the percentage of the studying, who completed particular school successfully. The third part of this work builds on the second part. It sums up and generalises the results of the analysis and manipulates with it further using some theories from the field of history, sociology and the theory of nationalism. Especially the idea of social reproduction, social rise through secondary school education and the specific relationship of men and women to...
Testing SW for vectorization of graphic templates
Hanuš, Adam ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Pour, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis is concerned about raster and vector graphic and is aimed on conversion of raster draft into vector images. This process is called vectorization or tracing. Theoretical part define the terms raster and vector graphic and subjects linked to them. It illustrates strengths and weaknesses of both and how they can be used. In the second part - practical section the software of vectorization is examined and its tracing tools have been tested. In conclusion, the test results of graphic editors is evaluated and its tracing tools as well as assess the images that have been vectorized. The contribution of this thesis is to suggest which software is being most effective for transforming raster images to vector ones and on factors along. Next I describe the transformation of specific images and rate the results of vectorization.
Community service and its performance
Hanus, Adam ; Tlapák Navrátilová, Jana (advisor) ; Vanduchová, Marie (referee)
The main aim of this thesis was to define one of the alternative punishments - community service from different points of view. Firstly from a historical and descriptive point of view, regarding procedural aspects and further specifics, namely cooperation with the Probation and Mediation Service. Further the thesis outlined the alternative end of the performance, specifically postponing the sentence, parole and waiving of sentence, which may happen to the offender in certain cases. Pros and cons of this kind of punishment were discussed in detail and also its position in the system of penalties, especially competition with the punishmnt house arrest. This thesis also contains a procedure for failure regarding the sentence of community service, thus transforming the prison sentence into inprisonment, the range of conditions, and other aspects. Part of the work includes a comparison with other countries, especially Slovak Republic, having this kind of punishment for a shorter time. The second half of the thesis deals with partially unfulfilled potential regarding sentence of community service, its and ability to empty the prisons and become a universal punishment used in case of most minor offenses. This thesis also included enumeration of the conditions that must be fulfilled to ensure that this...
The Museum in Sušice and Public
Hanus, Adam ; Štaif, Jiří (advisor) ; Lhoták, Jan (referee)
This work The Museum in Sušice and the public deals with the birth, the activities and the changes of the museum in Sušice since its establishing in year 1880 till the year 1945. It pursues the internal running of this institution, its spatial demands, funding and the administration and managing of the museum. Further this work concerns itself with the creating of the collections of the museum, while there is proper attention devoted to the phenomenon of the donations and the donators themselves. Not less attention is put on the output of the work of the museum, above all the publication activity of the men connected to museum, the creating of the long-lasting expositions as well as the short-termed exhibitions. At the end this work will try to situate the running of the museum in Sušice into wider context of the development of museum work in the region of the west Bohemia and to describe its more general progress tendentious. In the similar way it will try to capture the influence of the crucial phenomena and incidents that shaped the life in the political district of Sušice, in this context the main emphasis will be put on nationalism and Czech-German fights in the language frontier.
Syntaktický analyzátor zdrojových textů ve formátu ConTeXt
Hanuš, Adam
The theme of this thesis is syntax analysis of the source texts based on TeX. The work contains the summary of basic terms from the theory of formal languages, there is also explained the function of the translator in all the analytical phases of the translation and finally it contains the introduction of the Lua scripting language and the ConTeXt typesetting system. The aim of the thesis is implementation of the syntax analyser for the source texts in ConTEXt format. The implementation is accompanied by the description of the solution developement of the lexical analysis, syntax analysis, creating syntax diagrams and context-free grammar.

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