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New synagogue in Trutnov
Vtípilová, Jana ; Baranyai, René (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
Diploma thesis deal with an architectural study of the New Synagogue in the city of Trutnov. The main aim of the thesis is the design the synagogue with the base of the Jewish community, a museum of a small size, a kosher restaurant and a mikvah for a religious ceremony. The main idea was to design a space used by members of the Jewish community in Trutnov. The synagogue is placed on the site of the former synagogue. The whole complex is divided into two objects. In the front part of the plot, there is an object set in the terrain, in which there is placed a stacker for cars, technical facilities, kosher restaurant, facilities of the Jewish community and museum. In the upper part of the plot there is a synagogue decorated by orthodox elements, beneath the synagogue is located the prayer hall with a mikveh rooms and technical facilities. Both buildings are integrated into the landcaping park. The layout of the buildings on the plot is designed to create a comprehensive environment, which is divided according to the individual operations serving the Jewish community and the public.
New synagogue in Trutnov
Velešíková, Karolína ; Velek, Jan (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
The architectural study deals with the design of a new synagogue in Trutnov, on the site of the former burnt down synagogue from 1885. The synagogue from 1938 was set on fire by the Nazis during the so-called Crystal night from 9 to 10 November in 1938. Besides the synagogue, the proposal deals with the entire Jewish complex, namely a kosher restaurant with facilities, an administrative part for the Jewish community, a mikveh connected to a sauna. The task was to solve the location of buildings complicated area of ground, which is not easily accessible, and also to play with the idea of preserving the original location of the synagogue. The result is the design of a new community center. Its purpose is to return the existence of the Jewish population back to Trutnov, where the Jewish population has not existed for a long time. The design consists of two objects. One of them is a separate synagogue where prayers, celebrations and other events take place. An important part is also the kosher restaurant, which provides the specifics of catering, as well as a mikveh used for a cleansing ritual with a sauna relaxation area. The next function is the seat of the Jewish community.
New synagogue in Trutnov
Vašička, Jakub ; Benedek, Borislav (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
Diploma thesis theme is design of a new synagogue in the city of Trutnov on a memorial site of the original unpreserved synagogue. Part of the construction program is the creation of a complex used by the Jewish religious community and its members, containing a building for the Jewish community (administrative and educational use), kosher restaurants with use for the general public, and the Museum of Jewish Culture. The aim of the design is to create a set of buildings functioning as a whole respecting the natural landmark of the surroundings and the historical significance referring to the past. The new synagogue is designed as the dominant feature of the whole complex in the place of the original Jewish prayer house and emphasizes the monumentality of the place connected with nature. Other facilities are located in front of the synagogue and create a new public space for locals but also visitors to the city from a wide area not only for spiritual use but also for cultural, social, and recreational.
New synagogue in Trutnov
Rudolecká, Anna ; Benedek, Borislav (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
The assignment of the diploma thesis was the elaboration of an architectural study of a new synagogue in the town of Trutnov, on the site of the original Jewish synagogue, which was burned down during the November pogrom, the so-called Crystal Night in 1938. Nowadays, the synagogue area is modified and serves as a place of reverence to honour the memory of the victims and to commemorate these historical events. The result of the design is a new community centre. Its goal is to restore the existence and support the development of the Jewish community, which disappeared in Trutnov after the Second World War. In the area there is the seat of the Jewish community, a ritual cleansing bath Mikveh, Kosher restaurant and a new synagogue, which respects the location of the former synagogue on the site of the original foundations. The new Jewish community centre ensures the operation of the entire Jewish community in Trutnov. Part of the Jewish community centre is a large courtyard, which is used to celebrate Jewish holidays and also as a summer terrace for Kosher restaurant, which will be used by the Jewish community, but also by the inhabitants of Trutnov. This creates an attractive place to spend free time with a view of the nearby Giant Mountains and the historic centre of Trutnov, but at the same time it is protected from the bustle of the adjacent main street.
New synagogue in Trutnov
Mydlár, Lukáš ; Baranyai, René (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is design of an architectural study of the New synagogue in Trutnov. The first synagogue on this location was destroyed in 1938. Only the foundation system of the first synagogue have been preserved. This architectural study creates space for the recovery of the Jewish community in Trutnov. The Jewish community needs space for daily and spiritual life. The buliding program is therefore divided into two main objects. The synagogue with a prayer room and a mikveh is located on same place as the first synagogue. The preserved foundation system of the first synagogue creates a barrier from the sloping terrain for the new synagogue. This creates a symbiosis of the original and the new. The community center contains spaces for education, administration, catering and celebrations. The location of the community center respects the original villas, which are located close.
