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Customer Profile Characteristics For The Betting Industry in Czech Republic
Med, Daniel ; Šíma, Jan (advisor) ; Kunzmann, Lucia (referee)
Title: Customers typology of Czech betting companies. Objectives: The main objective of this research is to create a typology of curent customers typology of Czech betting companies. Methods: In order to obtain the results, marketing quantitative research was conducted in the form of both electronic and personal questioning. The basic set was all bettors in the Czech Republic and the sample was composed of 210 respondents. They were represented by customers who bet online through the computer and through the application, as well as those from physical bookmakers. The field ran for two weeks. Results: The results of the research are presented in the analytical part of this work. They are a source of hypothesis validation and, for the synthetic part, in which, by means of mathematical-descriptive methods, the bookmakers were divided into three types, briefly named as Computers, Applications and Offices. Keywords: Typology, customer, segmentace, betting companies, bets, lottery, marketing, marketing research
Nutritional habits of secondary school children while staying at school.
Náprstek, Tomáš ; Coufalová, Klára (advisor) ; Kinkorová, Ivana (referee)
Problematika výživy u dětí v rámci školní docházky je stále aktuální a upoutává pozornost. Obezita u dětí se stále zvyšuje. Je mnoho publikací na problematiku obezity u dětí a s tím spojený vyšší počet úrazů a vyšší problematika pozornosti (ADHD, ADD a jiné poruchy). V České republice se stále více vyskytují děti s obezitou, nezdravým životním stylem, který doprovází i nedostatek pohybu. Tyto faktory vedou ke zhoršení fyziologických funkcí, zatěžování statického a pohybového aparátu člověka a v neposlední řadě ke špatnému psychickému stavu jedince. V diplomové práci se zaměřím na stravování při školní docházce a možné stravovací návyky, které mohou přispívat k dětské obezitě, častějším zdravotním problémům. Pomocí anketního šetření práce zjistím, jak se stravují žáci základních škol na Slánsku (Základní škola Slaný, Komenského náměstí 618 a Základní škola Smečno, okres Kladno) při pobytu ve škole. Klíčová slova škola, snídaně, výživové návyky, obezita u dětí, prevence, vyvážená strava ABSTRACT The issue of children's nutrition in school attendance is still up to date and attracts attention. Children's obesity is increasing. There are many publications about children's obesity and associated with that higher number of accidents and higher attention issues (ADHD, ADD and other disorders). There are...
Selected aspects of occupational safety and health protection
Houthoofdtová, Emilie ; Štefko, Martin (advisor) ; Lang, Roman (referee)
Selected aspects of occupational safety and health protection Abstract This thesis focuses on legal regulation of selected aspects of occupational safety and health (OSH) protection in the context of Czech law. This is a classical area of labour law whose importance grows together with the growing complexity of working practices. The aim of the thesis is to provide a description of the current regulation and subsequently to analyse selected aspects related to the educational sector. The thesis is, apart from introduction and conclusion, divided into six chapters. In the first chapter, the historical development of OSH is outlined in order to give context to the consecutive chapters. The following chapter provides an overview of the sources of law, since the area of OSH is heavily influenced by the European as well as the international law and the regulation on the national level is considerably fragmented. In the third chapter attention is paid to the rights and obligations of the employer, which are analogous to the fourth chapter, concerning the rights and obligations of the employees (in the field of occupational safety and health). OSH is closely linked to the risk assessment, which is key to successful implementation of OSH standards and greatly helps to reduce occupational injuries and illnesses....
Quality and Function of Explanatory Reports in the Czech Legislative Process
Hrubý, Dominik ; Wintr, Jan (advisor) ; Tryzna, Jan (referee)
According binding legislation, explanatory reports attached to legislatorybills is integral part of legislative process in the Czech republic for a long time, dramatically exceeding duration of autonomic Czech state. However, law sciences aren't interested in them a lot, equally to whole legislative process. Unfortunately, most of legislative actors do the same. At first, this thesis briefly discribes legislation related to explanatory reports. It considers both efficient legislation and valid legislation with efficiency planed from 1st January 2000, but also legislation in Legislative government guideline, which is binding only for legistatory bill submitted by government. Coming out from assumption, that writing explanatory report isn't the purpose by itself, the thesis define several functions, whitch explanatory reports should fulfill. Only in comparison with to these fuctions, we could say how explanatory report should like and eventually how it definitely souldn't. Base on these defined functions, the most common lacks of explanatory notes, which makes fullfiling the function more difficult or even impossible. These lacks is presented at real documents (bills) from legislative process - passed bills, rejected bills and also bill going through the various parts of legislative process right now...
