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Partial Czech translations of the Roman Breviary 1800-1974
The thesis examines Czech translations from the Roman Breviary created in the period between 1800 and the liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council. Catalogue of such translations has been prepared. Based on the catalogue, the most important text families are identified and described in detail. It turns out that most of the translations were created for purposes of publicly celebrated Vespers, chanted in the vernacular. Based on historical experience with this pre-conciliar paraliturgical form, a few final suggestions are made for public celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours today.
Development of economic-law information web-system
The first part of the thesis is about web applications, MVC architecture and web frameworks. Their role in application development is discussed and the advantages and disadvantages of their use are outlined. In the following part, the Symfony web framework 3.4 is discussed further. Specifically, this section develops its core components and functionality that it uses (structure, configuration files, controllers, entities, templates, models, security, etc.) The second part of the thesis is dedicated to the development of economic-legal information system EPIS Online, which was created by Symfony 3.4. Its three modules (security and user license structure, legislation and payment gateway) are described further. The specific processes in the system, actions of controllers, templates, services and many other components are explained in this part.
Poverty as an anthropological problem
This thesis aims to point out poverty from several perspectives that are part of human life. The focus of the thesis is not only a problem of poverty in terms of material shortage referred to social policy but also it tries to uncover other possible types of poverty that can threaten human life. A human is from its nature a creature of biological, social, psychological and spiritual components. Therefore, it is defined as a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual being. For this reason, as with other human-related topics, it is not possible to deal with one of these components but data from all these areas need to be used to provide a complete explanation of the issue. The first chapter defines poverty and associated terms. Moreover, it names different approaches to poverty and affected persons. From chapter Two to Five the author specifies particular types of poverty-physical, cultural, relationship, spiritual and mental poverty. In comparison to previous chapters, chapter Six is explaining the state's attitude to poverty and possible measures that can be conducted. The last seventh chapter deals with Christianity and its history of poverty.
The importance of work for people with intellectual disabilities
This thesis is about the importance of work for people with intellectual disabilities. The main subject of my thesis is an integration of people with mental disabilities into an society and subsequently into the work environment, which significantly contributes to the improvement of their lives. The thesis is divided into four chapters. The first chapter specifies a definition, a division of terms related to a mental disability and his historical development. The second chapter is about an employment of people with mental disabilities, basic human rights, also about the convention of rights of people with handicap and supporting to enter into work the environment. It is also worth to mention a free time, which is very closely related to working time. The third chapter is about social work with people with mental disabilities and possibilities to improve an quality of their social life. The last chapter explains the quality of life as the ethical value of people with mental disabilities, their education and a preservation of human dignity. The aim of this work is to find out what is the meaning of work for people with mental disabilities.
Conflict of Responsibility at Social Workers from Fokus.
KUBATOVÁ, Michaela
The thesis deals with the conflict of social worker´s responsibilities in the FOCUS organization. The theoretical part is focused on the characteristics of the organization and the issues of its target group, which is mental illness - schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It describes the work of social workers with this target group. It also introduces issues conflict, ethical problem, ethical dilemmas and responsibility. The other part of the thesis is empiric, research fosuced on identifying, analyzing and trying to evulaute the conflict of responsibilities of selected social workers of Focus ČB. For data-analysis I used a method of creating groups. According to them, I grouped the information with similar features.
Psychological aspects of the consequences of criminal activity in convicted men serving imprisonment
The aim of the diploma thesis is to describe the consequences of imprisonment from a psychological point of view and to compare it with the testimonies of convicts. Every convicted person who gets into a prison is exposed to psychological problems associated with imprisonment. These problems can be associated not only with pleading guilty and accepting a sentence connected with a commited crime but also with, a transition from civil life to life in prison, adaptating to life in prison, dealing with restriction of freedom and restrictions of contact with their loved ones and so on. The thesis has a theoretical part divided into three chapters, where data has been added from transcripts of interviews with four sentenced men. The first chapter focuses on the characteristics of serving imprisonment, including the functions and the purpose of imprisonment and on penitentiary psychology. The second chapter describes the adaptation of prisoners to imprisonment in view of the length and frequency of imprisonment as well as the personality of the convicted person. The third chapter focuses on the psychological aspects of imprisonment (the second life of prisoners, aggression, bullying, suicide, self-harm, abuse and use of narcotic and psychotropic substances, limiting social contacts). The aim of the diploma thesis is to describe the consequences of imprisonment from a psychological point of view and to compare it with data from interviews with sentenced persons.