New synagogue in Trutnov
Kurečka, Ondřej ; Velek, Jan (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
The architectural study deals with the design of a new synagogue in Trutnov, located on the site of the original synagogue, which was burned down in 1938 during the so-called Crystal Night. Currently, the area is a place of reverence, as a reminder of this historical event. The concept works with this idea and develops it further by adding other functions of the Jewish community - kosher restaurant, the Jewish community centre, and the mikveh. Due to the site location between two historical neoclassical buildings, the grounds should look humble and non-conflicting. The concept of the site is based on the needs of each individual functional unit and on the historical ties in the area. The concept of the synagogue itself is derived from the history of Jewish culture, its connections and mostly symbolism. Also, the reference to the original burned down synagogue is taken into account.
New synagogue in Trutnov
Král, Ondřej ; Gürtler,, Ivan (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
Topic of this master thesis is a design of a synagogue together with Jewish community facilities in Trutnov. The thesis is made in the phase of architectural study. Assigned site is located near the historical center of Trutnov. There is a reminder of the old synagogue that was burned out during WW2. There is also newly reconstructed park around it. Main purpose of the proposal is to respect the park with old synagogue and connect both places so anyone can share the experience of reminder of the past together with new function. The designed volume opens towards the street and communicates with the new park with its vast openings. Function of the new building is inspired by the idea of Judaism. It is connected not only with the synagogue but also with communal life, education, celebrations, or art. That is why the proposal is connecting all the functions under one roof and the synagogue is “guarding” all of them from above. The building has three floors. On the lowest floor, there is underground garage. On the ground floor we can find space for Jewish community administration, room for exhibitions, mikveh and kitchen part for the kosher restaurant. The upper floor is mostly terrace. There is only kosher restaurant and synagogue.
Condominium Hlinky in the city centre of Brno
Tomický, Ondřej ; Šubrt, Jan (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor) ; Hradil, Dušan (advisor)
In my bachelor thesis I further develop the architectural design I worked out during the fifth semester, at the subject AG034. My work was led by Ing. arch. Marcela Uřídilová. Now, I have elaborated the study led by doc. Ing. arch. Juraj Dulenčín, Ph.D., and Ing. Dušan Hradil, on the level of Documentation for building permit, and subsequently on the level of Documentation for Construction Execution. The theme of this work is the design of a multifunctional town house in a gap site between two existing buildings in Hlinky street in Brno. The 9.4-meter-wide gap is in a street with terraced houses, right next to the public transport stop, opposite the main entrance to the Brno Exhibition Center. The house has one basement and five above-ground floors, is based on a foundation slab and finished with a flat roof. It has a longitudinal wall construction system; the load is transmitted by reinforced concrete monolithic walls and ceilings. The house creates a height transition between both adjoining buildings. In the basement is located the technical facilities of the whole building, on the ground floor there is the main and secondary entrance, entrance for cars and the access to the parking stackers with eight parking places. On the 2nd floor is located a studio and office with a common hall. The 3rd, 4th and 5th floors contains two luxury maisonettes. The common partition between both apartments is located on the 4th floor. Across the entire height of the house pervades the inner core of vertical routes - staircase and elevator. The main mass of the house is aligned between adjoining buildings. On the south side, the last fifth floor is lightly indented from the street. On the north side, a mass of the space parking protrudes from the main mass of the building into the slope of Žlutý kopec. Because the building plot is enclosed by adjoining houses on two sides, the only free facades are oriented to the south and to the north.
Berkova Residence
Seďa, Ondřej ; Šubrt, Jan (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor) ; Jelínek, Petr (advisor)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is a design of Berkova Residence. The building plot is situated in the corner of the streets Berkova and Bulharská in Královo Pole. The residence has 6 storeys. In the residence there is a big variety of flats, 2 maisonettes, common areas – an underground garage, the cellar cubicles, garden, a place for storage bikes, baby carriages and wheelchairs, an exterior entrance hall with mailboxes and staircase core with a design facade.
The Czech embassy in Addis Ababa - Ethiopia
Landa, Karel ; Elešová, Klára Tomášová (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
Tha basis of the bachelor thesis is a project, which was designed within the semestral project. The thesis is developed into the level of documentation for execution of the project. The object of the thesis is complex of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia and it is focused mainly on administration and representative building of complex. This building has three-storey, 1 underground and 2 ground floors- Main idea of desing is creating new dominant in the area and by layout of complex improve overall evironment and aesthetic appearence of the surrounding while creating representative place for czech delegation.

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