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Developing Intercultural Communicative Competence Using the Cooperative Principle
Freiová, Kristina ; Uličná, Klára (advisor) ; Dvořák, Bohuslav (referee)
The following thesis introduces a four-lesson teaching intervention focused on the development of Intercultural Communicative Competence of EFL learners through their exposure to the Cooperative Principle and its four maxims. The main aim is to help the students better notice, interpret and interculturally compare inexplicit communication in English. The Cooperative Principle serves as an organizationally clear framework, which allows for succinct yet quite extensive analyses of implicatures created by speakers of various cultural backgrounds. A quasi-experiment conducted in four groups of students aged 16 to 17 assesses whether the intervention really enhances the Intercultural Communicative Competence of the students, raising their awareness of the influence that culture has on inexplicit communication and language in general.
Total Physical Response in Different Age Groups
Pinkasová, Markéta ; Dvořák, Bohuslav (advisor) ; Hofmannová, Marie (referee)
A foreign language teaching method called Total Physical Response is described in the theoretical part. The originator proposes the method for any age group; despite the fact, the use of the method changes in different age groups, due to cognitive development of students and their level of English. The practical part shows opinions of present English teachers in Poděbrady and its neighborhood about usage of the method in their lessons.
Role of Facebook in TEFL at the Second Level of Primary Schools
Hodková, Barbora ; Dvořák, Bohuslav (advisor) ; Ficza, Tomáš (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the role of social network Facebook in the process of English teaching and learning at the second level at Czech primary schools. The theoretical part concentrates on the methodology typically used in TEFL during 20th and 21st century, online teaching and learning as well as communication, describes the history and development of Facebook and deals with the question of online safety. The practical part firstly informs the reader about the development of the research procedure, states the aims and describes the research background. Secondly it deals with the data collection, assessment and evaluation and presents the results acquired from the research. The research was designed to reveal the possible benefits of the use of Facebook in the TEFL process; it consisted of a questionnaire and two types of observation performed by the author of this thesis.
Effective methods of preparing secondary school students for the maturita exam in English - focused on speaking
Rybáková, Katarína ; Dvořák, Bohuslav (advisor) ; Hofmannová, Marie (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with speaking skills and their development for the purposes of the Maturita exam. It is divided into 6 chapters. The theoretical part deals with speaking as a skill, basic definitions of the Maturita exam and, more specifically, it gives a detailed overview and comparison of the Maturita oral performance and interactive skills at both levels. The practical part covers the analysis of three sets of books that are used during the English lessons in secondary education. Key words: Maturita exam, basic level, higher level, evaluation, course books
Text-based Computer mediated communication: forms, characteristics & influence on peripheral English vocabulary
Buršík, Ondřej ; Vít, Radek (advisor) ; Dvořák, Bohuslav (referee)
This B.A. Thesis introduces main forms of text-based Computer mediated communication in order to demonstrate that they differ in the level to which they motivate user's employment of new English peripheral vocabulary. General characteristics of the forms as well as results of their influence on English peripheral lexicon are discussed to provide better understanding of the issue. The work also addresses potential threats of utilization of computer mediated communication to the English language. The final conclusion is that there certainly are differences between forms of computer mediated communication in terms of employment of new specific lexicon and also that this new vocabulary does not represent a significant threat to the English language.
Developing Social Competencies through Interaction in English Lessons
Wagnerová, Anna ; Dvořák, Bohuslav (advisor) ; Vít, Radek (referee)
With the recent introduction of the Framework Education Programme into schools in the Czech Republic, a great attention is now paid to new concepts: Cross-curricular Subjects and Key Competencies. These also include training in personal and social skills, which should help the students to develop their personalities and to learn to cooperate with others. This work focuses on four related areas of Social Competencies, namely becoming acquainted with people, building positive relationships, social communication and cooperation. It aims to provide theoretical background and analyze possible ways of developing these competencies within English lessons at the second stage of basic education or lower secondary education, and also to offer sample activities. The questionnaire survey in the practical part explores the pupils' perception of Personal and Social Competencies in their current instruction, searches for their preferences and compares their viewpoint with that of the teachers.
Motivation of Adults in ELT
Antonínová, Radka ; Dvořák, Bohuslav (advisor) ; Hofmannová, Marie (referee)
Tato práce se zabývá neformální výukou anglického jazyka dospělých. Pojednává o motivačních prvcích v jazykovém vzdělávání a jak je na motivační strukturu ve výuce anglického jazyka nahlíženo učiteli a jejich studenty. Cílem práce bylo prozkoumat motivační citlivost učitelů v tzv. one-to-one jazykových firemních kurzech a jaké motivační strategie v těchto kurzech učitelé využívají. Teoretická část této práce se zabývá pozadím tématiky vzdělávání dospělých a praktická čast práce se skládá ze dvou částí - dotazníkového šetření a pozorování výuky.
Continuing Beginner Learners in Adult EFL Classes
Mihulková, Šárka ; Hofmannová, Marie (advisor) ; Dvořák, Bohuslav (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of teaching continuing beginners in adult EFL classes. It focuses on the description of factors that may influence the learning stagnation among these learners, and it attempts to ascertain the extent to which these factors take effect. Consequently, the thesis aims to characterize Czech continuing beginners as an independent group of learners and to provide scientific evidence which could clarify the assumptions, underlying the continuing-beginner concept. Lastly, but importantly, the thesis also intends to instigate further research in the field. The subject was investigated from the perspective of available pedagogical, andragogcial and psychological literature. Accordingly, four major factors, which may be at the root of continuing-beginner phenomenon, were identified: a mismatch between learning and teaching styles, insufficient study motivation, hindrances to learning and learning disabilities. These four areas were further focused on in a questionnaire survey, using rating scales to determine the importance of the individual areas. The study worked with three hypotheses. Firstly, continuing beginners were expected to report difficulties in at least two of the established areas. Secondly, it was presupposed that the rate of learning disabilities would be somewhat...
Music as an Effective Means in Teaching English Pronunciation
Young Žáková, Lenka ; Červinková Poesová, Kristýna (advisor) ; Dvořák, Bohuslav (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to point out the beneficial effect music has on learning English pronunciation. The theoretical part describes how music can positively influence the process of learning and helps to create an effective educational environment. This work further focuses on the motivational effect of music and on its ability to increase student interest. The practical part provides the reader with concrete examples of the methodology used in singing classes at the basic art schools with focus on selected features of English pronunciation. Key words: music, pronunciation, singing, song

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