Physical fitness of children 8-10 years of age
Glatz, Petr ; Flemr, Libor (advisor) ; Dragounová, Zuzana (referee)
Title: Physical fitness for children aged 8-10 years in urban and rural schools. Objectives: The main goal of this work is to verify the level of physical fitness of students 8 to 10 years old at rural and urban school. Methods: The evaluation includes the measurement of physical testing based on the Unifittest set. All date were statistically processed and shown in graphs. Results: The data are compared between rural school and urban school. In general, there are no big differences between those two forms of basic education. Keywords: Rural School, urban school, Unifittest, physical fitness, somatic data
The differences in skating performance by training of changes of directional speed and partial skating tasks in U12 ice hockey players
Tomášek, Adam ; Šťastný, Petr (advisor) ; Vojta, Zdeněk (referee)
Title: The differences in skating performance by training of changes of directional speed and partial skating tasks in U12 ice hockey players Objectives: The main objective of the thesis is to compare the effectivity of training of ice skating while using exercises of changes of directional speed and training of partial skating tasks and its influence on speed-skilful test within players of senior school age (U12). At the same time, I am trying to compare which of methods regarding the development of ice skating's skill is more effective whether it is a method in whole (skilful exercises) or a method in parts (development of skating elements). Methods: Method of quantitative analysis of results of eight ice-skating tests performed on players of senior school age was utilized in the thesis. The tested sample was formed by thirteen players from sixth grade of the HC Slavia Praha team. The study includes three test measurements. First test measurement is the entry one, the second follows after the intervention from training of changes of directional speed and the third test measurement is performed after the intervention from partial skating tasks. The obtained data was recorded in charts and afterwards statistically processed by a method "A scale of magnitudes". This method enables to calculate...
Working hours, its lenght and distribution, with the focus on part-time
Randlová, Kateřina ; Štangová, Věra (advisor) ; Vysokajová, Margerita (referee)
Working hours, its lenght and distribution, with the focus on part-time Abstract The thesis deals with the issue of working hours and its distribution with a special focus on part-time. The thesis also introduces the legislation of part-time in the foreign law system, particularly in the Netherlands. The aim of this thesis is to analyze the current legal regulation of working hours, its length and distribution, focusing on part-time. The thesis is divided into six chapters, which represent labor law in the system of law, historical development of working hours, sources of labor law, legal regulation of working hours and rest periods and distribution of working hours. The fifth chapter deals with labor law institutes in which part-time deviate from the set weekly working hours. The chapter defines persons that are entitled to apply for part-time or another suitable adjustment of their working hours, forms of these suitable adjustments and the interpretation of the concept of operational reasons by the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic. The thesis also describes the method of calculating and remunerating overtime work for part-time employees and the calculation of the leave of those part-time employees whose working hours are unequally spread over several working days per week. The chapter also describes...
Effect of Barefoot shoes on the footprint loading
Vacková, Zuzana ; Lopot, František (advisor) ; Kubový, Petr (referee)
Author: Bc. Zuzana Vacková Title: Effect of Barefoot shoes on the footprint loading Objectives: The aim of this experiment is to evaluate if barefoot shoes affect the size of vertical component of contact force during walking on a smooth non- abrasive surface during normal conditions. Furthermore to find out which parameters can be used to monitor the degree of convergence foot behaviour during the stance phase of gait cycle with the barefoot and barefoot shoes. Methods: Seven probands (4 women, 3 men) aged 23 to 25 years participated at the study. The dynamic gait parameters (reaction forces from the pad) were measured using Kistler force plates in the extreme load laboratory at FTVS UK. Probands after introduction to the experiment went repeatedly over the power plate subjectively comfortable speed. The first measurement were done while walking in the barefoot type of shoes. The second measurement was barefoot walking. It was a one-time measurement. The obtained data were exported from BioWare® program into MS Excel. The final data processing was carried out in the MatLab program, where the necessary graphs of reaction forces and their evaluation were created. Results: All contact forces and their resultant and CoP coordinates were recorded during measurements. Only the vertical contact force...
Using board games in the Czech language lessons in primary school
Hyklová, Lucie ; Janovec, Ladislav (advisor) ; Babušová, Gabriela (referee)
My diploma thesis on the Using board games in the Czech language lesson in primary school is divided into two parts. The first part deals with theoretical starting points based on experiential and constructivist pedagogy. It focuses on the game from several points of view - as a free activity and joy during life and as a didactic method in which pupils' education is realized, a class climate is formed and a board game is applied. Further there are described places where you can play board games outside the school environment. The second part is devoted to the production of my own board games and their subsequent use in the teaching of the Czech language in the fourth year of primary school. In conclusion, I reflect on their suitability for teaching, highlight their advantages, possible pitfalls and suitable variations and forms of gradation. KEYWORDS Game, board game, Czech language, experiential pedagogy, constructivist pedagogy, activation methods, pupil, teaching, primary school, own experience and enjoyment
The use of gymnastic ball in combat sport.
Novotná, Jaroslava ; Pavelka, Radim (advisor) ; Krištofič, Jaroslav (referee)
Title: The use of gymnastic ball in combat sport. Objective: The aim of this work is to create a stack of exercises for martial arts wrestlers usable for training and improvement of movement on the ground. The exercises used use a gymnastic ball, which replaces the absence of a sparring partner. The partial aim of the thesis is to find out the difficulty of the proposed exercises based on the respondents' subjective perception. Methods: Based on a long-term observation of martial arts training in conjunction with professional resources dealing with the issue, gymnastic ball exercises were profiled. There were 18 respondents who distinguished the difficulty of the 8 selected exercises. A 10-point Borg Scale was used to evaluate the difficulty, which records the individual perception of the effort required to perform the exercise. Results: The result of the work is a set of exercises on the gymnastic ball suitable for training fight positions and situations for combat on the ground. Furthermore, individual evaluation of the difficulty of selected exercises wrestlers combat sports. The exercises were evaluated by the respondents from simple ones, such as the "Shifting feet while lying on belly" exercise to very demanding "Kneeling on one leg" exercises. The overall assessment suggests that the...

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