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Náklady a kvalita zdravotní péče v zemích OECD
Klimešová, Iveta
Thesis deals with the cost and quality of healthcare in OECD countries. The literature review describes the models of health care systems and their funding. There is also defined the quality of health care and its measurement. In the empirical part is verified the relationship between health care costs and quality indicators based on the correlation and regression analysis.
Ethical reflection of access of undocumented immigrants to healthcare in the Czech Republic
Surová, Zuzana ; Štica, Petr (advisor) ; Bouma, David (referee)
The diploma thesis "Ethical reflection of access of undocumented immigrants to healthcare in the Czech Republic" deals with ethically relevant aspects of access of undocumented immigrants to healthcare and healthcare system in the Czech Republic. The thesis focuses on healthcare in relation to human rights and on the role of states as a guarantor of human rights. The diploma thesis will reflect this topic from perspective of human rights and from ethical perspective. The thesis aims to propose measures of legislation scope in area of healthcare as well as immigration politics in the Czech Republic, which should contribute to find ethically responsible and human rights-oriented solution concerning the access of undocumented immigrants to healthcare and healthcare system. Keywords migration; undocumented immigrants; human rights; health care; health care system; Czech Republic
Czech Healthcare Policy after 2010 in the Context of Heger's Reform
Řezníčková, Lucie ; Háva, Petr (advisor) ; Tušková, Eva (referee)
The diploma thesis "Czech Healthcare Policy after 2010 in the Context of Heger's Reform", deals with the significant institutional change that was implemented in Czech healthcare law during the right-wing government, which claimed its reforms were necessary in order to balance the budget. The aim of this work is to analyze the development of Czech healthcare policy in the period 2010-2013 with respect to the case of Heger's reform. This thesis uses different methods of analyzing the political process, for example methods of institutional analysis, critical discourse analysis, and other methods. The main theoretical basis of this work consists of a social critique of the neoliberal approach to Czech health care policy, and of a study of healthcare systems, their functions and goals, and a study of health policy and its changes. Attention is paid especially to the context of human rights related to health and the international discourse. This thesis identifies the arguments of neoliberal ideology in the policy-making of Czech healthcare policy makers in the process of justifying reforms. It evaluates the legitimacy of reform changes that don't accept the opinion of the public and don't respond to the international discourse, and investigates how the reform introduces new legal terminology which...
Approach of the Czech Health Politics to Strategy Health 2020
Machová, Kamila ; Háva, Petr (advisor) ; Tušková, Eva (referee)
The aim of the thesis is the assessment of developments in the approach towards the "European" strategy Health 2020 by Czech political players while using methods of critical discourse analysis and the assessment of the development of the Health 2020 agenda during the period 2010-2012 in the context of previous activities of the World Health Organization. The approach of the Czech health care political players to the strategy had been assessed on the basis of governmental programmatic statements since 1998, the National Reform Program of Czech Republic 2011 and interviews with participants in the Czech health policy and Czech health care. The approach of Czech health policy towards the Health 2020 strategy had been evaluated as extremely problematic. The course of creation and discussion of Health 2020 in 2012 had become a critical barrier for the Czech Ministry of Health. As a result, no wider awareness of this strategy exists in Czech health policy, neither does exist a Czech translation of this strategy. Lastly, the goals of Czech health policy do not reflect in a single point of the goals of the Health 2020 strategy.
Postgraduate medical education in Czech Republic: Young doctors captured between formal and informal institutions
Šíchová, Tereza ; Tušková, Eva (advisor) ; Háva, Petr (referee)
This master thesis deals with the field of postgraduate medical education. The main goal of this thesis is deeper understanding of problems in the educational system. By means of a qualitative research the thesis explores the problems and causes of current postgraduate educational system from the perspective of young physicians. The research is based on a series of semi-structured interviews with physicians who are currently passing through a phase of postgraduate medical education. Results of the survey show the most questionable fact, according to participants, is the lack of the educational leadership which is supposed to be secured by the assigned supervisor. Despite the formal rules, this role is often ensured merely formally or is missing at all. Participants also mentioned difficulties related to accomplishing of specialized practical training and required procedures. Both of them are frequently subordinated to informal rules. The main findings are based on revealing the causes of problems mentioned above. The reasons of ascertained discrepancy are introduced with the theoretical help of the theory of informal institutions by G. Helmke and S. Levitsky. Through the lense of chosen theory the issue is that there is insufficient efficiency of formal institutions. Therefore, prospective solution should...
