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Analysis of Chemistry tests used in the admission procedure at the Faculty of Science, Charles University
Šrámek, Martin ; Teplá, Milada (advisor) ; Teplý, Pavel (referee) ; Kričfaluši, Dana (referee)
This thesis focuses on the prediction of academic success and item analysis of chemistry knowledge tests used in the admission procedure at the Faculty of Science, Charles University between 2016 and 2019. The first part of the thesis focuses on the possibilities of academic success prediction (earning a bachelor's degree within 4 years) based on various factors: (i) success rate in the admission procedure, (ii) study index (modified average of marks), (iii) success rate in each part of admission procedure, (iv) passing exams in selected mandatory subjects for students of Chemistry study programme, eventually (v) based on obtained marks in selected subjects (as in (iv)). Furthermore, a prediction of entering Year 2 was also completed for three of these factors (i, iii and iv). The sample consists of 1,780 applicants for Chemistry study programmes. The results of the analysis proved a medium effect on success in the admission procedure on entering Year 2 (d = 0.52) and a large effect on academic success (d = 0.67). By additional comparison of predictive ability of knowledge tests (Maths, Biology, Chemistry) we proved that the Chemistry test has a greater prediction ability compared to the others - low effect on entering Year (d = 0.22), but medium on academic success (d = 0.40). Additionally, we...
Media education in chemistry teaching
Matějčková, Veronika ; Teplý, Pavel (advisor) ; Janoušková, Svatava (referee)
This thesis deals with the integration of media education into chemistry teaching. The thesis is divided in two parts. The first part develops media education as a tool to obtain media literacy, didactics approach in teaching of media education and methods used in those teachings. Undisputable part of the first part of this thesis is the position of media education in curricular documents in the Czech Republic and investigation of a real state of media education teachings at Czech primary and secondary schools. The results of the investigation showed that the skill of media literacy of students in the Czech Republic is rather below average. The investigation also showed that the most common form of implementation of media education teaching is integration into other educational areas. Second part of the thesis contains a questionnaire among teachers of science subjects focused on integration of media education and educational materials which were prepared after evaluation of first part of the thesis, and which are a practical demonstration of a relationship between media education and chemistry subject. The created teaching materials contain theoretical starting points for the given topic of media education, methodological instructions for teachers and worksheets, teaching presentations or other...
Outdoor educational game on separation methods for lower secondary school students
Kydalová, Radka ; Stratilová Urválková, Eva (advisor) ; Teplý, Pavel (referee)
The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 had a particularly severe impact on teaching in all types of schools, especially in the Czech Republic. Science lessons could not actively develop the practical skills of pupils, who spent an enormous part of the day with online learning and online assignments. The aim of the diploma thesis was to create an outdoor science activity that can be carried out within the lower secondary science education, but also out-of-school (extracurricular) activities, e.g. in leisure groups, summer camps or even family-camp holidays. The game "Lahvius is looking for apprentices!" was created for teaching separation methods within lower secondary education. The game consists of 15 lists/control points, that participants meet on their way in terrain. At the last stop, participants prepare an extract and filtrate from plants they find in the surroundings. The guide (teacher) prepares the trail according to the Teachers guide, which is attached to this thesis. During the practical activity, it is recommended to guide the participants effectively and give them feedback on their work. The game was tested twice: a pilot version was tested at two summer camps, and a modified version was tested with pupils of two 7th grades of a Prague basic school. The participants filled in a short...
Inter-subject relations between chemistry and geology in natural sciences
Kálalová, Anna ; Čtrnáctová, Hana (advisor) ; Teplý, Pavel (referee)
Thesis is fixed on inter-subjects relations between chemistry and geology in context of science education. Thesis concern subject matter defined in curricula for grammar schools, which is devoted inorganic chemistry, mineralogy and petrology. Next there is lucid compile inclusion these themes to school curricula in other grammar schools. Thesis emphasizes mainly to practical works in teaching mentioned subjects i.e. experiments. There are compile topics for chemical and physical experiments, which are useful for demonstration inter- subject relations between these subjects and geology. Worksheets with creative solutions were made for these experiments; there are component of enclosure of this thesis.
