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Medical prescriptions in Greece
Naoum, Panagiotis ; Kotlářová, Jana (advisor) ; Kostřiba, Jan (referee)
MEDICAL PRESCRIPTIONS IN GREECE Author: Naoum I. Panagiotis Tutor: RNDr. Jana Kotlářová, Ph.D. Department of Social and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic Aim of diploma thesis: The aim of diploma thesis is: to get current knowledge about medical prescriptions (MP) in Greece and rules of their use; to prepare its basic division according their kinds, formal look, practical handle with them and their payment; to get sample of different MP and finally to describe the current Greek health, pension and insurance system as a secondary aim. Results: In this diploma thesis it has been described the existing model of medical prescriptions in Greece and have been given adequate information about their basic divisions, their kinds, their formal look, and their compensation. Also it is described the course of the prescription, from the doctor to the pharmacist, harmonized with modern electronic prescribing. In the recent years (from 2009), Greece started the pilot implementation of e-prescribing for the modernization of public administration. This reform was established in order to fight against impunity and seemingly anti-ethical actions. The measure was certified by the laws of the Greek State, whereas the first results are starting to show...
Raw materials for compounding of drugs in pharmacies of the Czech Republic
Toscherová, Petra ; Kotlářová, Jana (advisor) ; Matoulková, Petra (referee)
RAW MATERIALS FOR COMPOUNDING OF DRUGS IN PHARMACIES OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC Author: Petra TOSCHEROVÁ Tutor: RNDr. Jana KOTLÁŘOVÁ, Ph.D., Department of Social and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic Background: Compounding of drugs in pharmacies of the Czech republic is falling down, but it is important activity in the Czech pharmacies. Aim of study: Find actually situation of raw materials for compounding of drugs in pharmacies of the Czech Republic and compare it with previous research. Methods: Research with questionnaire. Quetionnaire was complete by students of practice in pharmacies of the Czech republic. Work in Microsoft Excel. Results: Diploma paper worked 52 questionnaires from different types of pharmacy. From this questionnaires was created main database. In this database is 491 raw materials - 250 curative and helping materials and 241 curative preparations. In tables is percent occurrence of raw materials globally and in the different types of pharmacy. After that their evaluation in relation to at the same time valid norms and kind of operation. Comparing main datbase with Czech formulary 2005 and public notice No. 85/2008 Sb. Comparing main database with previous research from year 2000. Conclusions: Results can be used...
Graduate Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove
Janů, Vladana ; Kotlářová, Jana (advisor) ; Solich, Jan (referee)
POSITION OF GRADUATES OF FACULTY OF PHARMACY IN HRADEC KRALOVE ON A JOB MARKET Author: Janů V. * Tutor: Kotlářová J. ** *= Modřanská lékárna, Prague, Czech Republic**= Dept. of Social and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove (FaF), Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Background: Beginning young man with practical life and choosing his first profession is one of the most important moments in life. It is essential for graduate which working conditions will make him his first employer for acquire full job satisfaction. Aim of study: Identify by the help of questionnaire survey (practise in 2000-2007) possibilities of application graduates from faculty of pharmacy in practice. Graduates notions and opinions were monitored in the time period of graduation. These are stilled in longitudinal advancement. The results are compared with others theses, lucidity and applicability are explored in the questionnaire. Methods: The questionnaire was anonymous and had seven questions. There were two identification questions, 2 questions respected choice and reason of selection a career, 3 questions identifying pharmacy as expected workplace. Year by year the questionnaire data had been processed in the Microsoft Excel database and the data are analysed in three categories (Sum, Men and...
The young and their lifestyle.
Vítková, Petra ; Klusoňová, Hana (advisor) ; Kotlářová, Jana (referee)
The aim of this thesis was to define a situation in the area of using legal and illegal habit forming drugs in a chosen file of respondents and to analyse the possibility of development of psychic problems as dependence of using habit forming drugs. The base was a file of questionnaires completed by students of universities in Great Britain in an academic year 2007/2008. 450 respondents, 37.1 % men and 62.9 % women, at the age from 21 - 26 years, took part. An average age was 22.47 years. The most of respondents defined their ethnic origin as White - British (32.7 %), White - Scottish (31.1 %) and other white background (13.3 %). The most often equivalent for the term "drug" is from their point of view an illegal drug, a habit forming drug or a medicine. As the most dangerous behaviour related to using habit forming drugs they considered occasional using of drugs. Almost two thirds of respondents have had an experience with smoking. The first experience with smoking was the most frequently at the age of 14 - 16. One third of respondents are smokers from which more than a half are daily smokers. A half of smokers have tried to stop smoking at least once in their life, especially because of health and financial reasons. Majority of respondents have had an experience with drinking alcohol, there is...
