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The importance and use of compression garments in sports
Pilař, Lukáš ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Chrudimský, Jan (referee)
Title: The importance and use of compression garments in sports Objectives: The main aim of this thesis was to analyze the effect of compression garments on performance and recovery in sports. Methods: The work is realized as a review. There were searched three electronic databases: PubMed, Web of Science and Scopus for obtaining possible relevant papers. The same keywords were used to search in all the databases. Results: Based on the study of scientific literature, it was found that compression garments could provide a positive effect only under certain conditions. For speed-strength sports, the compression garments do not improve performance; however, they can reduce pain and fatigue after sports performance. In endurance sports, they can reduce heart rate and help ease the breakdown of lactate after exercise. Conclusion: Compression garments can improve conditions for sports performance, but their impact has not been fully demonstrated yet. Keywords: compression socks, recovery, regeneration, lactate, perceived pain
The influence of training on the lungs functional capacity in gymnasts
Říhová, Marcela ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (referee)
Title: The effect of training exercise on lung functional capacity in gymnasts Objectives: The objectives of this work is to find out the influence of gymnastic exercise on forced vital capacity (FVC), heart rate and blood LA. Methods: Nine female top-level artistic gymnasts participated in the study. The age ranged between 18-25 years. FVC was measured by a personal spirometer, heart rate by a sportester, and blood lactate level by a blood LA analyzer Statistical analysis: Pearson correlation coefficient was used to determine the relationships between variables. The Shapiro-Wilk normality test was used to test normality in our dependent variables. Regression models were used to estimate associations between variables. Non-parametric Friedman test was used to test the differences between measurements and Wilcoxon test was used for post-hoc analysis. Results: A statistically significant increasing (p <0.05) was found in the blood LA as well as in heart rate. A statistically significant relationship (p <0.05) was confirmed between resting LA level and percentage changes in FVC and LA. Keywords: spirometer, sporttester, blood lactate, burpee test, LA, artistic gymnastics
Effect of cannabis in sports training
Yücel, Yalın ; Tufano, James Joseph (advisor) ; Šteffl, Michal (referee)
Title: Effect of cannabis in sports training. Objectives: * Present the physiological and psychological effects of cannabis on human body. * Identify harmful and beneficial effects of cannabis consumption in people who partake in recreational sporting activities as well as competitive athletes. * Identify the perception of cannabis use in the sports world. Methods: * Detailed literature research on cannabis and its primary components. * Literature research on scientific requirements of sports training. * Systematic review of previous surveys and experiments regarding the effects of cannabis on sports exercise parameters. * Preparing a questionnaire for sportspeople (current and former Turkish and Czech American football players in general) and analyzing the results. Results: * There hasn't been many recent scientific research about the specific effects of cannabis ingestion in sports performance. * There are some beneficial attributes of cannabis in sport training as well as performance hindering attributes and potentially dangerous side effects. * Questionnaire participants generally do not think cannabis is a performance- enhancing substance. * There exists contrary opinions, beliefs and scientific evidence on almost all of the aspects of cannabis and its use in sport. Keywords: cannabis, sport,...
Tennis Injuries and Their Prevention
Kosejková, Barbora ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šteffl, Michal (referee)
Title: Tennis Injuries and Their Prevention Objectives: To summarize current information about the most frequent injuries of tennis players, their causes and possible prevention on the basis of scholarly and professional literature. Methods: The Bachelor's thesis is carried out as an overview study analysing scholarly and professional literature that deals with the most frequent injuries and their prevention with tennis players. The main goals of work were to search for various professional articles containing the topic of tennis injuries, their appropriate prevention and rehabilitation as well as enlarge the knowledge of these injuries, their causes and possible localization on various parts of body. Another goal was to raise awareness of proper recovery during the performance period as well as appropriate rehabilitation and compensation exercises during the injury. Results: The relevant literature shows that most of the tennis injuries are caused by overload, which means players spend more time than optimum on the tennis court. Another cause of these injuries is an incorrect performance of tennis shot, for which tennis coaches are partly to blame too. Therefore, it is important that the coaches insist on the correct technique from the early childhood of player. Almost all tennis injuries can be...
The effect of alkaline water on the metabolic response to anaerobic exercise
Šmaň, Jakub ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Kinkorová, Ivana (referee)
Title: The effect of mineral-based alkaline water on the metabolic response to anaerobic exercise. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of drinking different types of water in response to anaerobic exercise. Methods: The bachelor thesis corresponds with an empirically based study of the observational and experimental character. The measured research sample consisted of students (n=11) from the military department attending a full-time form of study at the Fakulty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University in Prague. The subjects had passed mandatory medical check-up and obtained informed consent, which was signed by all the participants in advance. Bioelectrical impedance analysic, lactate and urine consentration, Step-test, noise and light reaction tests where measured during the experiment. Results: The average power in Step-test, was in the first part of the measurement of both tests after regular water intake 715,8 W, compared to alkaline water intake, which was higher and reached 872 W. In the first part of the measurement for both tests, the average time of reaction to light signal was 0.001 m·s-1 lower after using regular water than after using alkaline water. Furthermore, in the second part of the measurement, the average time of reaction to light...
