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Gender-sensitive analysis of the novel Praskliny
Halíř, Pavel ; Jiroutová Kynčlová, Tereza (advisor) ; Knotková - Čapková, Blanka (referee)
The thesis entitled Gender Sensitive Analysis of the novel Praskliny looks into the representation of symbolic and discursive violence in a selected literary text by a Czech author from the perspective of gender analysis. Klára Vlasáková's novel Praskliny (Cracks) is set in a fantasy world with despotic elements, where individual heroes and heroines deal with the fundamental contradiction caused by internalized social norms with the way the protagonists themselves experience them. The analysis of the work is carried out in the context of feminist literary theories, whose main methodological and theoretical themes are the concept of a woman as nature by Sherry B. Ortner, symbolic violence by Pierre Bourdieu, and the concept of the connection between water and a woman by Z. Kalnická.
Developing biomolecular interactions models for molecular simulations: Critical evaluation of force field parametrizations
Tempra, Carmelo ; Jungwirth, Pavel (advisor) ; Vácha, Robert (referee) ; Vega de las Heras, Carlos (referee)
Force field molecular dynamics methods are nowadays commonly used to study molecular interactions in many scientific fields. The accuracy of force fields has been improving over the years, allowing for a meaningful physical description of molecular phenomena. However, force fields have limitations. In this dissertation, I explored some of these limitations resulting from the parametrization strategy of force fields and the extent to which non-classical behavior, such as nuclear quantum effects, can be incorporated into classical force field molecular dynamics. In the first part, I investigated to what extent nuclear quantum effects can be accounted for within a classical force field for water. This allowed us to model the differences between bulk light vs. heavy water. The developed model was then used to describe solvent isotope effects on biomolecules, such as amino acids, proteins, and biomembranes, and to seek an explanation why heavy water (unlike light water) tastes sweet. In the second part, I pointed out the drawbacks of using certain training datasets in comparison to others when optimizing a force field, using aqueous calcium chloride as an example. In the third part, I demonstrated the importance of using an accurate water model during the optimization of force fields for phospholipids to adequately capture...
Changes in oxidation-reduction potential in underground, mineral and bottled water and their practical relevance
Kassenov, Danay ; Komendová, Renata (referee) ; Řezáčová, Veronika (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the redox potential of mineral waters and its use. The theoretical part summarizes basic information about water and redox potential. The experimental part is devoted to monitoring the time dependence of changes in the oxidation-reduction potential of different mineral waters. It was found that the values of the potential change with time, without a uniform specific trend. The findings may have further practical significance for water quality control and management.
Determination of trace amounts of mercury by voltammetry
Hudzíková, Veronika ; Mravcová, Ludmila (referee) ; Řezáčová, Veronika (advisor)
This bachelor thesis concentrates on the optimalization of conditions for voltammetric determination of mercury in water. The theoretical part describes fundamental characteristics of mercury as a chemical element, impact on the environment and possible analytical methods for determination with emphasis on voltammetry. The experimental part includes the description of the optimalization of analysis conditions, applied methods and the analysis of real samples.
Dawn Patrol
Javorská, Veronika ; Janečková, Zuzana (referee) ; Ondrík, Jozef (advisor)
The bachelor project Dawn Patrol is a digital map of sea swimming locations in County Donegal, Ireland. I subjectively describe the essence of this phenomenon by using sounds, visuals and texts on my own dipping experiences.

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