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Body Posture in Disco Dance Performers
Svobodová, Alice ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Hráský, Pavel (referee)
Title: Body Posture in Disco Dance Performers Objective: The aim of this master's thesis is to examine how the body posture of disco dance performers changes with over eight years of competitive experience and to identify periods when the most significant deviations in body posture occur. The study compares the results of individual case studies among female participants and seeks to shed light on the issues of body posture specific to the disco dance style. Method: A qualitative research approach was employed, focusing on a deliberate selection of participants - disco dance performers. Selected tests assessed body posture using the methods of Mathias, Klein Thomas, and Mayer. Results: The master's thesis revealed that girls with over eight years of competitive experience often encounter issues related to pelvic tilt, specifically, 6 out of 8 girls exhibited anterior pelvic tilt as the most common finding. Another frequent problem was lordotic curvature of the spine, identified in 4 out of 8 girls facing this issue. The most pronounced deviations in body posture were observed in a 13year-old participant who obtained negative results in the Mathias test. Conclusion: Qualitative investigation suggested that crucial factors influencing body posture may include overloading and a high number of weekly...
The game pace in tennis in the women's category at the Prague Open 2021
Svobodová, Alice ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Carboch, Jan (referee)
Title: The game pace in tennis in the women's category at the Prague Open 2021. Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to find out what is the tempo of the game at Prague Open 2021, to compare the difference in the tempo of the game in matches from the first rounds and from the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. Methods: The method of indirect observation is used in this thesis. In total, 14 matches were analysed to evaluate the average of individual variables at Prague Open 2021. The total number of players was N = 14 with an average placement of WTA M = 12 ± 226. The monitored variables consist of (rally time, time out length and the number of hits). The game pace was calculated from the rally game and the number of hits. Results: The average game pace is 1,139 s at Prague Open 2021. The average rally length is 5, 79 s, the average number of hits is 21,68 s. In this thesis the first rounds of the tournament were compared to the final rounds. In the final rounds, the average game pace at the Prague Open 2021 accelerated by 0,12 s. Key words: game pace, Prague Open 2021, tennis, time
Comparison awareness of university students about the effects of smoking on the body
Svobodová, Alice ; Strnadová, Alice (advisor) ; Vyskočilová, Jana (referee)
Smoking is a big global issue that must be addressed. An important step is prevention, which is needed in primary schools, where many children try their first cigarette. Informations are important in other levels of education. Smoking increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, it is more likely the emergence of cancer, asthma, reproductive disorders and many other diseases. In my bachelor thesis I have dealt with awareness of Prague university students, depending on their faculty. University school, I categorized the economic, humanitarian, medical, science and technology. First, I compared their knowledge if they know what to disease may influence smoking behavior. Then I asked the place where they were informed about the harmful effects of smoking and what would motivate smokers to quit. To obtain the results I used quantitative research through anonymous questionnaires. Questionnaires was distribute a form of electronic among students of Prague universities. I questionnaires from students returned 539. Research, I concluded that the best informed are medical students. After medical school fell the most technical faculty, then Humanities and ended the worst School of Economics. Most information about the harmful effects of smoking students get from the media, the least reported...
Criminal activities of juvenile in the region of Znojmo
The issue of juvenile delinquency is one of the key areas on which the attention of criminologists and the entire society is focused. Despite the public debate over this issue, brutality among the youth, extremism and drug addiction are growing. Child crime, and especially that of juveniles, is becoming, to an increasing extent, a socially significant problem over time. The topic of the thesis is juvenile crime in the Znojmo region. The thesis will deal with the development of juvenile delinquency in the Znojmo region and in the Czech Republic in 2005-2009. In the theoretical part, I will deal with crime-producing factors that affect the emergence of juvenile delinquency. I will focus primarily on the influence of family, inheritance, schools, peers and media. Furthermore, I will focus on the types of the crimes that are committed by juvenile offenders. Another chapter is devoted to the methods of repressing juvenile delinquency. At the end of the theoretical part, the crime prevention in Znojmo is discussed. The practical part of the thesis analyzes and evaluates statistical data in order to find out about juvenile crime in the Czech Republic and in the Znojmo region for the period of 2005 - 2009. The data resources used include the following: police statistics from the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, the regional police department in Znojmo, the Czech Statistical Office, and the documentation from the department of social and legal protection of children. To facilitate comparison, the resulting data was converted to the same measurable unit, i.e. the crime index.

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