Effectiveness of coeliac disease management in the Czech Republic
Přibylová, Kristýna ; Háva, Petr (advisor) ; Mašková, Pavla (referee)
This work deals with effectiveness of coeliac disease management. It is a model case of chronic disease management. The analytical framework of this work is the multilevel Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions Framework. Crucial is the interaction between health care team that represents health care system, community partners and patients with their families. In the case of coeliac disease it is necessary to include also the role of representatives of market with gluten free products. The interaction of these participants takes place in wider political context, whose state influences this interaction fundamentaly and reflects so in final results - state of patients and quality of their live. Using the evaluation of the quality of life tool SF-36, it has been ascertained, that the quality of life of coealiac patients is lower in comparison with European standard of healthy population and that the causes of the problem have to be searched and systematically removed at all levels of the system of chronic health care. The findings validate the theoretic presumption, that the chronic health care is still considerably underestimated and that it does not reply to the needs of chronic ill patients, which reflects just on general quality of life.
Zhodnocení systému financování fakultních nemocnic v České republice
Zimmerová, Kateřina
This diploma thesis deals with the hospital financial system in the Czech Republic. Specifically, the thesis is focused on university hospitals. The first part provides a description of the health care system in the Czech Republic, health care funding, and the DRG system. The second part consists of inpatient care analysis and evaluation of the university hospital financial system. The evaluation is based on financial analysis of university hospitals and determination of their financial health. The final part contains suggestions and recommendations leading to an improvement of university hospital efficiency.
Financování a hospodaření fakultních nemocnic v České republice
Teislerová, Květa
Teislerová, K. Financing and management of university hospitals in the Czech Re-public. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. This thesis is focused on the financing and management of university hospitals in the Czech Republic. The first part defines the basic concepts of health care (such as the health care system, health care and the non-profit sector). Further, the fi-nancing of health care is analysed and the hospitals are described. Next, the fi-nancial analysis indicators are explained in the first part. The second part of the thesis introduces a financial analysis of the St. Anne´s University Hospital in Brno. Finally, the results are summarized and recommendations for increasing the effi-ciency of the university hospital suggested.
Soukromé zdravotní pojištění v ČR
Majorová, Anděla
Diploma thesis deals with health financing systems with an emphasis on private funding in the form of private health insurance. The thesis examines the health financing system of the Czech Republic and other selected EU countries. The aim of the diploma thesis is to evaluate the suitability of involvement of private health insurance in the healthcare system of the Czech Republic and present proposal of this involvement. Literary, internet resources and publications of relevant or-ganizations related to the issue, such as WHO and OECD, have been used to get the necessary information. The advantages and disadvantages of private health insurance are evaluated in this thesis on the basis of description, analysis and subsequent comparison of the health systems of France, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. The result of the work is the recommendation of possible solutions for the introduction of private health insurance as another source of financing of health care in the Czech Republic and the evaluation of its impacts.
Increased living costs of tetraplegic with disability caused by an accident and their compensation by state contributions
Tučková, Vendula ; Kostřiba, Jan (advisor) ; Kotlářová, Jana (referee)
The theme of thesis is to define the living costs of person with the spinal cord injury in the cervical spine - tetraplegics. Tetraplegics are specific group of people with injury. Partial goal is to find out, whether state contributes and compensates health handicap of citizens enough. Thesis describes spends needed on one side and possibilities of state contributions on the other side. First part of theoretical part clarifies handicap of spinal cord injury and associated complications. It describes necessary compensational and medical equipment including process of its aquirement. Second part of theoretical part is based on Czech legislation and analyzes savings, advantages and contributions provided by social system of Czech Republic for disabled people. Practical part evaluates survey as a background for final conclusion of economic situation of tetraplegics. Key words tetraplegia, healthcare system, Czech Republic

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