The possibilities of ethical education in the scouting environment
The work deals with the possibilities of ethical education in the Scout environment. First, it describes the Scout idea, such as the Scouting principles, Scout values, law, promise and ethical education. It also deals with the origin and development of Scouting in our country and in the world and its main representatives. Furthermore, it describes particular Scout activities that take place not only within small groups but also in very large ones, not only in local communities but also in the world. There are meetings of peers but also of all generations. Several life stories from the totalitarian regime demonstrate courage and loyalty to the Scout promise. Using interviews and questionnaires, a picture of how members perceive the Scouting is made - what they value, what they learnt, whether it helps them to cope with difficulties. Last but not least, a chance to criticize contemporary Scout affairs is given. Overall, Scouting offers many opportunities how to influence both individuals and the society in ethical matters and how to make the world a little better. It enables upbringing for true humanity, helps us to fight against consumerism and individualism.
The spiritual dimension in the contemporary concept of social work with seniors.
The thesis deals with the spiritual dimension of man, spiritual needs from the perspective of legislation and social work in residential facilities for the elderly. In the introductory part of the work is defined the concept of human person, social work and social services, its principles and values. Furthermore, the work deals with the characteristics of old age and needs in old age The key chapter is spirituality in social work. Another important chapter of the thesis is a chapter entitled the concept of spiritual care in residential facilities, which brings a contemporary view of work with spiritual needs in social services. The next part deals with the concepts of care for the elderly. The final chapter brings summaries and measures into practice regarding spirituality and spiritual needs within social work and legislation.
The subject of my diplom thesis is an adaptation by bilingual children in the kindergarden environment
My thesis is based on the topic of the adaptation of children with different first languages to the social surroundings of a kindergarden. The aim of the thesis is to explain the challenges of the pre-school education especially in the period of a foreign child´s inicial adaptation to the kindergarden environment. The thesis is divided in two parts - the theoretical part and the practice part. In the theoretical part of my work I have focused on the callenges faced by a foreign child in a Czech kindergarden, on the preparation of the kindergarden to satisty the needs of a child with different first language and finally on the proces of the child´s adaptation to the kindergarden environment. The practical part of my work accumulates the knowledge based on my own experiences with my Czech speaking daughter in the Austrian Kindergarden as well as the two Vietnamese girls in the environment of a Czech Kindergarden. The foundings of the practical part of my thesis are complimented by semi-structured interviews with the kindergarden teachers.
The Right To Psychotherapy Outside A Medical System: An Ethical Reflexion Attempt
The thesis deals with ethical reflection of the right to psychotherapy as a potential natural right, with regard to dispute about psychotherapy outside the health system and its ethical solution. The first part of the thesis clarify the origin and core of the dispute, its parties and their arguments, their conflicting and congruent interests and the impact of the dispute on the situation of the takers of psychotherapy. The second part is devoted to psychotherapy, first of all to the development of psychotherapy in context with political-cultural and historical conditionality, then it reflects the changes in the needs of the recipients of psychotherapy with respect to the transformation of society and finally it defines psychotherapy taking into account domestic and European trends. The third part of the thesis investigate the right to psychotherapy as a potential natural right and consequently also the importance of human rights for resolving the dispute about psychotherapy. First it pays attention to the natural law, to the natural rights and obligations and to the relationship of the natural and positive law; second it reflects the current possibilities of realizing the right to psychotherapy in the Czech Republic with regard to the conclusions of the previous research. The fourth part deals with the realization of the right to psychotherapy due to the principle of subsidiarity and its different concepts. The fifth part contains the discussion and reflection of the current development of the dispute and finally the conclusion of the thesis brings a summary and evaluation of the obtained conclusions.

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