Entry of New Product on the Pharmaceutical Market
Mašát, Petr ; Kostřiba, Jan (advisor) ; Kotlářová, Jana (referee)
This thesis is focused on a private brand of food supplements called IPC COMPLEX. IPC COMPLEX is produced by company Pharmaceutical Corporaration, a.s., and has been freshly introduced in the Czech market. The paper aims to assess production costs and sales in 2013, to calculate mark-up, margin and total gross profit. A comparison of sales with the rival products in each category follows. The evaluation is also subjected to meet the balance sheet established before entering the market. Moreover, the aims of the management are assessed together with return on investments and presumed positive impact on management of the society. The research focuses on monitoring the private brand. The data - provided exclusively for this research, were collected in 2013 and represent all 42 pharmacies owned by the chain IPC in the Czech Republic. The thesis tries to evaluate economic impacts of private brand on the pharmaceutical market for food supplements. These consequences are compared with impacts of private brands in other fields. Generally, the impact is believed to be positive and to be beneficial for powerful retail chains. Despite the minor failures, this thesis proved that a private brand of food supplements can have the very same positive impact on the Czech pharmaceutical market. The private brand has...
System of Education of Pharmacists in Greece
Mougiou, Eirini-Georgia ; Kotlářová, Jana (advisor) ; Kolář, Jozef (referee)
SYSTEM OF EDUCATION OF PHARMACISTS IN GREECE Author: Eirini-Georgia Mougiou Tutor: RNDr. Jana Kotlářová, Ph.D. Department of social and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic Aim of study: The aim of diploma thesis is to get current knowledge about system of education of pharmacists in Greece, their vocational employment and to shortly compare situation in this field in Greece with Czech Republic. A survey whose goal is the gathering of information from foreign students about their experience in universities abroad, especially at Charles University. Methods: Data collection through appreciation of information and studying of literature. Questionnaire answered by 61 following students of pharmacy on March 2013. Results: Studies in high school, entrance examination of students in University , undergraduate and postgraduate studies in discipline of pharmacy are the main characteristics of both educational systems. Comparison and report of differences between the studies in Greece and studies abroad. Importance of life-long learning for professional pharmacists. Students answered questionnaire are 47,54 % males and 52,46 % females, most of them 68,84 % are from Greece and 14,74% from Cyprus. 67,21 % are not satisfied with Charles...
Pharmacies in Greece
Zacharakis, Georgios ; Kotlářová, Jana (advisor) ; Kolář, Jozef (referee)
PHARMACIES IN GREECE Author: Georgios Zacharakis Tutor: RNDr. Jana Kotlářová, Ph.D. Department of Social and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic Aim of diploma thesis: The aim is to get current facts and knowledge about the situation of pharmacies in Greece, including their basic problems, and to compare it with the Czech Republic. Methods: Data collection through appreciation of information and studying of literature, esp. Greek legislation. Results: It was given necessary information on the National Health System in Greece and about place and role of pharmacies in this. The main part of thesis deals wits pharmacies in Greece (legislation, statistics, pharmacists, activities in pharmacy). There are many private community pharmacies and low amount of hospital pharmacies which are only for inpatients. Both Greece and Czech Republic made considerable efforts in latest years to harmonize their legislation to the European standards. However, a significant difference between Greece and Czech Republic is profit margins of wholesalers, which are higher in the Czech Republic in comparison to Greece, while the production of drugs in Greece is significant higher than Czech Republic, which based more in its neighboring countries for the supply...
A frequency of a purchase of herbal medicines in selected regiones. Pharmacobotanical and phytopharmacological study.
Vyšinská, Ľubomíra ; Jahodář, Luděk (advisor) ; Kotlářová, Jana (referee)
VYŠINSKÁ, Ľ.: A frequency of a purchase of herbal medicine in selected regions. Pharmacobotanical and phytopharmacological study. Diploma thesis, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Department of Pharmaceutical Botany and Ecology. Hradec Králové, 2011, 89 p. Keywords: phytopharmaceuticals, parapharmaceuticals, herbal drugs, phytomedicines, questionary survey Background: To examine the most frequently used herbal products in Žilina region and to identify factors associated with herbal therapy usage (age, gender of patients), as well as the situations when the phytopharmaceuticals are added to therapy (basic/add on therapy, therapeutical indications etc.). Thesis also tried to resolve the relationship of pharmacists and doctors to the herbal medicine and it dealt with the issue of information resources concerning phytotherapy, trends in this area and perception of the risks of the therapy among professionals. Methods: A questionnaire was used to find out the data. Respondents were pharmacist, always one person per pharmacy from a village in Žilina region. Results: Totally, 101 questionnaires were collected from 28 villages in Žilina region. From the evaluation of respondent's answers is clear that the most frequently sold phytopharmaceutical is a product from...

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