Effects of a foam roller during stretching
Pětíková, Nikola ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Malý, Petr (referee)
Title: Effects of a foam roller during stretching Aims: The main aim of the thesis was to compare effects between the foam roller and stretching exercises. Methods: 10 female students aged 23-24 from UK FTVS participated in this study. All the participants were active athletes. The study was realized as a cross-over trial. There was used tensiomyography using the TMG 100 to measure all the participants. The musculus vastus lateralis were tested in both sides. A generalized linear model was used to evaluate the results. Results: The foam rolling tended to better activate muscle before training and statistically significantly accelerated post-load recovery processes compared to normal stretching. Conclusions: The foam roller could be used effectively after sports performance as a tool to accelerate regeneration, thereby enhancing sports performance. Keywords: warm-up, stretching, TMG, tensiomyography
Muscle imbalances in pole vault athletes measured by TMG
Suchelová, Nikola ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Vindušková, Jitka (referee)
Title: Muscle imbalances in pole vault athletes measured by TMG. Goal: The goal of this work was to choose endangered muscle groups and identify possible imbalances by using Tensiomyography machine (TMG 100) and define hypothesis about training pressure of pole vault on growth of muscle imbalances in selected muscle groups. Methods: This work is based on qualitative research. Specifically, six case studies were conducted, during which the importance was placed on discovering characteristic muscle imbalances, which could appear based on training pressure in pole vault. Tensiomyography machine (TMG 100) was used to measure muscle imbalances. Results: Six pole vaulters participated in this study. We found that training and competitive load of pole vault could create muscle asymmetry in muscles deltoideus anterior and trapezius superior. The training may influence also slows down contractions of biceps brachii muscle and another asymmetry on deltoideus anterior between both muscles. We found very low functional symmetry in elbow joint. Key Words: pole vault, athletics, muscle imbalances, TMG
Gymnastic exercises as prevention of injuries in young soccer players
Krejčířová, Kateřina ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Kolbová, Kateřina (referee)
Name: Gymnastic exercises as prevention of injuries in young soccer players Objectives: The main goal of this work is to elaborate a proposal of the structure of gymnastic movement program based on compensatory exercises and motor-functional preparation, which could be used in the prevention of injuries in football players of pupil categories. Methods: The work is made as a design and demonstration based on literary sources and own experience from practice. The documented overview and reasoned proposal of compensatory and gymnastic exercises for football players has its intention to result in wider practice. Results: Examples of compensatory exercises and gymnastic exercises used in motor- functional preparation. Individual exercises are described in terms of their names, so that they are easy to apply in the training processes. Their importance in compensation of load and prevention against injuries and muscle imbalances is supported by citations of literary sources. Key words: football, injuries, muscle imbalance, prevention, compensatory exercises
Diagnosing of muscular imbalances in cross-country skiers using tensiomyography
Novák, Karel ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Jindra, Matouš (referee)
Title: Diagnosing of muscular imbalances in cross-country skiers using tensiomyography Objectives: Objective of the thesis was to define hypothesis about impact of cross-country skiing on musculoskeletal system, most importantly the origin of muscular unbalance, on cross-country skiers using tensiomyograph TMG 100 and bioimpedance InBody 720. Methods: This bachelor's thesis was conducted as qualitative research. It consists of six case studies. We examined the presence of muscular imbalance of back muscles in cross country skiers. Tensiomyograph TMG 100 and bioimpendace InBody 720 were used during this examination. Results: Based on results from examination of six respondents we found out, that there could be muscular unbalance from the standpoint of lateral symmetry, mostly in m. erector spinae. Conclusion: Based on six case studies, were formulated two hypothesis that take in account possible muscular unbalance of m. erector spinae and m. trapezius inferior that could be formed by specific usage by cross-country skiers. Keywords: tensiomyograph, muscular unbalance, cross-country skiing, bioimpedance
Relationship between general and specific physical preparedness and a game performance in ice hockey players
Ebel, Tomáš ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Vojta, Zdeněk (referee)
Title: The relationship between ice-hockey players' general physical status and specific physical status according to the ice-hockey game. Objectives: The aim of this work is to compare top 10 pointed Czech Extraliga forwards` and defenders' general physical status and specific physical status during the season 2014/2015. Methods: The sources for the theory of this essay were taken from statistical tests using data analysis methods (such as Spearman correlation coefficient) and various sources of academic material including well known writers in the field of study. Key words: ice-hockey, general physical status, specific physical status, training, performance, points

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