Comparative Analysis of Chemistry Education ( Czech Republic - Scotland)
Laburdová, Jiřina ; Klímová, Helena (advisor) ; Teplý, Pavel (referee)
Key words: Scotland, Czech Republic, education system, Chemistry education, Chemistry teaching, National Qualifications, Standard Grade, Intermediate, Higher, Advanced Higher Abstract: The education system in the Czech Republic is currently undergoing many changes. Education systems of foreign countries are often what inspire us to make these changes. The aim of this thesis is to describe the education system in Scotland and the way chemistry is being taught at secondary schools in this country. Further it tries to compare these to the education system and chemistry teaching in the Czech Republic and consider whether we can adopt any aspects of Scottish education. Apart from analysis of study plans and educational documents, research for this thesis included visits to chemistry lessons at three secondary schools in Scotland and interviews with teachers at these schools. In the text, cultural and historical context of Scotland related to the education system is mentioned briefly. Then the Scottish education system is explained and Chemistry teaching at secondary schools is described from the point of study plans and requirements. The following chapter contains a description of schools that have been visited, together with reports from selected chemistry lessons. Last chapter then compares various aspects of...
Papírníková, Lucie ; Teplý, Pavel (advisor) ; Klímová, Helena (referee)
This thesis summarized available information about field trips and their integration into undergraduate chemistry curriculum. It also contains a list of places in Prague suitable for filed trip in chemistry education. Suggested field trips include a description of each visited place, photographs, and contact informations.. The apendix contains samples and links of worksheets, video recordings and other teaching laids. The thesis can be used as a teacher aid for preparing school field trips.
Employment of multimedia in chemistry education at high schools in the Czech Republic
Švehla, Martin ; Šmejkal, Petr (advisor) ; Teplý, Pavel (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with multimedia support for teaching chemistry in secondary schools. Clarify reader the possibility of using ICT, not only in chemistry education. These technologies have an important role in modern teaching and learning process. Part of this work is the creation and evaluation of the questionnaire survey, which gives a rough overview on the prevalence and use of multimedia and multimedia applications in Czech schools.
Employment of mobile devices in chemistry education
Švehla, Martin ; Šmejkal, Petr (advisor) ; Teplý, Pavel (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the use of mobile devices in chemistry education. Describes various mobile devices, including different operating systems and technology and shows huge potential that these devices bring to education. It also includes an overview of existing educational programs with a chemical theme on mobile devices. Part of this work was to create a custom supportive program Chemical helper for mobile devices, which can be used in chemistry education, laboratory and also in everyday life.
Safety and risks in high school laboratory
Souček, Vlastimil ; Šmejkal, Petr (advisor) ; Teplý, Pavel (referee)
Czech Law concerning work safety in high school laboratory in the Czech Republic is constantly changing, while these changes in the law might go unnoticed by high school teachers. These teachers are often not informed which law is currently in effect and if it has any impact on their teaching in chemical laboratories. Therefore, this work presents compiled laws that influence teaching in chemical laboratories, translates their meaning into comprehensible sentences and then puts them together to a summary of these laws. To keep this information up to date, a basic web design is included in this work that will be put on web, where it will be actualized by author of this thesis. On this web high school teachers will have the opportunity to easily access both original formulations and translated meaning of the law. Basic instructions for first aid in chemical laboratories, especially concerning exposition to dangerous chemical compounds will also be included in this work. Powered by TCPDF (
Selection and development of new educational materials for high school support webpage
Brenner, David ; Šmejkal, Petr (advisor) ; Teplý, Pavel (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on development and production of functional parts and new materials for the purpose of supporting educational website on evaluation of its operation. The changes were made in graphical, structural and functional parts of website, which were designed based on the analysis of behavior of visitors to the website and by direct reaction of visitors. Changes were related to structure of database of chemical experiments or creating new features for registered users, such as evaluation of materials or personification of user profile. In cooperation with specialists have been incorporated several new materials, focusing on the issues of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). In addition to that, two new games have been prepared - Chemical pentathlon and Identify molecules. New materials should be used to expand the portfolio of educational materials on the website. Furthermore, the administration interface has been created and designed to meet the needs of editorial contributors site without prior programming experience. Evaluation of the statistics associated with the operation of the site showed that web traffic continues to grow. The most visited parts of the site are database of educational materials and videos of chemical experiments. The current site traffic is...

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